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Make an easy Art Journal

Make an easy Art Journal
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Collage Fast & Furious (Video Download) You've got to get this! Review by NULL NULL Julie is spunky and lots of fun! Her way of teaching is so laid back but definitely draws your attention. She uses tons of things that are found around the house and things that you would normally consider trash. She shows you many, many how-to techniques while using simple methods...the results? (Posted on 9/11/12) You'll love it! This lady is so talented - not only with her fabulous art and creations but also at making it all seem so easy & honestly, it is! (Posted on 2/25/12) Collage Fast & Furious Review by elizabeth malafi This is my favorite of all the Interweave DVDs I have purchased - mostly because Juli Fei-Fan Balzer is the best teacher I have ever encountered online. (Posted on 2/23/12) Fantastic! I loved this class! (Posted on 2/10/12) such an exciting class Review by marti wills i am halfway through this video class and i can't remember when i have had such an incredible class! (Posted on 2/1/12) (Posted on 10/14/11) (Posted on 8/22/11)

Créez vos accessoires mode et déco en tricotin ! Pour celles qui n’osent pas encore se lancer dans le tricot ou le crochet, pour les adeptes de la maille sous toutes ses formes et pour les créatives qui manquent de temps… le tricotin est l’outil idéal pour réaliser des objets déco et accessoires de mode en laine ! Manuel ou mécanique, le tricotin de notre enfance a le vent en poupe ! Vous trouverez des rééditions rétro des petits bonhommes en bois peints ainsi que des tricotins automatiques de toutes les tailles, permettant de faire des mailles tubulaires géantes ! Voici des idées de tutos originaux glanés sur le net. Commençons par le fameux câble pour habiller les fils électriques !

Macetas decorativas Antiguamente todos los envases que eran adecuados para contener plantas se reutilizaban, pero de una manera muy rudimentaria, sin pintar lo que quedaba bastante desmejorado el ambiente. A medida que fue pasando el tiempo cada dia se amplia mas el espectro del reciclaje conviertiendo cualquier objeto de desecho en un objeto de decoracion y provecho. En esta ocasion presentamos macetitas con latas de arvejas, choclos, etc. que una vez usadas se pueden reciclar pintandolas de colores alegres para ubicar en cualquier rincon de la casa, es ideal para las pequeñas jardineras y plantando alegrias del hogar o rayito de sol, plantas que son faciles de hacer crecer y florecen con hermosos colores, el balcon serà un lugar lleno de alegria. Con què pintar? Recuerda que primero debes realizar agujeros con un clavo en la base de las latas para el drenaje. Espero que les haya gustado esta simple propuesta y la pongan en practica.

★ ART JOURNALING | Technique Tutorials, Inspiration and Prompts ★ Art journaling is a fantastic hobby for people who enjoy being artistic, and when you finish a journal it is so satisfying to look through the beautiful and varied pages you've created. I especially love journals that incorporate a wide range of media and texture experiments because these journals are literally bursting at the seams and are so fun to look through! You can use a huge number of different materials in your journal, and you can really let your creativity run free without judgement. The most popular materials are pens (markers, felt tips, micron pens etc) and paints (acrylic, watercolor, oil etc), although I've seen everything from salt to tea bags being used! More materials you can use include: magazine pages, recycled book pages, ephemera, crayons, pencils, photos, pastels, newspaper, inks, different kinds of paper (tissue, crepe, parchment etc), leaves, and thin fabrics like muslin and cheesecloth. And remember...every page does not need to be a masterpiece.

My Art Movie Art Car: The Movie (2012) PlotArt Car: The Movie follows a high school teacher and her class as they prepare for the Houston Art Car Parade, the largest art car parade in the world. Through their story and those of others who transform their cars in truly outrageous ways, the film is an existential examination of America's quintessential form of outsider art, on the ultimate public canvas, and how it challenges the values of a consumer-driven America. Keywords: outsider-art Genres Documentary Taglines: Quotes: Harrod Blank: It's so strange; it seems like on one hand everybody wants to be an individual and represent themselves on Facebook and MySpace as being this special, dynamic, fun-loving, great person. Harrod Blank: You are a freak. Barbara Hinton: It's visual jazz, because it's kind of improvisational and spontaneous. Dan Aykroyd: This is one of the greatest confluences of creative forces and automobile technology that you will ever see in your life.

Fourth of July Star Jars These transformed mason jars are a fun way to both decorate an outdoor table for a 4th of July celebration or a safe way to entertain the kids during fireworks. Red spray paint Mason Jars Star stickers Newspaper Scatter star stickers onto the mason jar, make sure they’re stuck on very tight Screw on the mason jar lid and cap and place on top of a table covered in newspaper in a well ventilated area Spray with the paint from a nice distance around the entire jar until it’s coated well but without drips. Wait at least a couple hours for the jar to dry and carefully peel off the star stickers Place 2-3 battery operated votive candles in each jar and enjoy your festive 4th of July evening! Make Popomomo's Braided Headband Using Recycled T-Shirts (DIY Tutorial) Share on Tumblr Email Two old T-shirts (you really just need one, fabric-wise, but aesthetically, I like the contrast) Scissors Beads (optional) Cut the shirt fronts off, then in half so that you have four pieces. Take one-half of each shirt and fold it in half. Starting at the center of the unfolded end, cut toward the folded end. With the remaining two pieces, you’ll do the same thing, except you’ll complete the cut through the fold. Cut off the hem-part of the shirt from all the pieces. Take the first two pieces and spread them out, one on top of the other. You’ll be doing an eight-piece braid, starting on the side where the strips meet in the middle and moving away from the center. Don’t be intimidated! Don’t pull super-tight, but at the same time, keep the braided pieces close together. When you have woven this piece through all the other pieces, start over with the piece furthest to the right. Start to braid as you did before. When you again reach the end: you’ll tie off the pieces.

Digital Art Journaling – Resources/Tutorials/Links | suruha Art Journaling is HOT right now. It’s a fun way for each individual to get Artsy while Journaling one’s life stories. Art as therapy is the premise and, evidently, judging by the sheer number of blogs and folks who are doing it, it must be working!. Some of us prefer digital art journaling. I am continuously updating this listing. And, finally, some links are to the website’s main page. BLOGS/WEBSITES - Featuring Digi-Art Journaling: SHOPPES With Art Journaling Categories: