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Food creative with a fresh approach to all things edible.

Food creative with a fresh approach to all things edible.

Home | Lorraine Pascale La marmite de Cathy Paul Hollywood je veux être bonne: A propos J’veux être bonne comme un gâteau au chocolat ou un croissant plein de beuuuurre… J’veux être bonne’ c’est aussi de la couleur, des expériences et de la vie en cuisine.Un blog qui est la somme de 3 passions : bonne bouffe, photo, design - Comment te contacter? Envie de me corriger les fautes d’Aurtografes? De me demander comment que je vais bien? - Dis, comment tu prends tes photos? -, et, tes foodanimés? Prix/ Récompenses: - Prix de l'académie SACD Youtube 2013 avec mes foodanimés!! - Golden Blog Award section Gastronomie 2011 - Grand prix des blogueuses ELLE 2011 - cuisine Partenariats / collaborations: Depuis que j'ai ouvert ce blog, j'ai eu la chance de participer à de chouettes projets. J'ai sorti un mini bouquin de recette tiré du blog : "Je veux être bonne" aux éditions Point.2. J'ai fais des vidéos pour des marques, comme pour Marabout, Aoste, Bonduelle, Farrow &Ball, etc. puis d'autres trucs.

Le Passe Vite Culinographie - Blog de photographie et stylisme culinaire Local Milk | A Cast Iron Skillet & A Camera | Page: 3 I’m an herb collector. My pantry shelves are lined with jars of everything from butcher’s broom and witch hazel to marshmallow root and violet leaf. I buy them in bulk, arguably compulsively. Griottes, palette culinaire - 24 Portuguese Food Blogs You Should Be Reading Photo by Ana of Tapas na Língua blog. Portuguese cuisine is largely unknown outside Portuguese-speaking communities, which is a pity because it is a country with such an incredible culinary culture. Many people probably don’t know this, but Portugal is also a small country brimming with food bloggers. Yes, there are hundreds, if not thousands of food bloggers in the country. And there are plenty rising stars out there too. Lume Brando (Blog written in portuguese and english) If you read Teresa’s blog often, you’ll notice that her favourite recipes are simple to do recipes but with a wow factor. Flagrante Delícia (Blog written in portuguese and english) Leonor doesn’t post as regularly as she used to, but her dessert blog is still one of the most incredibly gorgeous blogs out there (she was even featured in the We’re certain that just one bite of her Cocoa, hazelnut and apple crumble recipe will leave you begging for more. In The Mood For Sweets Joana is an architect turned pâtissiére. Marmita

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