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Toggl Time Tracking Basics, Tutorials, HelpToggl Help Tracking time For more detail, you can find in this article: tracking in real time, editing time entries, adding time later. When you log in, this is what you will see: Click on “Create Project” to add additional information such as the Project and Client you are on. Simply click “Start” to get the timer running. Read More → Setting up a workspace In this article you will find information about Workspaces and Workspace Settings Everything you do in Toggl gets allocated to a workspace: time entries, projects, team, features. Creating Projects and Clients In this article you´ll find best tips how to manage your projects: creating/adding projects and clients, editing projects, bulk edit and team settings. 1. Categorizing time This article is to help you categorize your time by projects and clients, tasks, and tags – all of this just to be able to generate reports more easily. Toggl Vocabulary and Hierarchy Frequently Asked Questions

IQTell Capturas de pantalla Resumen IQTELL is a comprehensive task management solution that integrates with Evernote, email, calendars and contacts to get things done. IQTELL has a two-way real-time sync with Evernote. Once you connect your Evernote account you can view and manage your notebooks, notes and tags in the context of task and project management inside your IQTELL workspace. Feature Highlights: Manage Evernote notebooks, notes, and tags inside IQTELL Turn Evernote notes into tasks, projects, someday, etc. Seamless Integration: Adding your Evernote to your IQTELL account is a click away 24/7 real-time sync in both directions, i.e., anything you do in Evernote is synced to IQTELL and vice versa.

Manage It Capturas de pantalla Resumen Organize your team with this easy to use project manager. Collaborate with your team members on projects and tasks. Manage It can help you: Organize your tasks — Make projects and tasks for everything that needs to get done. Organize your team — Easily assign a task and get notified when it is complete. Organize your files — Work with the apps you already love to use like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and Box. Work anywhere — Work on your computer, tablet, or mobile device. Evernote Integration Highlights: Attach Evernote notes to tasks Attach Evernote notes to a project Assign Evernote tasks to other people in your project View notes without leaving the app Quickly search for and find your notes Create new Evernote notes For more information on how we integrate with your Evernote account, visit our knowledgebase on this topic.

Beesy - iPad Capturas de pantalla Resumen Tomar notas facilmente en reunion Gana tiempo con conclusiones de reunión profesionales Beesy entiende el contenido de tus apuntes y genera automaticamente listas de acciones asociadas. Mantiene igualmente al dia el statut de esas acciones en cada una de las reuniones a las cuales has asistido Esta aplicacion esta destinada a personas que gestionan un gran volumen de acciones y que necesitan registrarlas para lograr sus objectivos o bien para un client responsables Jefe de proyecto comerciales Cualquier tipo de posicion donde la reutilacion de informaciones de tus citas te permite ganar tiempo. Beesy tiene por objetivo facilitar la toma de apuntes y permitir reutilizar 100% de la informacion, que sea para: Tus reuniones El seguimiento de las citas con los colaboradores La revision de los projectos