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80 Open Education Resource (OER) Tools for Publishing and Development Initiatives

80 Open Education Resource (OER) Tools for Publishing and Development Initiatives
Many Open Education Resources (OER) have been introduced by governments, universities, and individuals within the past few years. OERs provide teaching and learning materials that are freely available and offered online for anyone to use. Whether you’re an instructor, student, or self-learner, you have access to full courses, modules, syllabi, lectures, assignments, quizzes, activities, games, simulations, and tools to create these components. While some OERs include OpenCourseWare (OCW) or other educational materials, they may also offer the means to alter those courses through editing, adding to those courses through publication, and the ability to shape the tools that share those resources. Additionally, they may maintain forums or other platforms where individuals can collaborate on building educational tools and documentation and the reach for those materials. This list is not all-inclusive, as resources that offer limited collaboration were excluded. Related:  K-12PLE/PWE

200 Free Kids Educational Resources: Lessons, Apps, Books, Websites... This collection provides a list of free educational resources for K-12 students (kindergarten through high school students) and their parents and teachers. This page is being updated and cleaned up during the COVID-19 crisis. Please tell us if we’re missing something valuable. Below you will find free video lessons/tutorials; free mobile apps; free audiobooks, ebooks and textbooks; quality YouTube channels; free foreign language lessons; test prep materials; and free web resources in academic subjects like literature, history, science and computing. Home Schooling Resources During COVID-19 Amazing Educational Resources: A spreadsheet of 300+ education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closings. Free Audio Books, eBooks and Textbooks Free Audio Books: Our collection of 450 free audio books includes many children’s classics. Foreign Languages Open Culture Foreign Language Collection: This list created by Open Culture offers free lessons in 40 different languages.

La communauté éducative s'agrandit Dans les derniers jours, plusieurs initiatives scolaires comportant l’utilisation des nouvelles technologies m’ont été rapportées. Elles viennent enrichir nos rapports avec la connaissance et encourage le partage. Elles mettent au coeur de l’action des jeunes pour qui apprendre prend un tout nouveau sens, parce que les outils utilisés pour ce faire leur permettent d’élargir leurs horizons. Je parle des projets suivant: Voilà de bonnes nouvelles qui ne demandent qu’à être soutenues. J’encourage chacun à continuer de s’intéresser aux projets scolaires de cette qualité… Ce contenu a été publié dans Je partage, avec comme mot(s)-clef(s) "Administration scolaire", "Pédagogie et nouvelles technologies". SA research now free online | News | Sci-tech Academic journals charge for article access and this means that only institutions and people with resources can access the new knowledge they contain, especially the prestigious journals. South Africa is no different, as we pay exorbitant fees, in pounds, dollars or euros, to access these journals to read research – both by local and international academics – that is paid for with taxpayers' money. This generally makes it too costly for a member of the public to read the research coming out of South Africa – research that they may have paid for. This is why the country is turning to open access through the South African arm of the Scientific Electronic Library Online (SciELO SA), the first open access site for scholarly journals on the African continent. Although the issue of open access has been topical for more than a decade in academic circles, it jumped into the mainstream media earlier this year when an American internet activist, Aaron Swartz, committed suicide.

Create Digital Learning Content Combine Video Images Text Audio What Is Metta? Metta ( is a digital storytelling tool that allows you to create lessons using audio, videos, and images from your computer or from the web. It is a great online app for creating short flipped or blended lessons for students to help them learn outside of the classroom. With this outstanding web application, teachers can easily create a digital content based story, supplemented with images and text. How To Use Metta For using the Metta app, you first need to create an account or login using your Facebook id.After you log in, you’ll be presented with a screen where you need to enter the title of your story or lesson. [Editors Note: I used Metta to put together the video below as an exercise in getting familiar with the tool. Metta Example A short video supplemented with an image and some text, followed by a short clip from another video, with the text changing part of the way through. Using Metta in the Classroom Print This Post

NSTA: Freebies for Science Teachers GeneEd Added: Jul 14, 2017 Revisit the National Library of Medicine’s GeneEd for new resources. Targeted primarily for high school students and teachers, the website offers genetics education resources organized by Topics, Labs, Teacher Resources, Career Information, and Highlights (news). Recent additions to the Topics page include articles, interactive tutorials, and teacher resources for exploring the role of genetics in influencing behavior and identity and for exploring precision medicine and pharmacogenomics. (Precision medicine is a modern approach to health management in which treatment and prevention approaches are identified based on a person’s genetic, environmental, and lifestyle factors; similarly, pharmacogenomics, part of precision medicine, examines how genes affect a person’s response to drugs.) To access the new materials, click on the Topics tab, go to Top Issues in Genetics, and select the links Genetics, Behavior and Identity, or Precision Medicine.

Qwaq Forums: Virtual Worlds Collaboration Solutions for Program Management, Virtual Operations Centers, Virtual Offices, Corporate Training, Facilitated Meetings OER Quality Project Mural - Mural Browse All Chelsea Cutting from Mount Gambier, South Australia, tells us about the real-world connections her students are able to make after using Illumination resources. Jan Gebert is an Illuminations lesson plan reviewer and instructor of professional and secondary education at East Stroudsburg University. So she definitely knows a thing or two about quality lessons. Illuminations asked her for her favorite out of our 600+ lessons. Deeanna Golden, a teacher of 24 years at F.M. Answers the questions, "When will I ever need to solve a system of equations?" Physical and virtual manipulatives are used to explore and discover conic sections by cutting a cone with a plane. Use a series of 3 hands-on activities to develop and reinforce students' understanding of hundredths as fractions, decimals, and percentages. Relate linear equations and graphs in a game of ships and attacks. Construct a scale drawing of a regulation dartboard using geometry and measurement.

Ordinateurs et prise de note en cours magistral Le New York Times se fait l’écho d’une enquête qui ne mesure presque aucun avantage à la possession d’un ordinateur lors des études primaires ; pire, la possession d’un ordinateurs semble creuser les inégalités, en faisant stagner les élèves déjà défavorisés dans le système éducatif. J’ai observé la même chose en cours magistral : les étudiants qui se servent d’un ordinateur pour prendre leurs notes en prennent moins que les autres, et ne relisent ou ne recopient jamais leurs notes sauf au dernier moment, dans la dernière ligne droite des révisions. Plusieurs étudiantes m’ont montré leurs notes prises en trois heures d’amphi : elles avaient noté moins de cinq pages. L’année prochaine, je pense interdire tout simplement l’ordinateur en cours magistral de première année, pour que tout le groupe soit obligé d’apprendre à prendre des notes, et, dans le meilleur des cas, à recopier ces notes afin de réviser en avance. Imprimer ce billet