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Note: I'll be donating 10% of proceeds to support kids programming events. Check out some early feedback from readers. Modern software development is a game of ever-increasing frequency of change. This is why it is imperative to build systems that are flexible and can adapt to changing requirements, both expected and (more often) unexpected. That is why I've written this book. From 2009 to 2014, I traveled the world working with software developers, both individually and in teams, to improve their craft.

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Paperfox Fan Fiction by paperfox19 on 03/01/2016 01:51 PM PaperFox News EP 30 Hey guys, happy late really late Valentine’s Day. Magic Tools for Game Development A list of game development resources to make magic happen. Created by awesome people for awesome people. This awesome collection is also available on

Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People by Toby W. Rush NEW (8 April 2016): Music Theory for Musicians and Normal People is now available in three new languages: Basque, Brazilian Portuguese, and Russian! Finding Stories in… by Paul Bradshaw One spreadsheet can tell many stories. You just have to know the right questions to ask. Based on a decade of training journalists and working with news organisations on data-driven stories, Finding Stories In Spreadsheets outlines the techniques for asking the right questions of data using tools like Excel and Google spreadsheets. These aren't just questions about numbers: you'll find out how spreadsheet techniques can help you find the 'needle in the haystack' in text data. You'll learn how to clean up and modify your data so that you can ask it different questions, or get it ready for maps or charts, how to create new data from raw materials, and how to combine datasets to look for connections and trends. With regular examples from journalism and real life data to work with, Finding Stories In Spreadsheets is *full* of those questions, in the language that spreadsheets understand.

MAX — The Creativity Conference Maira Kalman was born in Tel Aviv and moved to New York with her family at the age of four. She was raised in bucolic Riverdale, the Bronx. She now lives in Manhattan. Maira has written and illustrated Eighteen children’s books, including Ooh-­‐la-­‐la-­‐Max in Love, What Pete Ate, Fireboat: The Heroic Adventures of the John J. 30 Medieval Texts Translated in 2016 From biographies of the leading warriors to the grumbling of a government official, here are thirty medieval texts that have been translated in 2016. Chronicles, law books, letter collections, religious and literary works were among those edited and translated this year, many for the first time. 1. The Chivalric Biography of Boucicaut, Jean II le Meingre

evoText: A new tool for analyzing the biological sciences Open Access Abstract We introduce here evoText, a new tool for automated analysis of the literature in the biological sciences. evoText contains a database of hundreds of thousands of journal articles and an array of analysis tools for generating quantitative data on the nature and history of life science, especially ecology and evolutionary biology. This article describes the features of evoText, presents a variety of examples of the kinds of analyses that evoText can run, and offers a brief tutorial describing how to use it. Keywords Device Mode Mobile Emulation As your mobile audience grows, responsive mobile-friendly web design becomes all the more important. Web content needs to look and feel great across a wide variety of devices and network conditions. But testing the quality of your mobile experiences takes longer and makes debugging more complex. Device mode brings the insights of mobile testing to your browser tab through the power of mobile emulation.

New Downloadable PDF Collection (External Links) As of late, I have been searching the internet for downloadable PDFs of works relevant to Thomism and to pretty much anything else related to traditional Catholic thought. Below is what I've found so far. Highlights include much of St.

Computational Anthropology Reveals How the Most Important People in History Vary by Culture Data mining Wikipedia people reveals some surprising differences in the way eastern and western cultures identify important figures in history, say computational anthropologists. February 23, 2015 The study of differences between cultures has been revolutionized by the internet and the behavior of individuals online. Indeed, this phenomenon is behind the birth of the new science of computational anthropology.

Free Traditional Catholic Books - Catholic Tradition - Traditional Catholic Reading Thanks to technology, and perhaps due to Christianity’s low status in our modern liberal age, there is a fantastic treasure trove of good, traditional Catholic books available for free or near-free. Below are links to valuable and timeless Catholic texts (including those written by great saints and Fathers and Doctors of the Church) that you can read and download for free. Take advantage of this – they have changed my life and will change yours, too. Tolle et lege! Please say a prayer for my sanctification. May God reward you for your charity.

ArchBook: Architectures of the Book ArchBook is an open-access, peer-reviewed collection of richly illustrated essays about specific design features in the history of the book. Our goal is to make the diverse history of the book -- especially the under-appreciated parts of that history -- available to students, researchers, and the public. ArchBook is designed to complement more definitive and encyclopedic resources like the Cambridge History of the Book in Britain with essays that target connections between the history and future of books and reading. A typical ArchBook entry will follow a specific textual feature through its development (or disappearance) across historical periods, with an eye to the continuities and discontinuities the feature might have with digital reading environments. Although ArchBook makes no claim to exhaustiveness, the project can serve as a reference resource for students and teachers of book history.

Source Clips Marathon County Pommersch Female speaker, born 1903, Hamburg, Marathon County, WI. Date/Place of Interview: June 18, 1968, Marathon County, WI.

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