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Welcome | RoyalRoadL Hi there! I am Daniel Rusznyak (known as Kanadaj on the site), student of the University of Aberdeen, one of the developers and administrators of Royal Road Legends. We at Royal Road Legends are constantly striving to improve our service. Such a research requires me to explicitly ask for your permission to use your data. Your personal data will be secure and will not be given away or sold to third parties; however, I may disclose anonymous summary and aggregate information as necessary for the research. You may change your decision any time using the button in the page's footer or, if you are logged in, on your account options page. For any questions you have, you may contact me via my email address (, or find me on the site's official Discord chat. Please read the statements below and tick the final box to confirm you have read and understood the statements and upon doing so agree to participate in the project.

Writing a Synopsis for Your Novel: A Scary But Useful Exercise | Holly Robinson I've been writing fiction for a long time. As in, forever. I was one of those kids who read novels inside my regular textbooks in school, and by college I was sending stories to magazines. Despite deciding to become a doctor and majoring in biology, I kept writing, until finally I chucked all other career plans and said those startling words aloud: "I want to be a writer." More specifically, "I want to write a novel." Many years later -- after two marriages, five children, two cross-country moves, trekking the Himalaya, and forging a career as a freelance writer -- I finally sold a memoir to Random House. Two weeks later, my agent sold one of my novels to New American Library/Penguin. Why not? And then, one day, the inevitable happened: My editor at NAL, who I adore, asked for a synopsis of my next novel, so they could decide whether or not they wanted to look at the first three chapters and consider buying it. What is a synopsis, anyway? Wrong. And guess what? Um, no. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Jouve - Jouve coffscoastteachmeet.wikispaces Get your brand new Wikispaces Classroom now and do "back to school" in style. guest Join | Help | Sign In Coffs Coast TeachMeet Home guest| Join | Help | Sign In Turn off "Getting Started" Loading... Free shipping worldwide on all books from The Book Depository Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answer Trivia How Colors Influence People: The Psychology Of Color In Business Marketing "Color has long been understood to be something which appeals greatly to our visual senses, and it is frequently a tool utilized in marketing. Countless studies have found that particular colors have their own effects on consumers, with some colors stimulating areas of the brain in ways which will either promote excitement or tranquility. In this manner, corporations and popular businesses and brands can easily target their market simply by picking the right combination of colors to visualize their marketing campaign, logo, content and website. How are you incorporating color into your website design?" Take a look at the below infographic and learn how colors influence people.Click image to enlarge. Ultimately, the use of color in marketing and business can be fine tuned dependent on one's need. Courtesy of: homestead.

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NetGalley delivers advance reading copies, or ARCs, to professional readers and helps promote new and upcoming titles. A useful reader’s advisory tool with a goal to ultimately assist in collection development. by evaldes Mar 29