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Food creative with a fresh approach to all things edible.

Food creative with a fresh approach to all things edible.
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je veux être bonne: A propos J’veux être bonne comme un gâteau au chocolat ou un croissant plein de beuuuurre… J’veux être bonne’ c’est aussi de la couleur, des expériences et de la vie en cuisine.Un blog qui est la somme de 3 passions : bonne bouffe, photo, design - Comment te contacter? Envie de me corriger les fautes d’Aurtografes? De me demander comment que je vais bien? - Dis, comment tu prends tes photos? -, et, tes foodanimés? Prix/ Récompenses: - Prix de l'académie SACD Youtube 2013 avec mes foodanimés!! - Golden Blog Award section Gastronomie 2011 - Grand prix des blogueuses ELLE 2011 - cuisine Partenariats / collaborations: Depuis que j'ai ouvert ce blog, j'ai eu la chance de participer à de chouettes projets. J'ai sorti un mini bouquin de recette tiré du blog : "Je veux être bonne" aux éditions Point.2. J'ai fais des vidéos pour des marques, comme pour Marabout, Aoste, Bonduelle, Farrow &Ball, etc. puis d'autres trucs.

Home | Lorraine Pascale Rachel Khoo reeling after ‘insane’ reaction to The Little Paris Kitchen Chef Rachel Khoo has received overwhelming support for her new show The Little Paris Kitchen on Twitter, with fans keen to get her advice on cookery and fashion. The BBC’s Paris-based cookery show sees chef Khoo – originally from Croydon – conjuring up culinary delights in her tiny kitchen, with her simple recipes and vintage-tinged fashion sense going down a treat with viewers. Khoo’s Twitter followers soared into the thousands during The Little Paris Kitchen’s opening episode which aired last night, leading her to remark: ‘It’s insane. Trying to respond to all the lovely tweets. Impossible!’ Croque madame and coq au vin were on the menu, but the public seemed just as taken with her chirpy personality and chic Parisian look, with one commenting: ‘@rhkooks is so wonderfully fabulous it’s making me a little bit sad :)’. Another user remarked: ‘I think the BBC got Rachel Khoo in so Nigella can retire.’ The Little Paris Kitchen returns on Monday at 8.30pm.

Sunshine of Mine Paul Hollywood How Brit Rachel Khoo seduced the French with Paris' smallest restaurant Six years ago Rachel Khoo was a graduate from Croydon, but now her tiny Paris restaurant is seducing French diners and has left her the talk of the town. Six years ago, Rachel Khoo might have been sitting across from you reading Metro Life on her way to work. Now, the 31-year-old is a Gallic culinary star. When Khoo talks about leaving Britain to set up life in Paris, it sounds more like an idyllic film than reality. ‘I didn’t have any friends here, I spoke no French, I wasn’t even GCSE French standard when I left,’ Khoo tells me in the tiny 19th arrondissement flat she now calls home. But upping sticks paid off. After the patisserie course, Khoo worked in cookbook store La Cocotte and ran baking workshops – her Pimp My Cake class was a favourite among Parisian fashionistas. But it was when she set up Paris’s smallest restaurant in her 21sq m flat two years ago that Khoo began to really attract attention. When a new lunch date was advertised, people responded in 20 seconds.

like a strawberry milk Le Passe Vite Pressure cookers are hot again! Our mothers swore by them (or at them), now the kitchen's scariest gadget is making a comeback By Anne Shooter Updated: 10:05 GMT, 5 March 2010 'Aarrgh!!' My usually mild-mannered mother's scream was followed by a stream of extremely colourful expletives. My brothers and I rushed into the kitchen and tried to conceal our amusement. There was green sludge everywhere. 'It's pea soup,' said my mum, and nodded towards the hob. Boiling point: Anne Shooter put a variety of pressure cookers to the test She'd always hated the thing and left it to Dad to use - it was the kind of gadget that appealed to the scientist in him (he's a pharmacist) and I remember him trying to explain to me how the increased pressure meant the temperature was higher and that was why the food cooked so much more quickly. But Mum hated the way it whistled and spat, threatening to do just the thing it had done now. I wasn't so keen on it either. And now I had seen a pressure cooker explode - or, at least, experienced the aftermath - there was no way I was going to use one as an adult. This was better.

La PopOtte d'Anne-CharlOtte | Et si on cuisinait ? We lOve fOOd Local Milk | A Cast Iron Skillet & A Camera | Page: 3 I’m an herb collector. My pantry shelves are lined with jars of everything from butcher’s broom and witch hazel to marshmallow root and violet leaf. I buy them in bulk, arguably compulsively.

How to choose a pressure cooker and accessories. Choose the proper pressure cooker for your needs. How to choose a pressure cooker If you use Mom's or Grandma's old pressure cooker, know that the only way to release pressure quickly to release the lid is to place the pressure cooker in the sink and run cold water over it to bring down the temperature and pressure. This can take as little as 5 minutes or up to 20 minutes for a full pot of stew or soup. However, today's pressure cookers give you a choice of a quick-release option, taking even less time to finish that meal and without the need for wasted water to cool things down. When purchasing your pressure cooker, keep in mind the 6-quart size is the standard for most recipes. Select a cooker with a detachable pressure regulator that can adjust the pressure to low (5 pounds=220 degrees F./100 degrees C.), medium (10 pounds=235 degrees F./115 degrees C.), or high (15 pounds=250 degrees F./120 degrees C.). Pressure cooker accessories • One of the most important accessories you will need is a timer.

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