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Butter Me Up Brooklyn

Butter Me Up Brooklyn

Lottie + Doof Big Girls Small Kitchen Double Dipped Apple Doughnuts Given the choice between being home and not being home… I’m the girl that always chooses home. Brooklyn is amazing. San Francisco is delicious. Baltimore is bonkers. Home is also where I keep my fry thermometer and bowl of apples. Home will come soon… until then, I still have some new sights to put my eyes on. Imagine what onion rings would taste like if they were made out of apples instead of onions… and then topped with sugar. Totally easy to imagine, mostly because it’s done and done right here. I never seem to have much luck with an apple corer. See there? The beginning of apple doughnuts! This is a double battered creation. The milk batter adds sugar, spice and flavor, the panko bread crumbs keep the doughnuts crispy. They look just like onion rings, but they’re dessert! Ps. I love to sprinkle these fried apples with powdered sugar, and serve hot out of the fryer. Crispy Apple Doughnuts makes about 24 rings Print this Recipe! For the Panko: 2 cups panko bread crumbs For the Milky Batter:

Rice Pudding Ménage à Trois Patience is a virtue with oven-cooked rice pudding. A caveat: you will spend several hours peeking in the oven at thirty-minute intervals, stirring, waiting, watching (and wishing) for any sign of rice plumping. All the while the scent of simmering sweet milk teases your nostrils. It takes some time for the rice and milk to warm up to each other, but when they finally do, the wait is rewarded with creamy comfort like no other.The foundation of rice pudding is incredibly simple -- rice, milk and sugar -- but from there, the possibilities are basically limitless. 1/3 cup any rice 1/3 cup sugar Pinch salt 4 cups milk (nut, rice, regular or coconut) Flavors 2 tsp lemon zest (add in Step 1) Honey (stir in to taste after cooking) Roasted almonds, chopped as garnish 1/2 cup coconut flakes (add in Step 1) 1 tsp vanilla (stir in after cooking) Ground nutmeg (add in Step 1) 1 cinnamon stick (add in Step 1) Toasted pistachios, chopped as garnish 1. 2. 3. 4.

Journal - gastrofotonomia by Manny Rodriguez Poires au Chocolat Kitchen Vignettes by Aubergine Happy Birthday Sprinkle Bakes, and a Present for YOU! One year seems to have flown by, and in another sense it feels as if I've been blogging about sweet confections for... well, forever! One might say that it's easy to savor life when you measure your year in desserts. I knew that the Sprinkle Bakes birthday cake could be no less than sprinkle encrusted. It's even sprinkled on the inside! For several years I've requested a Funfetti cake for my birthday, but now I've worked out a recipe for a scratch made version. What would a birthday party be without gifts? "A casserole made for special occasions or year round use. *Enameled cast iron efficiently conducts and retains heat *Heavy, tight-fitting lid; knob on lid is ovenproof to 450 degrees F *Holds 2 quarts Also, 12 of you will get a special baked treat delivered to your doorstep! (Contest entry form is at the bottom of this post.) To keep the mood festive, I've made birthday hats for the guests. Have you seen these enormous gummy bears yet? And then I walked out of the store with one.

V.K.Rees Photography » Brooklyn & NYC Food Photographer palate/palette/plate 2011 » Pete Drinks One of my big beer obsessions is exploring the ever growing London brewing scene; the London Brewers page I maintain here isn’t so much a public service as a ‘to drink’ list. Here, we pay our first visit to a brewpub – specifically, the Bull in Highgate which has the added benefit of being the brewery geographically closest to my house! The Bull has been there for a very long time, but it’s only a matter of months since Dan Fox took the place over, refurbished it into a stylish space and somehow managed to cram a small, 2.5 barrel brewery – the London Brewing Company – into the corner of the kitchen. Ok, so it’s not going to put Fullers out of business any time soon but despite the size they aim to keep four of their own brews on tap at any one time. They also manage to sell one of the more impressive collection of craft beer from around the world – draft and bottled – that I’ve come across in a pub. This is truly a beer lovers paradise. Beer Street is their 4.0% Best Bitter.