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Globalization and Autonomy Welcome to the Globalization and Autonomy Online Compendium, a collective publication by the team of leading Canadian and international scholars who are part of the SSHRCC Major Collaborative Research Initiative on Globalization and Autonomy. Using the Compendium, the team is making the results of their research available to a wide public audience. Team members have prepared a glossary of hundreds of short articles on relevant persons, places, organizations, events and key concepts and compiled an extensive searchable bibliographical database. They have written short summaries of their research that will be published in academic form in the 10-volume UBC Press "Globalization and Autonomy Series: Dialectical Relationships Shaping the Contemporary World." Finally, the Compendium contains position papers and peer-reviewed research articles on globalization and autonomy issues.

10 tips for sharpening your logical thinking Logical thinking helps you discern the truth, solve problems, and make good decisions -- unless your logic is flawed. Here are a few principles that will help ensure correct reasoning. Logical thinking is critical for IT professionals, managers, and executives. You must be able to diagnose problems end users are having. You must be able to evaluate vendor claims. You must be able to refute your boss when he or she turns down your request for a raise or promotion. Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference) Skip to comments. Police have no responsibility to protect individuals (reference) Public Rights ^ | 2005 | compiled by Neal Seaman Posted on Tue Feb 26 12:14:25 2008 by NewJerseyJoe TOPICS: Constitution/Conservatism; Culture/Society; Government; News/Current EventsKEYWORDS: banglist; brittanyzimmerman; dial911anddie; police; rkba; ussc The website ( is no longer updated, but this page is still listed there.

My Collection of Funny Emails. Send funny emails to your friends! Reynolds Wrap has lock in taps to hold the roll in place The color on the bread tab indicates how fresh the bread is And those colors are in alphabetical order: b, g, r, w, y. You can divide and store ground meat in a zip loc bag. Just break off how much you need and keep the rest in the freezer for later. If you place a wooden spoon over a pot of boiling water, it won't boil over. Etymology (Meaning of Words): origin of word: Human Being, ancient tribe, humanus Follow-Ups to Answer from Expert Kristy Lashbaugh Dr. V. Siva Prasad wrote at 2008-06-24 02:39:10 L. humanus was derived from Sanskrit Manush (human). The prefix 'hu' was added by an ancient tribe in Italy for adopting the Sanskrit word for their speech habit.

DEA Responds to Legal Weed in Colorado and Washington: "Enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged" Despite the passage of ballot initiatives in Washington and Colorado legalizing recreational marijuana, "the Drug Enforcement Administration’s enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged," a DEA spokesperson told Reason this morning. "In enacting the Controlled Substances Act, Congress determined that marijuana is a Schedule I controlled substance. The Department of Justice is reviewing the ballot initiatives and we have no additional comment at this time." The DOJ released a similarly opaque response to reporter CJ Ciaramella of the Washington Free Beacon. "The Department's enforcement of the Controlled Substances Act remains unchanged.

Obama Personifies Cloward-Piven Strategy "Barack Hussein Obama and his regime have created a vast and rapidly expanding constituency of voters dependent on big government; a vast privileged class of public employees who work for big government; and a government dedicated to destroying capitalism and installing themselves as socialist rulers by overwhelming the system." By Wayne Allyn Root Barack Hussein Obama is no fool. He is not incompetent. On the contrary, he is brilliant. He knows exactly what he's doing.

Who Owns the Media? Broadcasters make billions in profits while using the public airwaves for free. In return, they are supposed to provide programming that fulfills community needs. Instead, lobbyists have successfully fought to make it easier for broadcast companies to gobble up even more free airspace while doing less to serve the public. Warm North Atlantic Ocean Causing UK’s Wet Summers, Study Shows Posted by Damian Carrington, The Guardian on Monday, October 8, 2012 Data points to link between warmer oceans and the change in weather, and the possibility of a rapid reversal to drier climate. /mrpunto/Flickr The UK’s dismal recent summers can be blamed on a substantial warming of the North Atlantic Ocean in the late 1990s, according to new scientific research. The shift has resulted in rain-soaked weather systems being driven into northern Europe, increasing summer rainfall by about a third. The pattern is likely to revert to drier summers and may do so suddenly, according to Prof Rowan Sutton, at the University of Reading, who led the work.

How to Customize Default Line Spacing in Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 When you have made the move from older versions of Microsoft Office to Office 2007 or Office 2010, one of the first things that you notice about Word is the difference in default line spacing. By default there is more space between the lines. You change it from 1.15 to 1.0 and there is very little difference. The other options are even more extreme. Sometimes you want to create a document with tighter line spacing than the default.