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The Leopold Schepp Foundation. Scholarship Program - Global English Editing. The A Better America Scholarship Program is now open for 2017.

Scholarship Program - Global English Editing

Please read below for how to apply. Global English Editing awards scholarships to students in the United States who intend to make a positive contribution to the country’s future. Trueandco. Bud Siegfried Scholarship. “An investment in education pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin It is in this spirit of investment that Siegfried & Jensen offers the Palmer Fred (Bud) Siegfried scholarship to one student per year in the United States.

Bud Siegfried Scholarship

Valued at $1,000, the Bud Siegfried Scholarship is intended to help students pursuing a professional degree cover the costs of tuition. It is meant to enable them more time to study, rather than work so that they can achieve their degree in a more timely manner. Siegfried & Jensen is a Utah-based law firm, that was established in 1991, to help individuals and families work with difficult insurance companies that refuse to pay insurance claims following traumatic accidents. Often times the lives of these individuals and families are forever changed as a result of these accidents and working themselves with the insurance company, to pay out their claims, often proves fruitless and frustrating for those that have been hurt. Scholarships — Digital Responsibility. Digital Responsibility Scholarships We award four scholarships to high school, college and graduate school students.

Scholarships — Digital Responsibility

Digital Privacy Scholarship. "Hit the Books" Scholarship. is the subsidiary of Coffee Serv Inc., founded by Jack and Lynn Kirshner.

"Hit the Books" Scholarship is an online coffee retailer that carries a wide variety of coffee products and Keurig K-cups. With 25 years as a business leader in Philadelphia, we at know that tough times do not just hit the banks. They hit us all, but we must never lose sight of our biggest investment in the future: the next generation of scholars and entrepreneurs.

Jack and Lynn have set an example with their nearly 20 years of active involvement in the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and Coffee Serv Inc. has followed that example by giving thousands of dollars in donations and coffee to the same. In order to continue this tradition of community involvement, we at are introducing the semi-annual “Hit The Books Scholarship” as our way of helping the future leaders of the business world meet their educational goals. McNair Scholars – Funding. Fee waiver and fellowship information specifically for McNair scholars can be found at the COE McNair Scholars fee waiver page.

McNair Scholars – Funding

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities: The links below are generally organized by discipline. These are various agencies and organizations, both private and governmental, that offer support for graduate study. Some of the support opportunities are “full-ride” research fellowships, others are limited-duration research internships, while some others provide a set amount of funds for a specific scholarly work. The resources listed below are for graduate study and scholarly research; access to the available slots and funds are typically competitive and will require a formal application.

Foundation for Global Scholars 2015. International Student & Study Abroad Scholarships. Program Finder. Walter S. Barr Fellowship. Walter S.

Walter S. Barr Fellowship

Barr Fellowship In general applicants must be residents of Hampden County. If residency is in question, the Fellowship Committee reserves the right to make this decision. Awards are made to students pursuing a specific post-graduate degree. If that degree program requires more than one year of full time study, the award can be renewed for as many as two additional years, if warranted.

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation. Skip to main content Are You a Potential Truman Scholar?

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

You are here Home » Candidates » How to Become a Truman Scholar » Are You a Potential Truman Scholar? Candidates Body If you can put a check beside each of the following statements, you should be a strong candidate for a Truman Scholarship. Legal Requirements (must be met) At the time I apply, I will be a full-time student pursuing a bachelor's degree with junior-level academic standing; or, I have senior-level standing in my third year of college enrollment. Career and Graduate Study Interests. All Fellowships. Pigott_scholarship_2.pdf. The Roothbert Fund, Inc. The Fund is a small, nearly all-volunteer scholarship fund based in New York City, which awards yearly grants and works to foster fellowship among grant recipients.

The Roothbert Fund, Inc.

Once a year, the Fund accepts applications for grants, which include essays, transcripts and recommendations. From these written applications, the Fund identifies a group of finalists to be invited for a brief personal interview. On the basis of this interview, the Fund typically selects about 20 new scholarship recipients each year. Roothbert Fund scholarships are open to all in the United States regardless of sex, age, color, nationality or religious background. While the Fund does not emphasize any particular form of religious practice or worship, it seeks to provide support to persons motivated by spiritual values. Dale Fridell Scholarship Home. Swiss Benevolent Society - SBS Scholarship Programs. Scholarships - Int'l Student Organization. International Scholarships. Georges Lurcy Charitable and Educational Trust. Evalee C. Schwarz Charitable Trust for Education - Interest Free Loans. Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund. The Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund provides need-based grants to students actively working for peace and justice.

Davis-Putter Scholarship Fund

These need-based scholarships are awarded to those able to do academic work at the university level and who are part of the progressive movement on the campus and in the community. Early recipients worked for civil rights, against McCarthyism, and for peace in Vietnam. Recent grantees have been active in the struggle against racism, sexism, homophobia, and other forms of oppression; building the movement for economic justice; and creating peace through international anti-imperialist solidarity.