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Serial Port Data Logging

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Communications OCX. Marshallsoft. Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research. Serial Communications in Win32. Allen Denver Microsoft Windows Developer Support December 11, 1995 Applies to: Microsoft® Win32® Microsoft Windows® Summary: Learn how serial communications in Microsoft Win32 is significantly different from serial communications in 16-bit Microsoft Windows.

Serial Communications in Win32

This article assumes a familiarity with the fundamentals of multiple threading and synchronization in Win32. In addition, a basic understanding of the Win32 heap functions is useful to fully comprehend the memory management methods used by the Multithreaded TTY (MTTTY) sample included with this article. (35 printed pages) Download the MTTTY sample (4918.exe) for this technical article. Contents Overview Introduction Opening a Port Reading and Writing Serial Status Serial Settings Conclusion Bibliography Overview Serial communications in Microsoft® Win32® is significantly different from serial communications in 16-bit Microsoft Windows®.

Introduction Opening a Port The CreateFile function opens a communications port. Reading and Writing. Serial Port Communication in Excel (VBA) Introduction to Serial Port Communication in VBA The purpose of this article is to demonstrate how you can perform serial port communication in the VBA (Visual Basic Applications - script editor included in any typical Microsoft Excel distribution) but without using the MSComm control or any other third party add-on or ActiveX.

Serial Port Communication in Excel (VBA)

The great advantage of this method, which uses API functions to call the serial port directly, is that you do not really need to install anything on your PC, apart from the Excel itself (which, let’s admit it, already exists on most PCs). Other methods always require the installation of an ActiveX, or at least the registration of an “.ocx” file, like for instance the MSComm control.

Even the method of programming in C#, which I have suggested in a different article (Serial Port Communication in C#) needs the installation of the .NET Framework and of the C# compiler itself. Data acquisition software for TCP-IP, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Modbus Devices. Read and control devices which connect to the PC's COM or Ethernet port and communicate over TCP/IP, RS232, RS422, RS485 or Modbus.

Data acquisition software for TCP-IP, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 and Modbus Devices

These include such diverse equipment as electronic balances used in a laboratory, GPS receivers used in the field and data loggers used in process plant. For just £50 you get logging, charting, display, analogue and digital control software applications, the universal serial driver and com port trouble-shooting software. You can also use other Windows software, like Excel or Access, to display and analyse the data in real-time. Features Truly Modular Each Windmill program concentrates on doing a single job and you simply run as many programs as you need. The Windmill Chart and Logger programs What sort of Instruments can you Read with Windmill and COMIML? You can control both those serial devices that continuously output messages, and those that require commands before supplying data. Free Software to Monitor Serial Port: RS232, RS485, Modbus Communication. Data Acquisition » Software » Windmill ComDebug Download Serial Communication and Data Logging Software Windmill ComDebug: serial communication software lets you log data from almost any instrument connected to your PC's COM or TCP/IP port.

Free Software to Monitor Serial Port: RS232, RS485, Modbus Communication

Windmill are pleased to release a new version of our ComDebug program which lets you communicate with almost any RS232, RS422, RS485, Modbus or TCP/IP device. What's more, it's free! Its extensive trouble-shooting capabilities make it ideal for solving comms problems, or for quickly checking that you can communicate with your instrument before starting to automatically acquire data. Download a Free Copy of ComDebug ComDebug is free to our Monitor newsletter subscribers. Features | No Programming Required | What devices can you read with ComDebug? ComDebug Features No Programming Required Simply select your communication settings or type your instrument's commands: no need for any programming. Serial Data Logger Software - serial data logging from Serial, COM, RS232, RS485, RS422 ports to a file, Excel or a database.