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Le vélo imprimé en 3D par James Novak. James Novak, jeune designer australien, dans le cadre de sa thèse nous présente son vélo imprimé en 3D ou plus particulière un vélo au cadre entièrement imprimé en 3D.

Le vélo imprimé en 3D par James Novak

Une réalisation maillée, un cadre réalisé en une seule pièce demandant plus de 150 heures d’impressions pour une résultat bluffant, en collaboration avec la société belge i.Materialse. « Le cadre que vous voyez est l’accomplissement de 4 mois d’expérimentations, de recherches et de tests, et a encore une longue route devant lui. Vous devez reprogrammer votre manière de penser lorsque que vous avez recours à la fabrication additive, car les anciennes barrières ne s’appliquent désormais plus, mais de nouvelles surgissent comme le volume d’impression, l’épaisseur des couches d’impression«

Steam-O Bicycle by János Insperger. Designer János Insperger's 'Steam-O' is a modern cruiser inspired by the iconic steam locomotives of the past, applying the signature aerodynamic shape to its stark frame.

Steam-O Bicycle by János Insperger

In classic 1930s style, the bike sports a leather seat with spring suspension, an oversized headlight with chrome and bronze polish, and choo-choo style rims. The main feature, however, is a pushrod drivetrain like that of locomotives from the time. This unique power system and distinct attention to detail set it apart from other cruisers new and old. Pedaling torque is transmitted by bearing on shaft and coupling rods. CYCONWORLD. Prone Bikes : Get into Position. IRUKAN by Martin Esteva at Marbel - World's Lightest Electric Skateboard. Fender Blender Pro. Top 10 features & benefits of the Fender Blender Pro (High Performance) (click the image to enlarge) Flax and Spinach Power Smoothie This recipe comes from Jessa Hokayam of e2 events in Virginia.

Fender Blender Pro

Geetobee folding scooter lets adults have some fun. The “Geetobee” from Jamily Design Studio is a folding scooter for adults that folds into a compact form, thereby facilitating transportation or storage.

Geetobee folding scooter lets adults have some fun

Designed for commuting or just whizzing around town, the portable scooter when folded can easily be carried into buildings, into the workplace or onto public transportation. Available in different colors, the Geetobee allows sustainable and brisk commutation in the crowded marketplace. The custom-made bike will be produced in larger volume during Spring/Summer 2010. Via: Jamily Nov 10. Pins from on Pinterest. Psychotronic skookterist ... ist trottinette-blogspot.

Monster Wagons by Kaz-USA. 1aqadult fitness excercise - Kick Scooter - best online shopping site. Home Made Scooters. Big Wheel Scooters Fun Bikes that you can make yourself!

Home Made Scooters

Pencil Bike Mini Bent Bike Bamboo Coaster Bike. Scooters, Kick Scooters, All Terrain Scooters, Urban Mushing Scooters. DSC00149.jpg Photo by philsk5. Waimea Weekly NewspapersNelson Weekly. Nelson’s Ross Mathews is a joiner and a greenie, so it made sense that when he decided to design and build a motorised scooter it would be powered by electricity and made from wood.

Waimea Weekly NewspapersNelson Weekly

And now the eco-friendly design seems to be catching on with Ross receiving a lot of interest in the custom-made scooters which he has just started producing in his workshop in Nelson. Ross has only made “just over a dozen” of the Spectrum Scooters and has already sold half of those, mostly to buyers in the North Island. “I used to ride motorbikes so I’ve always been interested in that sort of thing, so I decided to design a scooter that fitted with a sustainable theme. I make the frame out of imported plywood that comes from sustainable forests and it’s powered by a lithium ion battery which last about two hours and recharges in four.”

Ross says he buys the bike parts, such as wheels and brakes from Village Cycles, as well as the electrical components but makes the rest himself. Co je u nás nového? - HUGO Bike. Kickbikes, Electric on Pinterest. - We make kick bikes! Bamboobee lets you cruise around on your own self-made bicycle. Sep 22, 2014 bamboobee lets you cruise around on your own self-made bicycle bamboobee lets you cruise around on your own self-made bicycleall images courtesy of bamboobee in 2013, a company by the name of bamboobee entered the world of product design with their ‘honey infused bamboo bicycles‘. following the success of this popular material, the singapore firm has launched the ‘build it yourself (BIY) bike kit’. the idea is simple. the project allows you to experience the satisfaction of building your own vehicle from scratch. the set includes bicycle cable bamboo holders, stainless steel dropouts, aluminum head tubes, bottom brackets, a pen file, a transparent tape roll, and reinforced metal wire. an instruction manual and recyclable frame jig guide the assembly process as each joint is secured by a 25-meter supply of hemp fiber. the team hopes to get your support in crowdfunding for the project on prefundia. video courtesy of bamboobee the seven bamboo stalks content inside the small boxes.

bamboobee lets you cruise around on your own self-made bicycle

Product page 330-WH / 330-BK / 330-RD / 330-BL / 330-YL / 330-GR - ROADYACHT. Japanese English Choose your language.

Product page 330-WH / 330-BK / 330-RD / 330-BL / 330-YL / 330-GR - ROADYACHT

Space Roam - Bicycle Concept by Chen Hsin Lin. Out of This World Fixie As you might have guessed from the name, the Space Roam fixed gear bike looks to the universe for inspiration to break away from predictable design.

Space Roam - Bicycle Concept by Chen Hsin Lin

Like liquid metal, the ultra-streamlined frame achieves an almost monocoque aesthetic with the only visible break being that of the front wheel. Built for speed, it’s so lightweight you’ll feel like you’re riding the moon! Designer: Chen Hsin Lin. Foldable HPV_2F vehicle is the future of human powered mobility. The HPV_2F is a foldable vehicle that explores the potential of ​​”human powered vehicles” in a world that is fast running out of space to park conventional personal mobility vehicles.

Foldable HPV_2F vehicle is the future of human powered mobility

The recumbent bike is intended to be a human powered vehicle to fold that would be powered entirely by human effort. The vehicle is meant to be a space saving recumbent bike that can be useful in daily commute as well as a recreational and fitness device. By offering a relaxed riding position, the recumbent bike allow bikers to use the opposing forces created when pedaling and pushing one’s body against the backrest. In a regular bicycle, this force is left unharnessed since the rider’s back doesn’t push against any surface but in a recumbent bike, the rider is able to utilize this force and thus the force required to peddle is less. The recumbent bike features a conventional rear wheel axle that is fitted with a long and taut belt drive to ensure a smooth pedaling motion. Retro OTO Electric Bicycles. Cesar van Rongen.

Sustainable bamboo bikes for urban streets by guapa. Sep 12, 2013 sustainable bamboo bikes for urban streets by guapa sustainable bamboo bikes for urban streets by guapa all images courtesy of guapa made predominantly from bamboo, these sustainable bikes by english bicycle company guapa are influenced from technologies used in extreme sports such as surfing and wake-boarding. combining both ergonomics and aesthetic qualities, the frames are constructed from bamboo – one of the world’s fastest growing plants – along with carbon to create a riding experience that is smooth, yet stiff and responsive. intended for use in urban environments the first series features a single speed bike and a dutch town bike. guapa’s eco-friendly design aims to eventually reduce the use of carbon-fiber, substituting it with different materials to create a more complete, sustainable bicycle. side view of the guapa bike, which is made from a combination of bamboo and carbon detail of the crank (left) and rear stays (right)

Ecotenka. Chart: The Evolution Of Bicycles. Home / 100copies. Global Cycle Solutions. Global Cycle Solutions is a social enterprise working to develop and disseminate affordable, quality technology for villagers around the world. Our subsidiary, GCS Tanzania Limited, is building a distribution network of local entrepreneurs who teach, introduce, and sell high-impact technologies to villagers in the most remote of places. As we work deep in the villages with a demand-driven model, we are able to better understand the needs of our customers. List of bicycle types.

Bicycles can be categorized by function, number of riders, gearing, sport, means of propulsion, position of the rider or as here the frame type: This is a type intended for use by females, with a lowered top tube due to consideration for skirts. This list gives an overview of different types of bicycles, categorized by function (racing, recreation, etc.); number of riders (one, two, or more); by construction or frame type (upright, folding, etc.); by gearing (single speed, derailleur gears, etc.); by sport (mountain biking, BMX, triathlon, etc.); by means of propulsion (human-powered, motor-assisted, etc.); and by rider position (upright, recumbent, etc.)

The list also includes miscellaneous types such as pedicabs, rickshaws, and clown bikes. The categories are not mutually exclusive; as such, a bike type may appear in more than one category. By function[edit] The main categories of bicycles in relation to their intended use are: STEPPER BIKE on Behance. RUNGU FAT-TRIKE. SRV.h – Eco Friendly Transportation by Chiu-YenKai. Skippy The Scooty Love the thoughtful SRV .h concept. It is an eco-friendly concept vehicle that is best suited for shopping and mobility. Basically this commuter scooter can transform to a helpful shopping cart via some simple folding steps. Details that include a cradle for storing your phone makes this such an awesome thang. Elegant and functional, this is my scooty of the future! Artikcar small pedal-powered vehicle by Ben Wilson » Decodir. Home » Automotive » Artikcar small pedal-powered vehicle by Ben Wilson Designed by the British artist and designer Ben Wilson in the Art Car Parade organized by the company Walk the Plank to be held in Manchester and Edinburgh, the Artikcar concept is a small pedal-powered vehicle made out of steel tubing, it steers by leaning and uses an innovative technology to illuminate the car.

The design was inspired by the silhouette of wooden toy cars for children. Ben Wilson was one of three artists to be awarded commissioning money to create a mobile work of art, which will join the existing troupe of vehicles. Comments. Lumigrids. Mehr Übersicht im Dunkeln: Lumigrids projiziert ein Gitternetz vors Fahrrad.

Dieser LED Projektor soll die Sicherheit für Radfahrten in der Dunkelheit erhöhen. Auf eine Fläche vor dem Rad wird ein Gitter aus leuchtenden Quadraten projiziert. Der Fahrer soll so im Dunkeln Unebenheiten in der Fahrbahn erkennen und ausmanövrieren. Tretrollerfreunde. Riding the KrankiKobra. Downhill Machine - Longboard Skateboard by Nuno Pereira. Infinite Combo Longboard The Downhill Machine isn’t your conventional longboard. With the adjustability of a race car packed into a skate, the DM was made for speed. Chargeboard. TWOgether Tandem - twogether-tandem.

Off the Grid/Pedal Power on Pinterest. Chargeboard le skate hightech par Bjorn van den Hout. Bygen Hank Direct Drive Folding Bike Removes The Need For A Chain. The very unique Hank Direct Bike folding bike has removed the need for troubles associated with using a chain and uses a direct drive bike pedal mechanism to propel the bike along rather than the age old sprocket chain system.

The bike has been created by Korean manufacturer Bygen and uses levers that transfer power from the pedals to the rear wheel directly. As well as using a very unique way of folding or rather collapsing the bike down for storage and transportation. Pedal Power Design + Build — Human Scale, Multifunction, Pedal Powered Machines. Bicycle Flat Tire Permanent Repair: How to Fix Flat Tire.

Landkarten und Stadtplan Index. Auf sailwx können Sie Schiffe aller Art und Bojen auf den Weltmeeren entdecken. Die Anzeige der Schiffe kann man hier spezifizieren. Landkarten und Stadtplan Index (mit Routenplaner und Luftbildern) - Die Landkarten Suchmaschine. Marbel - The Lightest Electric Skateboard in the World by Marbel.

Smart Skateboard Travels 10 Miles on a Single Charge. Between the embarrassingly awkward Segway and the prohibitively expensive Tesla there now exists a attractive middle ground: the smart skateboard. A number of electric skateboards have cropped up in recent years, but the Marbel delivers on so many different levels it could easily become popular among even those who have never considered riding a skateboard. Controlled by a smartphone app (for both iOS and Android), the Florida-based makers of the tiny vehicle claim that it's the lightest electric skateboard ever at just 9.9 pounds.

Its light yet sturdy form is due in part to the fact that it's constructed using lightweight carbon fiber and Kevlar. The Marbel can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge and can be recharged in just 90 minutes. Find the Best Longboards. It started with a fight... Quick Caps. Insane Russian Attack Bike is Powered by Chainsaw. Other than the fact that it was constructed in Russia, we aren’t entirely sure who’s responsible for this mean-looking chainsaw bike. While it may look like it’s designed for the sole purpose of cutting down everything in its path, the chainsaw’s motor does in fact power the front wheel of the bike.

Tharula Penny-Farthing electric bike concept - Randommization. Tharula electric bike concept from designer Diana Lumbasyo is a straight take on the classic Penny-Farthing bicycle. Albeit, this one is totally electric and designed for the future, i.e. 2025. Self-balanced Unicycle,Single wheel scooter,balanced Unicycle,balancing scooter,solowheel,solo wheel. Blue Sky Design. Four-wheel bike Contes Engineering Athos. Adir zilber: street hopper. HALFBIKE. Tourismus: Helgoland lädt im Oktober zum Tretroller-Marathon. Bicycle Sidecars. Custom made Holz Schutzbleche für Dein Fahrrad. Pro Bike Roma. Connor wood bikes handbuilt in Denver Colorado. Bicycles like the woody 29er scorcher made from steam bent, kevlar reinforced ash wood. A great wood bike! Taiwan's first Red Bull Soapbox Race 2013. MEYER BOARDING COMPANY - Skim, Skate & Surf 100% Handcrafted in USA Since 1985. CroozerBoards.

Bob Burnquist's Floating Skate Ramp in Lake Tahoe. Floating skateboard ramp installed on Lake Tahoe for Bob Burnquist. JRuiter. News et annuaire motos, scooters et vélos electriques - TechVehi. - Shop - It's time to roll! Longboardsshop, Longboard, Kahuna Longboards, Landpaddling, Streetsurfing, Street-Surfing, Land Paddling, Land Paddle, Longboard, SUP, Stand up Paddling, Big Stick. Stand Up And Ride - Embracing Different. World Bicycle Relief - USA. Van Raam. Lastenfahrräder, Cargo Bikes, Transporträder, Lastenräder & Co. Mehr Übersicht im Dunkeln: Lumigrids projiziert ein Gitternetz vors Fahrrad. In Verzeichnis eintragen. Sprungstelzen & Trendsport. Funsportarten, Trendsport & Action Cams im Test › Voiture, vélo, scooter et véhicule électrique ou hybride. Radreise-Wiki. Flexscoot. The worlds first drop through longboard with fully functional kicktail - Brooklyn Workshop.

Augustin Produktentwicklung. Bicycle » Search Results. Oldtimermuseum Altmünster. Oldtimermuseum Altmünster. Envirotech : movilidad sostenible. ENVIROTECH LATAM.