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ANTI- 11/20/2015 •10:13am Today Tinariwen has released their first ever live album, Live In Paris, recorded on December 13th, 2014, in a city that the band adores and featuring legendary tindé musician BADI Lalla. “It’s in Paris, at the Bataclan where we played on April 7th, 2007. Our friend Robert Plant joined us on stage, it’s one of our best memories as musicians. We’re all touched by the tragedy that occurred a week ago because it affects our friends, music, freedom, values that TINARIWEN has defended for almost 30 years…” Oukis N’Asuf / Sweeping the blues away… +IO:I CD / Vinyl: iTunes: 8 notes WHITE RAINBOW Drowned in Soundcloud Deer Music Сегодня 1ого мая вышел новый EP музыканта из из Берлина Kyson,послушайте и прочитайте,что сам автор сказал о своем новом Patience EP. “Написание, запись и производство Patience EP, занявшее большую часть 2011 года, было моим способом изображения личных качеств и эмоций, я чувствую, что имею проблемы с общением в "реальной жизни” - управлением гневом, сдержанностью, терпением и стрессом.Наряду с этим я питал сильную связь с семьей и друзьями на другом конце мира, и в то время, моя музыка стала для меня инструментом общения. Идеи и концепции были навеяны путешествием по Европе и некоторым частям Африки где я узнал различные культуры и образы жизни, а потом привез все впечатления в Берлин, чтобы записать накопленный материал.Особенно вспоминается мое 3-х летнее прибывание в горах,где проснувшись утром, я выходил на свежий снег,а также то множество солнечного света и шум из пустоты. Я не умею рисовать, но я всегда вижу эти образы, и поэтому я вложил их в звук.

Guardian Music London rapper Little Simz flew halfway across the world to Cape Town, for this Jeremy Cole-directed video for single Gratitude. It features footage shot during this year’s #FeesMustFall movement, which saw a South African university students protest the raising of tuition fees at sit-ins and rallies that often involved violent clashes with armed police. Simz raps her verses over a melancholy, thudding beat and an indie-indebted guitar line while London-based band the Hics take over singing duties in the chorus. For context, the Guardian recently ran a long-form story looking at #FeesMustFall and the origins of educational disparity in a country still divided by the racist policies entrenched by the former apartheid government. Simz’ debut album, A Curious Tale of Trials and Persons, is out now on AGE 101.

Hippos In Tanks Hype Machine on Tumblr Hackers 1. “Original Bedroom Rockers” – Kruder & Dorfmeister 2. “Cowgirl” – Underworld 3. Pitchfork "Everybody in the hip-hop community is so upset at him for being who he is and dressing like he does, but for the kind of music he makes, he is one of the best." — Vince Staples on Young Thug Mo'Gravy Donald Byrd - “Wind Parade” (1976) Sampled by: Black Eyed Peas ft De la Soul - “Cali to New York”Black Moon - “Buck ‘Em Down”Jewell - “It’s Not Deep Enough”Organized Konfusion - “Stray Bullet”Tupac - “Definition of a Thug Nigga” This song has been played 679 times. 4 years ago Donald Byrd - “(Fallin’ like) Dominoes” (1970) Sampled by: DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince - “Brand New Funk”Grand Daddy IU - “Dominoes”Ice Cube - “I Wanna Kill Sam”Oddjobs - “No Egos”Stetsasonic - “Talkin’ All That Jazz” This song has been played 0 times. 4 years ago Johnny Hammond - “Shifting Gears” (1975) C.E.B. - “M.D.”DMX - “Fuckin’ Wit’ D”Fam-Lee - “Runs in the Fam-Lee”Hieroglyphics - “See Delight”Jungle Brothers - “Sunshine”Stetsasonic - “In Full Gear” This song has been played 349 times. 4 years ago Tyrone Thomas and the Whole Darn Family -“Seven Minutes of Funk” (1976) Sampled by: This song has been played 459 times. 4 years ago The Floaters - “Float On” (1977) This song has been played 279 times. 4 years ago Sampled by:”

Head Underwater Dead As Digital I’m happy to announce the end of my winter hibernation from blogging with this post. Over the past 3 months, me and 15 other blogs have been working together to create Portals, a collaborative venture into sight, sound, hand holding and skipping. Okay, maybe not hand holding and skipping… YET. But soon. REAL soon. Beyond just the usual “co-premieres” and “tebowing” that other blogs offer, Portals will also be concentrating on live shows, and more inter-blog collaboration than you could shake a stick at. Click the link above for a glimpse of Portals being born, then click the picture below for a link to our first mixtape, featuring exclusive tracks from Flashing Red Lights, Rai Callum, Lands & People, Jessica Jalbert, and many more. Tracklist List of Blogs: