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VidCon Submission Manager - 2015 Less Than Famous entry form. Less than Famous Panel The Less Than Famous panel is a community created panel now in its third year.

VidCon Submission Manager - 2015 Less Than Famous entry form

This panel provides a platform for creators with fan bases of all sizes to discuss the industry and community of online video. We are currently taking submissions for the Less Than Famous panel for VidCon 2015. If you think you have what it takes and want to be a part of the panel follow these steps: 1.) 2.) People who are selected will be placed on the Less Than Famous panel and provided with a complementary Creator Track badge. Submissions will be accepted through March 19th, 2015 and the VidCon content team will announce winners on April 1, 2015. 8 Magical And Delicious Harry Potter Cocktails. 27 Pasta Recipes To Help You Survive The Winter. 17 Easy Dinners Everyone Should Have In Their Arsenal. 32 Books Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud. 32 Books That Will Actually Change Your Life. Anna Lunoe & Flume - I Met You [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Ta-ku - Higher (Flume Remix) Youtube. Festival Internacional de Cine Panama. ¡Sé un voluntario de IFF Panamá!

Festival Internacional de Cine Panama

Para todos los apasionados del mundo de la cinematografía, IFF Panamá anuncia que ya abrió su programa de reclutamiento de voluntarios para su cuarta edición, que se celebrará del 9 al 15 de abril. Los voluntarios podrán prestar su colaboración en distintas áreas del desarrollo de IFF Panamá 2015 y la labor que ejecuten dependerá de sus preferencias, habilidades y disponibilidad. No se necesita contar con experiencia previa para ser un Voluntario IFF Panamá. ¡Un gran entusiasmo por el cine es lo que necesita el Festival! LOUSG chapter 05. Yoga Nidra for Sleep. 25 cosas de las que te debes liberar antes de tu próximo cumpleaños. Siéntete más ligera en tu próximo cumpleaños.

25 cosas de las que te debes liberar antes de tu próximo cumpleaños

Deja ir tu carga emocional y preocupaciones, suelta el miedo y lo que te detiene. Esta será una buena manera de rejuvenecerte cuando seas un año más vieja. Aquí hay 25 cosas para hacer, que harán que el tiempo retroceda: 1. Libérate de lo que otros piensan de ti Muchos pensamos que los otros nos juzgan más duramente que como realmente lo hacen. 4 Edible Science Experiments. The Collected Works of Some College Kid. Tucker, my dog and a member of our family for the past 12 years, had to be put to sleep on Wednesday.

The Collected Works of Some College Kid

I found out two weeks ago that he had been diagnosed with a very aggressive form of cancer, and that I would likely not see him again before he passed. But it came sooner than expected, and you can only prepare yourself so much for the loss of a loved one. I recognize my bias, but Tucker was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime kind of dog. He was incredibly sweet and caring, always happy to give me a hug when I needed one and often going out of his way to get one when he felt the need. He was a puppy his whole life, always wanting to play and go for runs, ever ready to chase away intruding squirrels. I wish I had gotten the chance to say goodbye. When I chose to come to Copenhagen I put very little thought into the logistical challenges of being so far from home; that if an emergency came up I’d be too far to return, or that I’d be asleep when someone tries to call. Selena Gomez - The Heart Wants What It Wants (Instrumental) [Prod. Jed Official]

6 Essential Mac Tips. 30 Amusing Dutch Words. Learning a new language can be hard, frustrating even… but it can also be fun.

30 Amusing Dutch Words

You just have to know where to look. Luckily for me, you don’t have to look too far to find funny sounding words and phrases in Dutch. Here are some I’ve learnt so far… 1. Apetrots My first Dutch WTF moment was watching a film with subtitles when the screen flashed up “Ik ben apetrots op je” literally meaning “I am monkey proud on you.” 2. Boterham, courtesy of Laura Frame Illustration Literally translated as “butter ham” – it actually means sandwich! 3. While we’re on the food theme… let’s go with the word for Porcini mushrooms, which literally translates as “little squirrels’ bread”. 4. Sounds like “acorn”… it actually means squirrel! 5. Literally translated as “mirror egg” – this is what you need to order if you want fried eggs! 5 ways to make that last-minute essay shine. Whether you’re experiencing midterm season for the first or last time this semester, all of us will at one point experience a similar moment of panic.

5 ways to make that last-minute essay shine

After finishing the 12th episode of your favorite show on Netflix, you realize it’s 12:30 a.m. — the night before your five-page essay is due, at 8 a.m. Like we said, we’ve all been there. So don’t worry — we at the Clog have got you covered. It’s definitely possible to write a decent, grade-worthy essay in just a few hours. Even if you’re already a professional procrastinator, use these simple tips to help make your last-minute essay look a little less panicked and a hell of a lot more intelligent. 1. Use this savior of a website for plot summary and character names, not for analytical purposes. 2. 75 Graphically Gorgeous Geometric Tattoos.