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TweetWall Pro : A Twitter Wall for professional events

TweetWall Pro : A Twitter Wall for professional events

Create PDF, DOC, XML and other docs from Twitter tweets! 10+ Start Pages EmailShare 0EmailShare DIRECTORY OF LEARNING & PERFORMANCE TOOLS >>Browser, Players & Readers : Start Pages If you would like to submit a tool for this Directory, please use this form. Top Tools 2013 Free Tool Favoor : Personalisable start page Hosted Feedly : A magazine-like start page. iPhone app also available. gritwire : A set of useful tools for people who use the Web daily. iGoogle : Personalisable start page tool where you can aggregate all the Google resources you use on your online desktop. Kadabo : Instant access to Google, up-to-the-minute newsfeeds, and graphic links to the world’s most popular websites. Netvibes : Start page that provides you with access to all your digital resources in one page. Nowsy – Information and news dashboard. only2clicks : Create links to your frequently visited web site in only 2 clicks. Pageflakes : Aggregate all kinds of resources and tools on your web-based desktop. Schmedley – Personalise your start page.

SearchHash: make your own spreadsheet of hashtagged tweets to savour BackupMy.Net Dashboard “4 Stars and Editors Choice.” MacUser Dec. 2013 "Awesome!... "Outstanding." Ever wanted to be a character in a comic book? It's the app with everything you need to make a stunning photo comic.Fonts, templates, panels, balloons, captions and lettering art. Comic Life is also great for doing school projects, how to guides, flyers for your business or group, storyboarding, lesson plans, book reports, Internet memes; and that's just to name a few! Creating an original work is easy with the script editor. Photo filter effects and all our lettering options really make your photos come alive. When you're done you can share your masterpiece with your fans in a variety ways. Make it your story. Script Editor Get your words straight before starting your layout.

Get a free Twitter Brand Assessment & Action Plan | Twylah A Place of Record: Let The World Know Everyday people from all over the world register hashtags with Twubs. Registration provides you with a record of your claim that can be used in any trademark or other legal challenge. We record the date of registration and the important details regarding the registrant. Protect your future, register today. SEO For Free: Enhance Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy No SEO strategy is complete without Twubs hashtag registration. Market Presence: Brandable, Media-Rich Hashtag Landing Pages Branded hashtag pages are the missing link for any hashtag marketing strategy. Safe Content: Customizable Feed. You are in control. Hashtags are a great way to organize your followers and get the word out about your brand.

Twitter Tools for Community and Communications Professionals inShare5 Twitter is nothing short of a phenomenon. At the very least, it connects people to each other through a rich and active exchange of ideas, thoughts, observations, and vision in one, highly conducive ecosystem (known as the Twitterverse). The social fibers that weave together this unique micromedia network is strengthened by the expertise, respect, trust, admiration, and commonalities. These fabrics bind the people who breathe life and personality into the global community as well as fueling the disparate micro communities that ultimately extend across the Long Tail. Of all of the social tools and services that are pervasive throughout our digital society, only a select few communities can boast the pseudo fanatical conviction that Twitter‘s users unanimously possess. Twitter is quickly gaining momentum, support and market inertia and is on direct path to mainstream awareness. As of March 2009, here are the top 10 apps for Twitter (Source, TweetStats): | your class everywhere TweJay: making twitter talk