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Graduate Research Enterprises (DBA) by Dr. Craig Barton

This collection offers links to information and ideas (examples) on becoming an independent research consultant.

This collection is a work in progress (WIP) thus you may want to check back in near future as this collection gets populated.

My DBA (doing business as) is called Graduate Research Enterprises

Best of success in your academic endeavors,

Dr. Craig Barton. Graduate Research Enterprises (GRE): Dr. Craig Barton. Craig Barton: Statistical Associates: Editorial Board. (listed alphabetically) Nicholas Allen Assistant Professor Department of Psychology Ohio University USA Micah Altman Director of Research - MIT Libraries Head/Scientist, Program on Information Science Non-Resident Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution USA Craig Barton Research Consultant Higher Education Studies Graduate Research Enterprises (DBA) Walden University USA Shawn M.

Craig Barton: Statistical Associates: Editorial Board

Bergman Associate Professor of Psychology Director, Office of Research Consultation Associate Director, Center for Analytics Research and Education Appalachian State University USA Nate Breznau Postdoctoral Fellow Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences Department of Sociology Germany Max K. Craig Barton (0000-0002-8594-8778) - ORCID. Craig Barton: Craig Barton: ResearchGate. Publication Process. Book Chapter: Management Education for Corporate Social Performance.

Former Doctoral Students of Dr. Craig Barton

Dissertations of Interest (Dr. Craig Barton on committee) Select to expand list. Peer Colleagues with Dr. Craig Barton. Oral Defense Guidelines. Dale Carnegie Golden Book. Building Swift Trust in Online Dialogues. GradResEnt: Gifted Students, MJ Project 2016. Faculty Focus: Articles. Data Mining - Segmentation Modeling Analysis. Faculty Resources. Becoming a consultant. Google: Independent Research Consultants. What Are The Advantages of Using Independent Consultants to Carry Out Research Within a Company?

Research consultancy: taking the plunge? On February 18, SIKS, the Netherlands Research School for Information and Knowledge Systems, organized a career day for Ph.D. students, with the goal of making Ph.D. students think about what are the career opportunities after they finish.

Research consultancy: taking the plunge?

It was a very inspiring day, with many interesting presentations and interactions. I was asked to present my perspective on how to set up and survive as a small (i.e. one-man) research consultancy company. In this post, a quick summary of the points I made in my talk. As an (academic) research consultant, you are a linking pin between science and society. On the one hand, you translate academic ideas into concrete applications, such as projects, tools, systems, and procedures. From PhD to Life: Independent Consulting. Alisa Harrison earned her PhD in history from Duke University.

From PhD to Life: Independent Consulting

She’s principal at A. Harrison Research & Consulting and the executive director of the Victoria (British Columbia) Division of Family Practice. What did you hope for in terms of employment as you completed your PhD? I wanted work that would be intellectually as well as socially/politically engaging; I felt like the combination of research and teaching would give me that, and my research focus did lend itself quite strongly to political/social activism. At the same time, I struggled with the idea of working so hard to publish in places where the audience would be small, so I was always thinking about ways I could bridge the academia/non-academia gap, at least in terms of publishing. How to write your academic CV (and how not to) When writing your academic CV, as with any kind of writing, it’s not just the information you put in.

How to write your academic CV (and how not to)

How you present that information can make the difference between getting a job you love or finding yourself stuck in a job you hate. Home - Independent Marketing Researchers. Higher Ed Insight. Wendy Erisman, Ph.D., owner of Strix Research LLC, specializes in assessing the effectiveness of programs and policies designed to support underserved students in higher education.

Higher Ed Insight

In 14 years of working in higher education, Dr. Erisman has held positions as both a university faculty member and as a policy researcher and program evaluator. She has training and experience in research and evaluation design, strong skills in qualitative research methods, and a solid grounding in the literature on college access and success for low-income, first-generation, and non- traditional students. Dr. Erisman’s current projects include evaluations of Lumina Foundation’s Adult College Completion Initiative and the federal Department of Education project Promoting Reentry Success through Continuity of Educational Opportunities. Chad B. Office of Research Consultation.

The Academic Consultant. Over the past year, I made the decision to begin my own business as a consultant in sport science support and environmental ergonomics.

The Academic Consultant

On top of a booming research lab and a full teaching load, not to mention a growing young family, why would I take on this new venture? Simply put, the excitement of starting a new venture is too much fun to pass up and an excellent opportunity for personal growth. I love being in academia and am nowhere near giving it up. However, the entrepreneurial spirit that I believe lies within all academics made starting a business a relatively natural extension of my growth as a researcher.

Five myths of quant consulting. November/December 2010 Caution before entering: Misconceptions abound in fascinating field.

Five myths of quant consulting

By David Lengacher For a lucky few, the field of quantitative consulting provides the type of catalyst-environment that keeps engineers and operations research analysts continually challenged, perpetually seeking a deeper understanding of the their client’s problems and the governing dynamics that created them. However, quant consulting is not just about analytical skill. In addition to conducting statistical analysis, building spreadsheet models and formulating linear programs, “quant-sultants” need to develop soft skills as well, yet many quants believe that solutions sell themselves. The Art of the Elevator Pitch: Chris Westfall. Salary. If you're not careful in how you approach your employer, you risk humiliating yourself, pointing out your flaws and even throwing co-workers under the bus unintentionally.


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Zoom Conference Calls: Webinars (Pricing)

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FedEx. Avery: Label Templates. Go Go: On Plane Internet Access.

Adjunct World Resources

Best Screencasting Tools and Apps for Windows PC and Mac OS X. When it comes to showing others what you’re up to on your Windows or Mac computer, taking and sending screenshots is one route you can go.

Best Screencasting Tools and Apps for Windows PC and Mac OS X

However, there are a multitude of feature-filled programs out there that do a much better job in this area. Using screencasting tools can be a great way to create comprehensive video tutorials, demonstrate how to use software and/or specific features, as well as live stream and share content. Most run relatively quickly, flawlessly recording whatever audio and video plays through your speakers and shows up on your monitor’s screen, respectively. Plus, they also offer additional functions that allow you to edit, transcribe, and export the video you broadcast as FLV, AVI, MOV, and other file types. Here’s our selection of the best screencasting and recording tools available for Windows, Mac OS X.

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