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10 Terrific Covers of Rap Songs (And 10 We Want to See Happen) :: Blogs ::... There are million YouTube videos of people covering rap, hip-hop and R&B songs, and it can be overwhelming to sift through them all—so we’ve done it for you. Here are 10 songs that you should hear. 10. “Umbrella” (Rihanna ft. Jay-Z) – Mandy Moore This was one of two songs on this list that came about thanks to Billboard’s Monday Mashup series. 9. 8. 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. While these covers are amazing, there are some songs that we’d love to see certain musicians cover.

Songwriting Exercises - Handout Songwriting Exercises by Joel Mabus Scaffolding Stuck? Try this exercise: A) Take some song you like — any song at all from any era, any style — just so long as it is familiar to you. B) Write a new lyric to that song. C) Take that new lyric and write completely new music to it. D) Edit. (Or you could do A-C-B-D — write the new music to the “scaffold” song and then write a new lyric.) What remains is a new song with only a hint of the “ghost” song that acted as a scaffold for the process. Listmaking Out of ideas? A list could become a song (remember “My Favorite Things” or Tom T Hall’s “I Love...”) or could be a starting pad for an essay song, enumerating facts or feelings. Focused Imaging Similar to listmaking, but more purposeful, is putting your imagination to work in creating a scene, place or mood. Imagine a perfect day in your childhood – or the day your childhood sweetheart left you. Out-of-context Images Brain dead? Do this a few times and you start to see language in a new light. Journal

NashvilleEar - Tracking : Resources and Information Look here for articles on applied recording techniques and mic placement. It all starts here! Acoustic Guitar Tracking the acoustic guitar is a huge subject, because so much contributes to the final sound—player, instrument, room acoustics, mic choice and placement, effects, and more. Here are some timeless articles with solid advice to get you started on developing your own acoustic recording toolbox. Electric Guitar The electric guitar is the central sound of rock music, and has influenced everything from blues and country to electronica. Bass Recording the bass can be as straightforward as a simple DI to the console or as complex as multiple mics on an acoustic bass fiddle or giant amp stack. Other Guitars The archtop, the dobro, the parlor guitar, the pedal steel—scary to the newcomer, each with its own challenges. Drums & Percussion Miking drums is an art form. Vocals The human voice is the most recognizable sound to the human brain. Horns & Woodwinds Piano Strings Psychology & Coaching

Songwriters Resource Network: Music publishing & songwriting tips to help songwriters succeed in the music business. Music-industry news and how-to articles on song writing for songwriters, lyricists, music composers, music publishers and music produ - St Every BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix from 1993 - 2011 & PB&J | Electronic... The original “Every Essential Mix” set was taken down from soundcloud a few days ago. However, we were able to come across an alternative set, which has 886 of the essential mixes instead of 919. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you are unable to find the exact one you’re looking for, we promise there will be another amongst this archive you will love. So, here I am cruising along through SoundCloud when I happen upon this 919 karat Diamond in the Rough. Compliments of

Songs So Bass-y, So Loud They'll Destroy My Subwoofers I am a 34-year-old college sophomore Requested by too old to be a college student · Compiled by bumbee …and I’m a 28-year-old senior. 01. Songs Telling Awesome Stories Requested by Ryan Bushby · Compiled by Storyteller 01. Celebration Requested by Carl Dwyer · Compiled by catholicboy Celebration means black music (at least to me), so this is basically a wonderful excuse to put together some rhythm and blues, gospel, country blues, jazz, and hip-hop, not to mention as many versions of my favorite spiritual I could think of and three vocal performances by the one and only Mavis Staples. 01. I am not a witch. Requested by christine o' donnell · Compiled by bridgealidget There really aren’t enough songs about drunk ladybugs who oppose -tions (abortion, evolution, and masturbation) who love the Lord. 01. Nobody gets less laid than me Requested by Seriously · Compiled by I might get laid less than you This mix starts off kinda bawdy, then turns soft, and finally ends with a sob. 01. 01. 01. 01. 01.

3 Must-Read Articles on Writing a Band Bio or Press Release April 6, 2012 Critics, bookers, and bloggers don’t have the time to listen to every CD or MP3 they receive. Sometimes your music only gets to speak for itself AFTER you’ve spoken on its behalf. Well, over the past few months our pals at the Echoes Blog have posted some informative articles on the art of crafting your artist bio, press kit materials, and press releases. Press Kit Fundamentals- How to Write a Compelling Artist Bio Press Kit Fundamentals- More Band Bio Writing Tips Press Kit Fundamentals- Press Release Writing Tips Chris Robley's Author Bio