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Has A Portfolio

Has A Portfolio
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Untitled Themes - Themes for Tumblr Upload & Share GIFs Online | GIPHY UPLOADUse Upload to put your GIF collection on GIPHY so that you can share your GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, text message, email, and everywhere else. Choose GIF files to add by dragging and dropping, clicking the blue search button to browse your files, or entering GIF URLs to add files for upload. You must be logged in to upload multiple GIFs so we can save them to your channel page. TIP: If you add GIFs via URL make sure your URL is an image URL ending in .gif and not just any website URL (example GIF URL: Optional: You can change the order GIFs will appear on your channel page by dragging and dropping the files or clicking "Reverse Order." Optional: You can add relevant tags to your GIFs, separated by commas, and add a Source URL to give credit to the original source. Hit the Upload GIFs button to finish.

20 Thèmes Wordpress One Page pour Créer des Portfolios Atypiques Note : Cet article a été publié en janvier 2012, certaines choses peuvent avoir changé depuis. Si vous voulez simplifier la vie de vos visiteurs, employer un thème WordPress en une seule page (one page) peut être une bonne idée. Cliquer sur un élément du menu déclenchera une animation généralement verticale pour vous rendre à la section choisie (j’en ai tout de même trouvé deux avec une animation horizontale). Je recommande d’utiliser ce genre de thèmes si vous avez besoin d’exposer des projets, des photos, des travaux ou encore des compositions artistiques. J’ai listé pour vous les 20 meilleurs thèmes WordPress One Page que j’ai pu trouver, j’espère qu’ils vous plairont et que vous en ferez bon usage ! Note d’Alex : Les liens menant vers les thèmes présentés ci-dessous sont des liens affiliés. Ne vous procurez un thème que si vous estimez qu’il est le thème WordPress idéal pour votre projet ;)

zone system the zone system Ansel Adams was a very great photographer. He was also a lecturer in photography, and in order to help his students understand basic sensitometry, he devised the Zone System in the mid-to-late 1940s. The basis of the Zone System is the division of the various tones of the photograph into Zones, as given below. I The darkest black of which the paper is capable. II The darkest black distinguishable from Zone I III The darkest tone with texture and detail IV Dark mid tones V The mid-tone, defined as an 18 per cent grey VI Light mid tones VII The lightest tone with texture and detail VIII The lightest tone distinguishable from paper-base white IX Pure paper-base white The steps between Zones III-IV, IV-V, V-VI and VI-VII are one stop each (a density of 0.30) on the print. zone system testing ten reasons why we do not use or recommend the zone system Numerous excellent photographers use the Zone System, and if it suits you, do not let us dissuade you. the bottom line © 2005 Roger W.

Ashley Your tiny type is hard to read – no, not hard to read, impossible to read. I carry my phone with me everywhere, but I always seem to forget my magnifying glass. I tap the Safari Reader button, but that’s not a solution to the problem. That’s a band-aid for your bad typesetting. Sometimes I’m on my computer, and Reader doesn’t work on your web app. I hit CMD + two or three times so that my dyslexic brain can make sense of the musty 14px Helvetica your servers regurgitated all over my screen. And I know I’m not the only one who hates your tiny type. Service de conciergerie internationale 24h/24 7j/7 | Quintessentially Lifestyle Quintessentially Lifestyle est un service primé de gestion personnelle et de conciergerie de luxe réservé aux Membres de son club exclusif. Whether it's for business or pleasure, our Private Membership and Corporate Services are designed so that everything is catered to our Members' preferred level of assistance and tailored to their personal requirements. From last-minute restaurant reservations and bespoke travel itineraries, opera and theatre tickets, to international property searches and accessing private schools and tutoring - we are the preferred service chosen by those who are keen to enjoy the very best life has to offer. Wherever our Members are in the world, our global concierge team of 2,000 Lifestyle Managers in over 60 offices, speaking more than 35 languages, is there to provide them with the ultimate insider, specialist knowledge they need to bridge the gap between global and local.

15 thèmes Wordpress pour créer votre portfolio - wordpress-inspiration Retrouvez une sélection des 15 plus beaux Templates premium à télécharger pour mettre en avant vos réalisations professionnelles simplement avec Wordpress Photographes, graphistes ou illustrateurs, vous n'étes pas obligés de connaitre l'intégration et le developpement pour avoir un portfolio de bonne qualité. En moyenne autour de 30 $ ( environs 24€ ), nous avons séléctionné pour vous les plus beaux templates wordpress qui vont permettrons de montrer vos réalisations graphiques et vos compétences, simplement et avec goût. Ces thèmes sont en affiliation et nous permettrons de nous acheter du café si une de nos séléctions vous plait, mais cela n'altere en rien à leurs qualités ;) Halo Luminosity Temptation Single page Create Classica Gridlocked Brick+ Mason Eptonic Peano Creative Echo Alexia Castillo Folioway Fiero King Size London Creative

The Zone System Explained N-Development obviously works best with sheet film as each sheet can be processed separately. If you are using roll or 35mm film you can use the above method but it is possible to expose as instructed above but develop the film normally. Contrast control can then be adjusted when the print is made. Many photographers test each camera lens they use, due to resultant light loss due to transmission factors. One would have to test each lens used, including any enlarger lenses. Film is often bought in bulk. To test your film a 'Kodak' 18% Grey Card is required.

Showcase of Best Minimal Portfolio Tumblr Themes Tumblr has grown and grown since it’s early days by offering a micro-blogging platform, rather than competing directly with other blog networks. Tumblr also have a myriad of blogging themes and other cool features which help to encourage the younger generation to create Tumblr pages. The Tumblr account can be synced with Facebook and Twitter, and is also compatible with Google Analytics for detailed visitor stats. Today thousands of designers and photographers use this great blogging platform to showcase their works and maybe you can find a theme that suits your business. Anyway,today we have gathered minimal portfolio Tumblr themes for you.The below themes are all Themeforest and we used our referral link(no harm to you). Museo Empire A clean and responsive Tumblr portfolio theme for creative folks. Bloq – A Blocky Portfolio Theme for Tumblr BLOQ is an stylish, blocky portfolio theme for designers and creatives. Scope Pop Gallery Tumblr Theme Photographica Ceres Supple The Catalog Time Goes Back

Vecteurs exclusifs gratuits par Freepik freepik Ressources graphiques gratuites de %s sur Freepik Collection de motif coloré dans le style memphis 9.625 165 Il ya 5 semaines Les formes géométriques dans des tons pastel carte de visite 1.859 42 Il ya 2 semaines Variété de motifs abstraits 7.676 165 Il ya 5 semaines Carte d'affaires gaie avec des formes géométriques 6.713 134 Il ya 4 semaines Fond rétro avec des formes géométriques 5.938 118 Il ya 5 semaines Motif noir avec des formes colorées 438 23 Il ya 7 jours Colorful fond abstrait avec le texte "summer is comming" 603 15 Il ya 6 jours Colored façonne motif memphis 609 38 Il ya 7 jours Figures colorées de motif memphis 609 34 Il ya 7 jours Colored triangles fond 483 29 Il ya 2 semaines Formes colorées et géométriques fond 276 16 Il ya 2 semaines Belle phrase avec des formes abstraites et des étoiles 652 29 Il ya 2 semaines Bannières de dédouanement Résumé 633 22 Il ya 2 semaines Moment phrase avec des formes géométriques 2.770 79 Il ya 4 semaines

how orbital processing sheet film in a paterson orbital Processing sheet film is a perennial problem, especially for the beginner. The Paterson Orbital tank, designed for processing colour prints, is extremely useful for formats up to 8x10 inches. As the illustrations show, it is essentially a processing tray with a curved bottom and a light-trapped lid. Better still, the volumes of chemicals needed are absurdly small, as noted below. roughening the inside of the tray Athough film can be processed in an unmodified Paterson Orbital, it is a good idea to roughen the base so that the film does not stick to it. We roughened ours (we have two) by 'kissing' them repeatedly with a Dremel tool fitted with a small burr. processing sequence The processing sequence is exactly the same as for any other daylight tank. Developing times of at least 5 minutes are all but essential, in order to avoid uneven development, and for the same reason, developer should be added while the tank is being agitated. agitation

SMPLDESIGN Passive Aggressive 3.0 Optional footer which includes portrait and description.Doesn’t show notes or tags. Passive Aggressive 2.0 There are options to have a circular portrait instead of your title, endless scroll or jump pagination, and colour options. Inspired by Designspiration. Sleep Wave 2.0 Options you can toggle include big or small photos, captions/tags on the index page, “faded” look on image when you hover, choice of colours for the title hover and underline colour on links and font of the body (no choice on title/navigation font though, sorry!) Let me know if there are any problems with it by sending me a message on my main blog but, as usual, I don’t answer customization inquiries! Get Inspired: Band&Roll Handmade Leather Goods Branding | IAMTHELAB Berlin-based Band&Roll turned to a team of designers for their cool branding and packaging and the results are pretty inspiring. The design had to be great in order to compliment the beautiful work that the Band&Roll team meticulously produce. Turning to Eskimo, the design team behind the much-celebrated Deerz branding. Most of the printed materials have rounded shapes, which are preferable for Band&roll identity. Long before the growth of large industries, people barter their skills. Band&Roll: