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Songwriting Tips & Tools

Songwriting Tips & Tools

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Amplified Musician 3 Must-Read Articles on Writing a Band Bio or Press Release April 6, 2012 Critics, bookers, and bloggers don’t have the time to listen to every CD or MP3 they receive. Sometimes your music only gets to speak for itself AFTER you’ve spoken on its behalf. How do you do that effectively? Well, over the past few months our pals at the Echoes Blog have posted some informative articles on the art of crafting your artist bio, press kit materials, and press releases. Press Kit Fundamentals- How to Write a Compelling Artist Bio Press Kit Fundamentals- More Band Bio Writing Tips Press Kit Fundamentals- Press Release Writing Tips Chris Robley's Author Bio

Paul Epworth Career[edit] Lomax[edit] Remixing[edit] Production and Writing[edit] In February 2010 Epworth won both the Brit Award and the Music Producers' Guild Award for Producer Of The Year and also won Music Week's Producer of the Year Award in April. In 2012, Epworth will be producing the debut album of Azealia Banks.[3][needs update] Discography[edit] Singles (as Phones)[edit] 2006 "Sharpen the Knives / Worryin" Singles (as Epic Man)[edit] Production and Writing[edit] Remixes[edit] Awards with Adele[edit] Academy Awards[edit] Billboard Music Awards[edit] BMI London Awards[edit] BMI Pop Awards[edit] Brits Awards[edit] BT Digital Music Awards[edit] Critics' Choice Movie Awards[edit] Golden Globes Awards[edit] Grammy Awards[edit] Houston Film Critics Society[edit] Ivor Novello Awards[edit] Las Vegas Film Critics Society[edit] MTV Europe Music Awards[edit] MTV's Song of the Year[edit] MTV Video Music Awards[edit] People's Choice Awards[edit] Phoenix Film Critics Society[edit] Q Awards[edit] Satellite Awards[edit]

Where Will You Find Your Next Favorite Band? hide captionCould Austin's Quiet Company break big in 2012? If beards are a metric for success, it's a shoo-in. Leah Muse Could Austin's Quiet Company break big in 2012? If beards are a metric for success, it's a shoo-in. With the Internet, is any artist really "local" these days? But make no mistake: A level playing field means an ungodly signal-to-noise ratio, and if anyone can be heard anywhere, then you'd best believe everyone is trying at once. Those seeking the elusive Next Big Thing would be wise to look for the bands that have made something of themselves in the cities that spawned them.

My Album is Finished– Now What? Ten cardboard boxes arrive in the mail containing a thousand shrink-wrapped CDs. You’re feeling pretty proud. All those precious hours writing, practicing, scrimping & saving, recording… All for NOTHING!!! … unless, of course, you can get other folks to take an interest in your music and actually LISTEN. The DIY Musician’s Post-Recording Checklist When your album is finished, your work is only half done; and oftentimes, that first half is the easy part. Radio promotion, PR, booking, web maintenance, and all the other “business” elements of a music career generally don’t come naturally to artists. So, here goes: 1) Make sure you have 3 or 4 great band/artist photos- Promotion goes in waves, and it’ll help “keeps things fresh” to have a few options in the band photo department. Then 3-6 months later when the initial buzz from your release wears off, you can update your site with the next batch of photos (perhaps from a different location, with different outfits, different vibe, etc.).