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Event%20Information%20and%20directions. Helping to code patient records: apply for business contracts. Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board is seeking businesses with innovative ideas on how to help staff record what happens to patients in hospital and meet government targets.

Helping to code patient records: apply for business contracts

Administration staff are required to assign clinical codes to patient conditions and the treatments they receive in order to support the reporting of what happens in hospitals. It is a significant manual burden on hospital staff and usually involves having to decipher handwritten records of treatments. The requirement for coding is likely to increase and, at the same time, recording will change from a mainly paper format to an electronic format. Businesses are being asked to bid for SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) development contracts of up to £10,000 to examine initial ideas for improving the system. The best projects could win up to £100,000 to develop those ideas further in a second phase of the competition. Finance and support for your business.

Great Business. Top ten tips on securing public sector funding - Small Business. A number of public sector avenues provide a chance for cash Securing funding is one of the biggest challenges most start-ups face.

Top ten tips on securing public sector funding - Small Business

No matter which sector your start-up is in, you’re likely to spend a significant chunk of your time chasing around trying to secure the finances you need to get the max from your innovation. Technology start-ups are no different to any other start-up in this respect, and something we hear all the time is the frustration that tech start-ups face when they’re trying to organise funding. When you’re desperate to get your hands on cash, you could be forgiven for thinking that any funding is better than no funding at all and, generally speaking that would be about right, but smart start-up owners are clever are sniffing out the right sort of funding.

Sniffing out the right funding for your innovative technology business not only makes securing the funding easier, it also often gives you more power to your start-up elbow. Be mindful that one size rarely fits all. What funding is available for social entrepreneurs? The School for Social Entrepreneurs. Impact Investments. What is impact investment?

Impact Investments

Impact investment aims to bring about positive outcomes for people, communities and society as a whole, as well as providing financial returns for investors. Impact investment is needed to fund the creation of new innovations and to support their testing and development. It also allows the best ones to scale up and change the world. This is as true of innovation that seek to achieve social impact as it is of those motivated by creating financial value. There is also growing experimentation around the world with innovations in financial mechanisms as a means of supporting the improvement of social outcomes.

Our work on impact investment includes: Our aims We want to support the development of the impact investment market. Apply for investment If you have a social venture that has the potential for social impact and has a sound business model, please get in contact. [Withdrawn] Innovation: get details about Innovate UK funding competitions - Detailed guidance. Innovate UK runs the following funding competitions.

[Withdrawn] Innovation: get details about Innovate UK funding competitions - Detailed guidance

Each competition has a different application process and eligibility criteria. Catalysts Overview. Innovation: apply for a funding award - Detailed guidance. Overview If you want to develop an innovative product or service, you may be able to apply for funding of between £5,000 and £10 million.

Innovation: apply for a funding award - Detailed guidance

Innovate UK runs funding competitions which can help you develop your idea and make it successful. These competitions are open to all UK based companies. Some are also open to research organisations working with business. Innovate UK awards funding to the winners of these competitions. There are different funding competitions depending on the size of business you have and the type of industry you are in. Alternative Funding for early-stage companies - an overview.

IT Startup Event in Prague. Getting a business grant: How five SMEs received assistance. speaks to five companies that got financial assistance and asks how they went about securing it.

Getting a business grant: How five SMEs received assistance

Business grants are notoriously hard to come by, but there is assistance out there if you know where to look. Here, we speak to five businesses that came by funding and quiz them on how they managed to achieve the vital cash. Noel and Natasha Gordon, co-founders of comparison and deals website The Best Deal Guide What funding did you receive? We recently won a competition run by Intuit, Love Our Local Business, in which we were awarded £1,000. To Understand Venture Capital, Founders Should Meet The People Who Invest in VCs. Support Services for New Business Startups - ENT Magazine London, UK. Support services are vital for the success of any new business since few startups can afford to do everything by itself.

Support Services for New Business Startups - ENT Magazine London, UK

The British Government, many not-for-profits, academic institutions and other trade and commercial organisations makes available many support services to promote entrepreneurship. Such schemes provide startup entrepreneurs with technical expertise, manufacturing know-how, marketing information, legal compliance help, opportunity to benchmark, platform to network, access to low cost infrastructure and more. Business Link provides just about any possible information that a startup entrepreneur require including information on upcoming fairs and events, and information on how to find customers. The range of resources available in the Website helps the entrepreneur organise and manage finances, human resources, marketing and taxation.

How To Ensure A Lucrative Crowdfunding Campaign.