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Launchlist Pro - The ultimate website checklist application.

Launchlist Pro - The ultimate website checklist application.

Website Launch Checklist: 25 Things to Test Before Your Site Goes Live Launching a website is a little like making homemade soup. You’ve got many ingredients coming together, and before you’re done adding them, you sample it to see that you got it just right. But this step – the testing – is often ignored before a site goes live. Testing a new website can seem overwhelming. Most websites have writers, web developers, marketers, search engine optimizers, and network administrators coming together to create the site. For the Writer or Editor Writers and editors have strong attention to detail when it comes to the written content on your site. 1. Check for proper spelling, typos, and grammar site-wide. 2. Fill out the forms on the site and go through the following questions: Can the flow be improved? 3. Check the size of your page sizes and their load time. Download Google ChromeNavigate to your page in ChromePress F12View “network” tabBehold! While Step 3 may appear technical, it doesn’t require a very technical person in order to be useful. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Shotbot - Créer une capture d'écran Ascreen automatiquement | Générateur Ascreen Video Screencasts #130: First Moments with Grunt There are all these tasks that we need to do as front end developers. Concatenate and compress our files. Run our preprocessors. #127: Basics of JavaScript Templating A template is a chunk of HTML that you need to inject onto the page. #126: Using Modernizr Should Modernizr be part of every modern web project? #124: A Modern Web Designer’s Workflow This is a presentation I gave at conferences in late 2012 and early 2013. It talks … #121: The Right CMS is a Customized One The perfect CMS to suite the needs of any non-trivial content-oriented website does not come out-of-the-box. #119: Let’s Answer Forum Posts! In this screencast we live answer more forums posts with no planning whatsoever. #117: Let’s Attempt To Do a “Pull Request” I’ve never in my life submitted a “Pull Request” on GitHub. #115: Don’t Overthink It Grids Even if the layout of a site is simple as a main content area on the left and a sidebar on the right, that’s a grid.

Ultimate List Of Web Design Checklists: Get Work Done! When building a website, there are so many things and aspects to keep in mind. It often happens that in that mess we forget about some basic things like favicon or maybe about dummy content removal from test site. It’s much easier to go trough all those things when you have all of them written down. In this article you are going to find bunch of different checklists, questionnaires and tips covering almost everything for an upcoming website. You probably will need just one of these tools, so choose carefully. Client Checklists 1. This article will help you create a prospect qualification questionnaire that can be used via telephone or Internet or in face-to-face meetings. 2. Reading some of these questions and following some guidelines will also save you and your client plenty of headaches throughout the process and pave the way to a lasting and trusting relationship. 3. 22 Questions to Ask Before Developing a Website Detailed questionnaire that you can stick to to ease your work. 5. 6. 8.

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untitled Outils pour webmasters Wenn Sie die unten stehenden Allgemeinen Richtlinien von Google einhalten, können wir Ihre Website leichter finden, indexieren und platzieren. Wir empfehlen Ihnen dringend, auch die Qualitätsrichtlinien weiter unten zu beachten. In diesen Richtlinien werden einige der unerlaubten Verfahren beschrieben, die zur endgültigen Entfernung einer Website aus dem Google-Index oder zu einer sonstigen Beeinträchtigung durch automatische oder manuelle Spammaßnahmen führen können. Allgemeine Richtlinien Stellen Sie sicher, dass alle Seiten auf der Website über einen Link von einer anderen auffindbaren Seite erreicht werden können. Google beim Finden der Website unterstützen Erstellen Sie eine hilfreiche, informative Website und verfassen Sie Seiten, die den Inhalt klar und eindeutig beschreiben. Verwenden Sie zur Anzeige wichtiger Namen und Links oder wichtiger Inhalte keine Bilder, sondern Text. Qualitätsrichtlinien Matt Cutts spricht über manuelle Maßnahmen gegen Webspam. Grundprinzipien

7 Ways to Lower Your Website's Bounce Rate Bounce rate is the enemy of every website — it's the percentage of visitors that come to your page and don’t go to any others within the same site. It can be frustrating and costly, especially if you've invested time and money into SEO and paid ads to get visitors to your site — you don't want that hard work to go to waste once the person hits your page. Businesses need to make sure their first impressions reel in the visitor in order to reduce bounce rate and to keep the person engaged with your brand. To help you combat pesky bounce rates, we've put together a list of usability considerations that can be used to lower your site's bounce rate and improve visitor retention. From optimized page layouts to faster loading, there are a number of ways to keep web surfers hooked. 1. Let's face it, no one likes looking at advertisements, but the reality is that many sites could not survive without them. 2. 3. No one will stay on a site they can't read. 4. 5. 6. Treat your users with respect.

Jobs at Wrike, Project Management Software That Makes People's Lives Easier Everyone wants to be fit, but only a few end up excersizing regularly, and oftentimes a good coach is behind the successful change of habits. In the business world, everyone wants to be more effective, but companies and people sometimes need "coach" to help them along on the journey… In the world of Wrike, customers are looking to be more productive in their work and their success depends not only on us building a great product, but also on consulting/coaching them in the best way to use it. Many customers are implementing a project/work management tool for the first time, and others are coming from a traditional project management background and realizing it's time to move to the cloud. Desired Skills & Experience: