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Special Educational Funding Guidelines in Ontario for Special Incidence. Public Funding for Special Education in Schools. The Ministry of Education is responsible for funding Ontario's elementary and secondary schools operated by public and Catholic English and French boards.

Public Funding for Special Education in Schools

The ministry allocates funding to each school board using a formula that is based on student enrolment and the unique needs of students in each board. Education funding starts with the Foundation Grant, which gives every school board a basic level of funding for each student. Additional funding is provided through special purpose grants, including a Special Education Grant, based on specific costs or needs that affect some boards and some students more than others. The operation and maintenance of school buildings and the construction of new schools or additions are funded through the Pupil Accommodation Grant. Special Educational Funding Guidelines in Ontario for Special Equipment. Special Education Funding for Assistive Technology in York Region. Ontario Medical Equipment Funding Sources. Vendor Websites Bricks & Mortar Dealers Online Dealers Links is now encrypted.

Ontario Medical Equipment Funding Sources

Find out why Ontario Ministry of Health's Assistive Devices Program (ADP) This is the first stop for anyone in Ontario who requires a mobility device such as a wheelchair, walker, scooter etc. This program is open to all residents of Ontario who have valid Ontario Health Cards and will contribute between 75% & 100% of the cost of a "basic" mobility devices. For The Love of a Child For The Love of a Child concerned with improving the quality of life for children with special needs, living in Durham Region.

Golden Griddle Corporation The Golden Griddle Corporation primary objective is to grant the wishes of terminally ill and severely disabled children, in the hopes of making their lives brighter. Funding Guide for Young Children and Families - Durham Region. Available Grants for Elementary Schools - For Parents. Canadian Disability Resources Database - Ontario. RDSP (Registered Disability Savings Plan) Available from: Scotiabank RBC BMO CIBC PLAN - a Canadian, family-run organization dedicated to helping you plan for your disabled child's future. Ontario March of Dimes - Assistive Devices Program provides funding for various assistive devices.

Canadian Disability Resources Database - Ontario

Eligible to those 19 years of age or older. Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) - Peel Region. The Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) program provides financial assistance to parents to help with extraordinary cost related to their child's severe disability.

Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities (ACSD) - Peel Region

It is a direct funding program for low and moderate income families. Who Can Apply? Parents, family members, legal guardians and individuals 16 of years of age and over may apply. Who is eligible Resident of OntarioChildren under the age of 18Children who have a severe disability which results in a functional lossLive at home with their families (or legal guardian)Have extraordinary costs which are incurred directly as a result of the disability(transportation to medical appointments or to a special program(s)related to the child's special needs;parental relief; learningand developmental equipment, medical supplies,etc.)

What are extraordinary costs? What is included in the benefit? The amount of financial assistance is determined based on your yearly extraordinary expenses and your gross family income. Financial Tips for Parents in the Province of Ontario. Students in special circumstances. Aboriginal students If you are eligible for money from your band for postsecondary education: apply for that funding first.

Students in special circumstances

If your band funding doesn’t cover all of your costs, you can apply for OSAP. When you apply, OSAP will take into account any band funding you receive. Getting help with hearing, speech, language & swallowing -OSLA - Ontario. There are many options for getting help with hearing, speech, language, and swallowing.

Getting help with hearing, speech, language & swallowing -OSLA - Ontario

Use OSLA’s Find a Practitioner to find a private practitioner or service agency near you. Please note that private services are not covered through OHIP. However, many private health insurance plans offer some coverage of speech therapy services. Furthermore, there are many charitable organizations that offer financial assistance to families. For information on free parental workshops offered through The Speech Therapy Centres of Canada, please view this document. Public funding varies, depending on the patient/client’s condition, with access to publicly funded services inconsistent across the Province. Depending on the condition of the patient or client, services of Ontario’s speech-language pathologists and audiologists can be available in the following, but availability varies throughout Ontario: Private payment options exist through private practitioners.

Money tipsheet for government programs in Ontario. Child care subsidies. Ontario child care subsidy Families can apply for the Ontario child care subsidy.

Child care subsidies

The cost of this program is shared by the Ontario government, municipal governments and First Nations communities. Eligibility. Available to Public and Private Sector Schools - CCAC. CharityVillage - Corporate Funding Programs. Adobe The company donates copies of their software for a US$35 administrative fee through Gifts in Kind International.

CharityVillage - Corporate Funding Programs

The program includes products like Adobe Acrobat, Photoshop, PageMaker, InDesign and Premiere. Affinity Credit Union (Regional: Saskatchewan) Affinity gives at least 3% of its pre-tax income to community charities, including those working in the areas of economic development, the environment, youth programming, arts and culture, affordable housing, community building, healthcare, and agriculture. Air Canada The company considers requests for donations from organizations working to improve the lives of Canada's youth as well as those conducting research into diseases.

Alcan Inc. Canada Business Network - Grants, contributions and financial assistance.