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ConnectedText - The Personal Wiki System RebelMouse: Let Your Content Roar Calendrier 2015 à imprimer PDF et Excel Accès rapide : format annuel, semestriel ou mensuel. Calendrier 2015 à imprimer Nos calendriers sont libres de droits, peuvent être directement téléchargés et imprimés. Le calendrier ci-dessous présente l'année complète en une seule page, il est disponible aux formats image, PDF et Excel. Nous vous proposons nos calendriers de 2015 dès l'été 2014, profitez en pour prendre de l'avance et les télécharger dès maintenant ! Calendrier 2015 semestriel Nous vous proposons ces calendriers semestriels à imprimer de l'année 2015, l'un vierge, l'autre avec le numéro des semaines, et enfin avec les fêtes et saint du jour. Calendrier 2015 mensuel L'idéal pour la réalisation de plannings ou pour noter ses rendez-vous, les calendriers mensuels sont disponibles en téléchargement ci-dessous. D'autres thèmes sont disponibles sur la page des calendriers mensuels de 2015.

Zimilate: Free Website to Save, Organize Web Content, Notes, Images Zimilate is an amazing free online service that lets you save practically any digital content for future reference. You can use Zimilate to save images, notes, links, simple files, and even entire webpages. You can either simply drag and drop files from your computer to Zimilate’s web interface to save them, or use the Zimilate browser clipper extension to directly save entire web pages to your Zimilate account. You can save your content to different sections (called spheres), and add tags in order to manage and organize it better. Zimilate lets you create as many spheres as you want, and you can even re-order them to create a hierarchical structure. All of the saved content in Zimilate is searchable, and can be made private or public (if you want to share it with others). Sponsored Links Zimilate: Sign Up and Primary Web UI Before you can start saving content with Zimilate, you need to create a free account. How to create a New Sphere and Save Content on Zimilate? Conclusion

12 Ways to Be More Search Savvy Google has made it possible for us to have instant information gratification. Just start typing the first letters of your search word and the site intuits your question and offers you the smartest choice of answers. Seems simple enough. But as quick and facile as the process is, there are ways to be even more efficient, more search-savvy. CONTROL F. To those who wonder if Google is making us stupid, Russell has a pithy response: “Plato said that about books.” I better go search that. Custom Single Key Shortcuts in Firefox using KeyConfig - Sridhar Katakam Keyconfig is a fantastic add-on for Firefox that lets you set custom keyboard shortcuts for every possible action/task in Firefox incl. launching bookmarklets. In this article I share how I set single key shortcuts like ‘z’ for going back ‘x’ for going forward ‘a’ to switch to left tab ‘s’ to switch to right tab ‘t’ to open a new tab ‘c’ for closing the current tab ‘r’ to refresh ‘i’ to start inspecting webpage elements with Firebug ‘u’ to copy URL of the current tab ‘l’ to focus address bar ‘d’ to bookmark in Delicious ‘v’ to view source ‘p’ to open Page Info window With these and a few other add-ons like Search Keys I fly in Firefox with keyboard, not point and click. Most of these shortcuts were what Opera used to come with (I guess, it still does – but then do you know anyone that still use Opera?). Step 1 Download and install Keyconfig from here (xpi file). Step 2 Download ‘Functions for Keyconfig’ add-on from here and install it by going to Add-ons Manager > Install Add-on From File…

Activer toutes les versions de Windows et d'Office ! | Microsoft Toolkit est un utilitaire très pratique pour toutes les versions de Windows et d'Office, il utilise la technologie d'activation en volume disponible sur les versions Professional et supérieur, aussi appelé KMS pour Key Management Server (Serveur de Gestion de Clés). Cet utilitaire n'est pas un crack, il n'altéreras en rien votre système. Pour vous rassurez, voici une analyse réaliser avec VirusTotal, qui soumet un fichier à 50 Antivirus différents. Voici la page officiel du développeur de cette application : Vous pouvez y télécharger les dernières mises à jours. La version actuel [v2.5.0 (pas BETA)] est également hébergé sur mon serveur : Microsoft Toolkit v2.5.1 Voici la marche à suivre pour activer les versions de Windows : Ouvrez Microsoft Toolkit. Cliquez sur le logo correspondant à Microsoft Windows 1°) Cliquez sur l'onglet "Activation" 2°) Cliquez sur "EZ-Activator" GiveALink features a search engine which, given a URL, finds other Web pages that people bookmark together with it (i.e. similar Web pages). The search engine also supports keyword search and the results can be personalized based on the user's submitted bookmark files. In addition, users can view, organize, augment their bookmarks online, as well as download their bookmark files to several computers. All of the (anonymized) data at GiveALink is available online to other researchers and Internet users. GiveALink uses the existing hierarchical structure in bookmark files (folders and subfolders), as well as collaborative filtering techniques, to measure similarity between Web pages. External links[edit] See also[edit] Connotea - Social bookmarking for scientistsStumbleUpon - A (commercial) social bookmarking tool that uses collaborative filtering

SAGE Journals Online A delicious bookmarklet that works with noscript This is technical, so unless you’re a do-it-yourself programming/javascript geek, you will not find it interesting. I was trying to solve this problem: I like to bookmark interesting links on my accountI like to use NoScript with my firefox – this disables javascript/flash/ads/XSS and other things on a lot of sites, giving me a much more stable experience on various websites. Unfortunately, both of these things don’t really go well together. I tried adding to the Anti-XSS Protection Exceptions in NoScript preferences but that did not help. Of course, I can always copy the URL of the site, go to and then add the link manually, but that is too much effort. After some trial-and-error I decided that the problem was the use of iframes in the delicious bookmarklet. Here is the code for the bookmarklet: javascript:window.location=' javascript:window.location='

Problème Boot BIOS (Page 1) / LiveCD/LiveUSB Ma procédure pour créer une clé liveUSB Ubuntu 12.04.4 64 bits avec LiLi depuis Windows (Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP) : Télécharger à l'avance le fichier ubuntu-12.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso : … -amd64.isoTélécharger LiLi et l'installer dans Windows. ne pas le lancer tout de suite. Connecter un clé USB (de capacité supérieure à 1 Go. Tout ce qu'il y a dessus sera effacé). Cette clé, il faut qu'elle contienne une seule partition FAT32 qui occupe toute la capacité de la clé. Cet ISO n'est pas dans la liste de compatibilité. Je viens de le faire et je poste depuis une session live sur cette nouvelle liveUSB. mise à jour le 16 avril 2013 : 12.04.2 au lieu 12.04.1mise à jour le 24 aout 2013 : 12.04.3 au lieu 12.04.2mise à jour le 7 février 2014 : 12.04.4 au lieu 12.04.3

GiveALink | Center for Complex Networks and Systems Research UPDATE: As of 2015 the GiveAlink project has been archived and the website is no longer operational. Link analysis algorithms leverage hyperlinks created by authors as semantic endorsements between pages, while social bookmarks provide a way to leverage annotations by information consumers as a source of information about pages. This project explores a novel approach that is a synergy of the two: soliciting annotations from users about the content of pages, in a way that implicitly forms networks of relationships between and among resources and tags. To extrapolate both annotations about content (tags) and semantic relationships (similarity) from single users to the “wisdom of the crowd,” the project investigates an information-theoretic model that extracts semantic assessments from information structures that many users are already maintaining, namely the bookmarks and tags they manage on their browsers or online. Project Members Collaborators & Alumni: Dataset Support