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Funding for Women

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Gruber_fellowshipposting.pdf. WHEAT Women's Fund | Women's Funding NetworkWomen's Funding Network. What We Do. Forty years ago, four visionary women established the Ms. Foundation for Women to elevate women's voices and create positive change. Today, we're a dynamic and powerful entity that is leading the charge on women's issues nationwide. This is how we do it. We start with the knowledge that our fight is not yet over. It's true that women have come a long way since the 1970s, but for every woman who has reached the "top" (and who still face discrimination, by the way), there are millions of women struggling to earn a living wage, gain access to basic health care, secure affordable child care and participate in the opportunities that should be available to every person in the U.S. At the Ms. We are committed. Our Mission Continue Advocacy & Policy There's a war on women, and we are fighting back.

Moving Policy Forward View Our Fellowship Opportunity Speaking Out We are the nation's leading voice on women's issues, and our voice is loud. Raising Our Voices Publications and Resources Grantmaking. Mary's Pence - Funding Women. Changing Lives. For Grantees — the fund for global human rights. Channel Foundation - What We Fund. Powered by Translate Strategic Approach Since 2006, Channel has sought to identify and provide grants to organizations or projects that specifically champion women's rights. The type of work we endeavor to sustain includes legal, legislative and policy advocacy; capacity, network and coalition building; human rights education, training and leadership development; and other innovative strategies. Our overall strategy also includes the following goals: Participate in international, regional, and national networks of women's human rights activists and funders to make informed, collaborative, and strategic funding decisions.

"[S]mall, localized and isolated efforts that cannot be scaled up to mobilize a larger number of women and their communities against gender discrimination, are not sustainable: we cannot rest content with small islands of change in a sea of oppressive patriarchal cultures. Areas of Interest Monitoring, Evaluation & Long Term Goals What We Do Not Fund. Grants and Resources. Grantseeking FAQ - Tides. For more than 35 years, great ideas have thrived at Tides. We provide sophisticated financial and management services - and inspiration - to donors and doers so they can focus on achieving their vision of a just world. Increase My Foundation’s Impact & Capacity Simplify & Amplify My Personal Philanthropy Turn My Vision & Ideas into a Nonprofit Project Learn about Shared Space & Services Invest with Values & Further My Mission Increase the Impact of My Corporate Giving I Want To… Grantseeking FAQ Home / I Want to... / Find Funding / Grantseeking FAQ Grantseeking FAQ Does Tides Foundation accept letters of inquiry or proposals?

More... I Want to... Find Funding Grantseeking FAQ Open RFPs Email Alerts Join this Google Group to receive notification of any RFPs from Tides. About I Want to... Impact Community News & Resources. Board | Women's Funding NetworkWomen's Funding Network. Our Board of Directors is a reflection of the diversity of our Network and the strength of the women’s funding community. Some board members lead or have led women’s funds and foundations, and many others are deeply engaged in social change personally and professionally. Alandra Washington, Chair Director of Family Economic Security Programs, W.K.

Kellogg Foundation Sally Crane, Vice Chair Founder & Board Member, Women’s Fund of Central Ohio Abigail Burgesson, Secretary Special Programmes Manager, African Women’s Development Fund Julie Abrams Founder and Chief Executive, MedTech Garage Carol Andreae Founder and Former Board Member, Women’s Fund of Central Ohio James L. Donna Callejon, Finance Chair Chief Business Officer, GlobalGiving Amina Dickerson, Governance Chair Founder and President, Dickerson Global Advisors Cheryl Franklin President and CEO, La Femme Care Laura García Executive Director, Semillas Shalini Nataraj Director of Advocacy and Partnerships, Global Fund for Women. Wallace Global Fund. Alphabetical Index of Donor Organizations - Latin America Donor Index. 34428351.pdf. The Overbrook Foundation.

About - Tides. Mission Statement Tides actively promotes change toward a healthy society, one which is founded on principles of social justice, broadly shared economic opportunity, a robust democratic process, and sustainable environmental practices. Tides believes healthy societies rely fundamentally on respect for human rights, the vitality of communities, and a celebration of diversity. Tides is a nonprofit organization that works at the heart of today's most critical issues, supporting grantees and programs that are core to our country’s nonprofit infrastructure and social service delivery. We work in partnership with people whose work confronts issues like global warming, AIDS treatment and prevention, and economic disparity.

Bringing together people, resources, and innovation, Tides is a convener and connector for those in our community and beyond. Tides has offices in San Francisco and New York at the award-winning Thoreau Centers for Sustainability. Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Contrataciones/Convocatorias/Licitaciones. Funder Directory | IHRFG. Donor Search - Latin America Donor Index.

Lunaria4. Casas de Igualdad de Oportunidades. Women's Funds | Oak Foundation. Women’s funds are international, regional and national grant makers that support groups working towards women’s empowerment. They invest in women and in women-led solutions and build the leadership of grassroots groups that address the issues of women and girls within their context. The first women’s funds were established in the 1970s by women who saw that little mainstream philanthropic funding was being specifically targeted at women and girls. To address these gaps, these women created vehicles to redress this funding imbalance and to provide a new “gender lens” in philanthropy. Thirty years later, not only has the number of women’s funds grown rapidly, but the total giving by women’s funds, particularly in the South, has increased at a faster rate than foundation giving on the whole. Most women’s funds function as both fundraisers and grantmakers, amassing and investing resources for the benefit of women and communities.

What we fund Additional information. Contact Us - MATCH International Women's Fund. Adeleye-Fayemi.pdf. From aid to investment: funding women's rights groups. From being pictured on the cover of Newsweek to becoming a focus of the World Bank’s 2012 Annual Development Report, women and girls are high on the global development agenda. Today, every major funding sector is paying attention, at least rhetorically, to the role of women and girls in development.

Why, then, is this enhanced interest not reflected in the among of money available for women’s rights organizations worldwide? For the past eight years, the international Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID), where I work as a manager, has been observing shifts in the funding landscape. Our most recent report, “Watering the Leaves, Starving the Roots,” notes a disturbing trend: As the private sector becomes more involved in funding women’s issues, donors are prioritizing support for individual women and girls - the “leaves” - rather than on sustained, collective action by women’s rights activists and organizations - the “roots.” Headlines don’t tell the story. Jobs, Funding, Events & Training - BRIDGE. 40954592.pdf. Fundraising Resources. Home | Women's Funding NetworkWomen's Funding Network. Wallace Global Fund. Samuel Rubin Foundation. Manos Unidas. About DWS | The Lutheran World Federation. International network of womens funds.

Home // filia. die frauenstiftung. EDGE Funders Alliance | Engaged Donors for Global Equity. Fundo Social Elas. Fondo Alquimia. Inicio. Welcome to FMS. FCAM | Fondo Centroamericano de Mujeres. Fundraising_handbook_english_2014.pdf.