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Sh_Ar. I'm in love. Ты не думай, щурясь просто из-под выпрямленных дуг.

I'm in love

Иди сюда, иди на перекресток моих больших и неуклюжих рук. Не хочешь? Vsmisli.tumblr. PATAKK. EigogameD. JESUS KISSES ME UP TO NOW. Lucasregazzi.tumblr. Alyssa piro 1 week agoDecember 2, 2015 shuvinai ashoona + shary boyle juliana huxtable 1 week agoDecember 1, 2015 andreas slominski.


Archery. The Only Magic Left is Art. Illustration, Etcetera! Martin Nicolausson. Dark Side of Typography. Chasematt.tumblr. M. BLAKE GOPNIK on art. Sarah Illenberger: Journal. Oleg Koshelets. Сергей Чернов, Олег Кошелец Малевич.

Oleg Koshelets

Станция без остановки. 2014 Игра не претендует на искренность, напротив, она симулирует, притворяется, строит ловушки, активно маскируя свои стратегические цели. Искусство делает тоже самое с одной лишь разницей, — ценой игры становится человеческая жизнь, а иногда судьба целого поколения. Ярким тому примером служит трагедия Русского авангарда, явления, посредством которого отечественное искусство вошло в мировой контекст. По известным причинам свободный диалог в культурном сообществе был прерван на многие годы, эволюция остановилась. ART BLOG OF MIKE.

WESTFALLEAST. Yesterday Once More, hand-woven rug, 40″x50″ Kim Westfall, 2015.


Against All Odds, hand-woven rug, 29″x23″ installation photos Kim Westfall // In the Project Room October 1 - November 8. Arrowwws 2.0. Adamcollierartist: Colour progression 37.5 x 10cm Acrylic, emulsion and mud on canvas covered mdf. 31/03/15 davidhockney: Blaise Larmee for Lumpen Magazine.

Arrowwws 2.0

The Black Love Series. D I E A N N A. A R T U N I O N ™ Back to Top.

A R T U N I O N ™

The Swinging Sixties. Jim Morrison photographed by Gloria Stevens, 1967.

The Swinging Sixties

The Beatles: George Harrison reading some fan mail. Jane Fonda at Paris Café de Flore, 1961. No more heroes. Notes: 17 / 4 years ago from insalatadiparole Notes: 93 / 5 years ago from akubizone (originally from hotparade) welcome back !!!

no more heroes

And HB[ bit late though] !!!! Akubizone:Proust and I were born on the same day…my mom thinks that explains why I prefer to spend my life in bed.eyeballmansion:lastdreamofjesus:Woman laying on bed, photo identified as “hysteria”.via (via hotparade) 5 years ago Notes: 116 / 5 years ago from turnofthecentury Notes: 68 / 5 years ago from billyjane billyjane:Schiele in 1914 by Anton Josef Trčka/d’Antios[few more before]Trсka did more than anyone else to perpetuate the image we have of Schiele. He was a revolutionary in the relatively new medium of photography, pushing the boundaries and creating a true art form. (OvO) ART HISTORY. The Anatomy of Melancholy. Fatherlands. Miguel Arias Creative / Tumblr. GAËLLE FAURE. FR/Cette toute nouvelle série mêle, pour la première fois dans mon travail de collage, plusieurs techniques : le papier découpé côtoie le digital et les matières monochromes rivalisent avec les aplats de couleurs vives.


Rebloom déstructure pour évoquer la renaissance et la reconstruction.Les pétales se jouent de la botanique et de la pesanteur, tandis que de frêles architectures tentent de contenir leur énergie retrouvée. Série de 8 collages.Tirages disponibles sur : EN/Rebloom serie of collages deconstructs to evoke the rebirth and reconstruction.Flower’s petals make fun of botany and gravity , while frail architectures try to contain their newfound colourfull energy. Prints available on : [c] Gaelle Faure - 2015 Travail en cours | Work in progress.

Rojo & Garabato Magazine. CUR3ES. MESSAGE RSS SOCIETY 6ABOUTPORTFOLIOtwitterfacebookTHEME Art Stuff Enquiries: I Like “fc36zc15” 1x1.5 inch analog film collage by Zach Collins 2015 CUR3ES - Artwork for WÜF’s ‘Days / Winterwarm’ LP.


Artwork for LIMB/ Terminal album. FERU LERU COLLAGES. L' oeil ailleurs. Born in 1984, I spent the first few years of my life in a small rural village close to Dresden in what was then East Germany. I often visit my family there and think a lot about the changes of this part of Germany; it is not far from Berlin where I live right now. It is hard to tell when I started making pictures. Miss Folly. Coming home from field work, Nile Delta, Egypt, n.d. © deskridge: Rough Crowd of the Farmyard J.

W. ᏢᏋᎪᏨᎻ ᏰᎬᎬ. Your Daily Shot of Creativity. 80s ART. Kim navarro. A Fa NT a SI a. This post was reblogged from Uпtitlеd(Яaпdом Ιмаgеѕ). This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from #PINUPS. This post was reblogged from Photography 4 the SOUL. This post was reblogged from Bowie&Tate. This post was reblogged from Stop And Wait a Sec. Monatomic Gold. Problem loading posts. ● ● // Home / Message / site / Archive / Theme Ours Polaire, 2014 2 notes Install Theme. Art-documents. Florence likes.

ARTSANDCRAFTS. Fancy That. DETHJUNKIE* Art not art not. FRONTIERS. Had a great studio visit today with painter Marisa Takal! We both agree that LA could use more painters ;) 🎨 #studiovisits #marisatakal #LAartists Visited one of my favorite people on the planet (and one of the busiest, most fearless painters I know) today, Jamian Juliano-Villani #studiovisits #jamianjulianovillani Congratulations to Edgar Arceneaux on his performance for #Performa15, “Until, Until, Until,” which restages Ben Vereen’s complete 1980 Inauguration tribute to black vaudevillian Bert Williams, which was censored when it aired, leaving out a critical part, and causing the whole performance to be seriously misunderstood.

#edgararceneaux Had such fun last week with the very lovely New York-based painter Dana Schutz!! Camille Henrot at Metro Pictures, New York Martin Puryear at Matthew Marks! Mary Heilman at 303, New York Alina Szapocznikow at Andrea Rosen Barbara Rossi at New Museum. Stronder. Stronder Photo lilacsinthedooryard: Luc-Olivier Merson (French, 1847-1920)The Annunciation 1908. VOODOOVOODOO. Espíritu Salvaje. A Brooklyn Art Critic’s Notebook.