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Ethel Wood AP US Government Review. Mrs. Newmark's History Page. Go here for 2016 summer assignments and to order books from Amazon including Preparation Books for all the Advanced Placement Courses and required books my classes for the 2016-2017 year. Winner of the 2001 Best Teacher Web Site Award from The North Carolina Association for Educational Communications and Technology Welcome to my homepage.

I teach several courses at Raleigh Charter High School in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can go to the pages for my courses in Advanced Placement Government and Politics, Advanced Placement United States History, Advanced Placement European History, America at War, and Civics and Economics using the links at the left. If you need to buy anything at Amazon, please use my page as your portal and I will get a small commission that I will use to buy materials for school.

Don't like the background color? Credits. PowerSchool Learning : AP Government : Important Course Documents. Summit History. Mr. Barclay's APGOPO Homework Blog - Current Events. THE JERRY PEREZ EXPERIMENT - HOME. AP GOVERNMENT EXAM REVIEW. The whole course (like a review book) online: AP Government on Facebook – “AP Civitas”: CRAM FOR THE EXAM – access to materials: THIS YEAR’S EDITION: “Cram for the Exam on C-SPAN” will take place on Saturday, May 7th. It will air LIVE at 9:15 am ET (6:15 am PT), however, it can be recorded for later viewing, or watched online at at any time. Look for it under “Washington Journal” by clicking on the “C-SPAN Series” button at the top. They will also be running a real-time review ONLINE @ Monday night May 9 from 6-11 PM EST. On the website search for the channel CITIZENU and/or the program name "Cram for the Exam 2011. " PODCASTS: Listen to these if you are an audio learner[from Wilson's American Government - 10th Edition] 1.

Turpin, Ann - Social Studies Teacher / AP US Government. Government 2016. Mr. Sambrotto-Social Studies - AP U.S. Government and Politics. AP U.S. Government and Politics Below are documents and links needed for the class. For each unit, there is a STUDY GUIDE with the reading assignments, id's, questions, and a space for due dates, and a UNIT OUTLINE to use in class to help with notetaking and organizing lectures. They are under one document. Have the Study Guide/Unit Outline in class when we start a new topic. Due dates will be announced in class. There may be other documents under each unit - film guides, web assignments, etc.

Have them ready as needed. Class Syllabus / On-line Id's and Questions American Gov't/American Political Culture I. A. B. II. A. B. C. III. A. B. C. Electoral College - 2008 (Vote Count Verification) IV. A. B. C. Executive Branch WebsitesAgency Websites D. . * See below under VI - Civil Rights/Civil Liberties V. VI. A. B. Hints: This is an overview of the exam format with general tips and suggestions. Supreme Court Cases: This is not a comprehensive list, but a very good starting point. Ethel Wood Review. Forms and Docs - Guthrie-GMHS. U.S. Government - Barnes@LHS. Jbapgovt - home. Manson's AP Government and Politics. Hank Edmundson | AmGov Ch. 1. AP US Government - Home. Advanced Placement United States and Comparative Government.