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Launchlist Pro - The ultimate website checklist application.

Launchlist Pro - The ultimate website checklist application.
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Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live Launching a website is a little like making homemade soup. You’ve got many ingredients coming together, and before you’re done adding them, you sample it to see that you got it just right. But this step – the testing – is often ignored before a site goes live. Testing a new website can seem overwhelming. Most websites have writers, web developers, marketers, search engine optimizers, and network administrators coming together to create the site. For the Writer or Editor Writers and editors have strong attention to detail when it comes to the written content on your site. 1. Check for proper spelling, typos, and grammar site-wide. 2. Fill out the forms on the site and go through the following questions: Can the flow be improved? 3. Check the size of your page sizes and their load time. Download Google ChromeNavigate to your page in ChromePress F12View “network” tabBehold! While Step 3 may appear technical, it doesn’t require a very technical person in order to be useful. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Ajax Pagination with Jquery,PHP,Mysql « Beschi's Works This is my first experiment in Ajax (I don’t know how to explain this, many thanks if experts give me some tips). Many thanks to , this post of him just give me an idea to do this. This Package can load data from table and with all fields. This contains 5 files 1. content.php (php file that get data from db and send back to the test.php file) 2. test.php (this is the file to be run, before run we must set 7 variables) 3. jquery.js 4. paging.js (this contains the script to sendajax request and get the data) 5. testDB.txt (sample mysql db file) How to use: 1. Edit test.php and set the 7 variables – per_page, db_name, table_name, order_by then connection variables hostname, username, password 2. test.php (change settings/css here) paging.js (no need to change anything) content.php (process request and send response) Full Source click to see live DEMO here Like this: Like Loading...

untitled How to Create a Simple News Ticker - Nettuts+ In this tutorial we’ll be looking at how we can transform some semantic and accessible underlying HTML into an attractive and functional news ticker that smoothly scrolls its contents. Some news tickers are horizontal and some are vertical; the one that we’re going to create today will be vertical. The context of the example is a news scroller so we’ll be working with plain text, but we should be able to put whatever we wanted into the underlying mark-up; images, or links, or whatever. We’ll be using jQuery as the underlying JS library, and a little HTML and CSS. The Underlying HTML In a new page in your text editor add the following code: Save this as simpleTicker.html in a directory containing jQuery 1.3.2. On the page is the content that we’ll progressively enhance into the news ticker; it’s made up of a simple definition-list element, which feels appropriate for our purposes. Providing Default Styling Save this file in the same directory as the page and call it simpleTicker.css.

The ultimate guide to startup pre-launch marketing in 5 simple steps Successful CMOs achieve growth by leveraging technology. Join us for GrowthBeat Summit on June 1-2 in Boston, where we'll discuss how to merge creativity with technology to drive growth. Space is limited. Request your personal invitation here! Manish Dudharejia is the co-founder of two Internet companies, E2M Solutions and OnlyDesign. We’d all like to believe that we’re past the stage where marketing matters. Unfortunately, no. It doesn’t work that way. Here’s how. Step #1: Launch a free side-product If you want to reach a large enough seed audience to make a dent in your industry, you’re going to need press coverage. One of the best ways to pull this off is with a free side-product. Consider what Freckle did when they launched Freckle is a simple, paid time tracking tool. The tool is anything but rocket science, but it got them press coverage in LifeHacker, CNN, The Next Web, Gigaom, and even Basecamp’s blog. Step #2: Pull a stunt Step #3: Get the timing right Step #5.

Using datatables This article is targeted on JSF 1.2. For JSF 2.0, using datatables can be approached much more elegantly with help of a @ViewScoped managed bean. Please checkout this article which contains two basic CRUD examples, one for JSF 2.0 on Servlet 2.5 and other for JSF 2.0 on Servlet 3.0 which supports passing method arguments in EL 2.2. Introduction This whole JSF datatable howto is based on the use of a backing bean with the request scope. Create DTO class The h:dataTable dynamic tables are nice, you can put any List or DataModel of DTO or Map objects in it. Imagine a SQL database containing a table with three fields: ID, Name and Value. Here is an example called It's a good practice to use wrapper datatype objects (Long, Boolean, Integer, etc) instead of primitive datatypes (long, boolean, int, etc) for the properties, because the database fields can contain null values which can not be put into a primitive at all. Back to top Retrieve and store data Show data contents in datatable

UICloud | User Interface Design Categories Apple (51)Mac OSX, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPadWindows (15)Microsoft, Windows Phone, MetroPSD (392)Adobe Photoshop, PS, LayeredHTML (97)HTML5, Marked up, TemplateCSS (102)Cascade style sheet, CSS3, WebkitjQuery (58)Java script, JS, JSPVector (25)Adobe Illustrator, AI, EPS, SVG, PDF UI Elements Color Themes Cross-Browser HTML5 Placeholder Text One of the nice enhancement in HTML5 web form is being able to add placeholder text to input fields. Placeholder attribute allows you to display text in a form input when it is empty and when it is not focused (it clears the field on focus). This is a nifty feature, but it is not supported by all browsers yet. This tutorial will show you how to use Modernizr to detect if placeholder is supported, or else use jQuery to display the fallback placeholder text dynamically. Demo HTML5 Placeholder Download Demo Zip Old School Javascript Way Before we had the placeholder attribute, we relied on Javascript to fake the placeholder text. jQuery Placeholder Text (Demo) Now with HTML5 placeholder, it is more semantic to use placeholder than value attribute. Modernizr is used here to check if placeholder is supported. To use this on your site, download a copy of Modernizr and jQuery and paste the following code any where in your html page (be sure the jquery.js and modernizr.js file is in correct path).

movietv The story of the last Seal Child’s journey home. After their mother’s disappearance, Ben and Saoirse are sent to live with Granny in the city. When they resolve to return to their home by the sea, their journey becomes a race against time as they are drawn into a world Ben knows only from his mother’s folktales. But this is no bedtime story; these fairy folk have been in our world far too long. Brendan Gleeson, Fionnula Flanagan, David Rawle, Pat Shortt, Jon Kenny, Lisa Hannigan, Lucy O'Connell, Colm Ó'Snodaigh, Liam Hourican, Kevin Swierszcz Select Stream Server Los Angeles (FREE) 7%Chicago (FREE)19% (Coming Soon)