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luckyfishlab - I attended my first LANUG, Lower Alabama .Net User Group, meeting. The presentations topic was Durandal JS. I posted a snippet about the meeting on MobileTech List. The South Alabama Linux Users Group meets on the second Saturday of the month at Assurance Technology. SALUG started over 16 years ago. I was a founding member, but hadn’t attended a meeting in well over a decade. I had to check the wayback machine for some nostalgic web programming. Read More → Efficiency with your tools is key to getting tasks done versus playing. At first glance it looks easy.

index Welcome to the DARPA Open Catalog, which contains a curated list of DARPA-sponsored software and peer-reviewed publications. DARPA sponsors fundamental and applied research in a variety of areas including data science, cyber, anomaly detection, etc., which may lead to experimental results and reusable technology designed to benefit multiple government domains. The DARPA Open Catalog organizes publicly releasable material from DARPA programs. DARPA has an open strategy to help increase the impact of government investments. DARPA is interested in building communities around government-funded software and research. The table on this page lists the programs currently participating in the catalog. Program Manager: Dr. Report a problem:

Coopfunding — Cofinançament lliure i cooperatiu Rendre aux communs le produit des communs : la quête d’une licence réciproque | Sciences communes Après une longue interruption, je reprends doucement une activité sur ce carnet de recherche. Pour l’occasion, je retourne son titre, Sciences communes : non la science comme bien commun, mais l’étude scientifique des communs. Le première épisode de cette nouvelle série est dédié à l’un des principaux dispositifs envisagés pour pérenniser l’économie des communs : les licences réciproques. Comme leur nom l’indique, ces licences visent à restaurer une relation de réciprocité entre les secteur commercial et le mouvement des Communs. Nées d’un débat intellectuel international, les licences réciproques ont pris consistance au cours de l’année passée, dans le cadre du projet FLOK. Vers une saturation des communs ? Au cours de l’année passée, la thématique des communs a pris son envol. Paradoxalement, cette vague de vulgarisation intervient dans un moment d’essoufflement. Wikipédia constitue un cas d’école. Les contributeurs ne se sont pas résignés à ce constat. 1. 2. 3.

CAD Software Video Tutorials | eMachineShop The eMachineShop video guides make it quick and easy to learn the eMachineShop CAD software, a simple but powerful tool that will open up a whole new spectrum of capabilities to bring your ideas, projects and products into reality. Found throughout the online Help, you can jump direct to the videos here: Basics: Key Techniques ... Overview 2D basics: 2D Drawing...Drawing Lines 2D advanced: Text ... 2D Advanced ... 3D basics: Views ... Learn from how these sample shapes are made:Disk with Hole ... Miscellaneous: Machines ... Pleases note the following changes: Videos that use the Arc or Pan buttons - first enable the buttons via Edit | Preferences | Customize.

Music Prototyping Groundbreaking new technology that is able to understand and interpret music on a high level of abstraction. Incredible editing capabilities never seen before help you put new ideas to life in no time. Record Once & Use Everywhere Once you collected a critical mass of musical expressions in your personal libraries, the possibilities of using them in different projects are almost limitless. The same phrase renders new music, depending on where it is being placed. Request a 30-Day Trial Now It's Not a Toy No, this isn't one of those create-a-hit-out-of-the-box programs. Synfire equally suits all musical styles. Keep Your Ears Fresh With Synfire you can constantly judge your work from an objective distance while it is evolving. Learn More View Screenshots Watch Videos Listen to Examples

Catarse: Primer programa liberado para crowdfunding Catarse surgió como la primera plataforma de financiamiento colaborativo de proyectos en Brasil, cuentan sus creadores. También es la primera plataforma libre y cuenta con una trayectoria importante como herramienta en la financiación de proyectos. Desde el lanzamiento de Gaman estamos trabajando en la ejecución y planificación de varios proyectos. Tras el lanzamiento de Letxuga nos planteamos el desarrollo de una plataforma libre de crowdfunding. Como es usual en el mundo del software libre realizamos un mapeo previo en búsqueda de proyectos ya existentes en funcionamiento con el objetivo de aunar esfuerzos y abrir vías de colaboración. La existencia de una plataforma libre de crowdfunding es una herramienta esencial para el empoderamiento de comunidades y empresas que deseen montar su propia plataforma de financiamiento colaborativo sin tener que recurrir a servicios de terceros sometiéndose a las lógicas impuestas por una estructura centralizada.

Business models for open-source software Funding[edit] Much unlike proprietary off-the-shelf software that come with restrictive licenses, open-source software is distributed freely, through the web and in physical media. Because creators cannot require each user to pay a license fee to fund development this way, a number of alternative development funding models have emerged. Software can be developed as a consulting project for one or more customers.[how?] Companies may employ developers to work on open-source projects that are useful to the company's infrastructure: in this case, it is developed not as a product to be sold but as a sort of shared public utility. A new funding approach for open-source projects is crowdfunding, organized over web platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Bountysource.[4] Challenges[edit] Open-source software can be sold and used in general commercially. Therefore, there is considerable debate about whether vendors can make a sustainable business from an open-source strategy. Approaches[edit]

Machinery's Handbook, 29th: Erik Oberg: 9780831129002: Books subler - mp4 muxer and editor, to add tx3g subtitles, video, audio and chapters tracks compatible with QuickTime and iOS devices Subler is an Mac OS X app created to mux and tag mp4 files. The main features includes: Creation of tx3g subtitles tracks, compatible with all Apple's devices (iPod, AppleTV, iPhone, QuickTime). Mux video, audio, chapters, subtitles and closed captions tracks from mov, mp4 and mkv. Raw formats: H.264 Elementary streams (.h264, .264), AAC (.aac), AC3 (.ac3), Scenarist (.scc), VobSub (.idx). metadata editing and TMDb, TVDB and iTunes Store support. Requirements Mac OS X 10.6 or later Mountain Lion Issues If you have issues converting audio on Mountain Lion, read the following page: Source Code The latest source code can be found on The official channel is on (freenode network), channel #subler .