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Customize. Make it your own. Give your audience the news they want, when they want it -- and in their language. Define the frequency and update times for your news site, the topic sections that should be covered and in the language that speaks to your audience! Then add a little pizzazz to your paper with a custom color and font scheme and upload a background image to finish it off. Looking for even more control?

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The Leanpub Manual About The Leanpub Manual Welcome to The Leanpub Manual! It exists as a website and as a free ebook. We’re going to try to make it comprehensive but keep it intuitive. If you’re looking for an answer to a question, just try searching the manual! You can also look for answers by scrolling through the (huge) Table of Contents. 25 Best Online Tools to Create Your Own Infographics Today’s article is dedicated to all those users who’s looking for some of the best Online tools to Create Infographics. So must try this opinion piece covered by us. We all know that visual representation speaks more than words written on paper and slideshow. The reason, is that it’s very easy to convey knowledge and engage its viewers. And due to which these Infographic things are very popular among users and creating lots of heat. I’m a blogger and know its importance in today life.

# Start Your Web 3.0 Journey Today Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast) We all have heard about transition from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 technology. We are often told by tech gurus that currently we are experiencing Web 2.0 and future is about Web 3.0! But have you ever wondered what all these versions mean and how does it affect the way you use and interact with internet? Let’s have a quick look at version history and features so far. Web 1.0 was “Read-only” web where information was created by website owner and users were just able to browse and read the content.Web 2.0 is “Read-Write Web”, Here the content is created by everyone.

Reading and Writing in College 1.1 Reading and Writing in College Learning Objectives Understand the expectations for reading and writing assignments in college courses. Understand and apply general strategies to complete college-level reading assignments efficiently and effectively. Recognize specific types of writing assignments frequently included in college courses. replaceface No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. Bangers and mash! Bubbles and squeak! Smoked eel pie! # 9 content curation tools that better organise the web > von 2011 Content curation is a huge deal on the web today. As content on the web grows exponentially, our ability to make sense of it is inversely proportional. In other words, we are fast sinking under the sheer amount of content pouring onto the web every day.

How to Write an Ebook Fast (within 3 Days) – That Sells Fast (Get Sales within a Week) Recently, hosted its first ebook writing and publishing tournament. I hosted this tournament because I’ve written almost 20 ebooks to date, and people were always asking me how I manage to publish so many. So, to prove how relatively easy it was to write an ebook fast, I thought, “Hmm, why not have a public forum where I show wanna-be ebook writers that it can be done.” Hence, the tournament was a challenge for participants to write an ebook in 3 days, put together a marketing plan and start logging sales within a week. Resource Center - Insights and case studies on Content Curation and Lean Content Marketing Actionable, data-driven and practical resources. Inspiring case studies. Welcome to the resource center. Case Studies How the University of San Francisco cracked user-generated content for Content Marketing

# iFlow > vielseitig? ausprobieren, aber "2009-12" The most powerful way to discover, create, curate and follow flows on any topic. Unlike social streams, we’re all about topics you care about iFlow is all about delivering the content that matters to you right now, rather than just following the crowd. At the heart of iFlow are topic-based streams called flows that allow you to stay connected with the topics you care about on an ongoing basis. Discover what matters now newlifeforoldbuildings The new AHF Projects and Development Officer North, Gordon Barr, introduces himself… I’m delighted to be joining the AHF, although I’ve had a rather odd career path getting here – I studied chemistry, accidentally became a computer programmerfor the pharmaceutical industry for seven years, and have been involved in commissioning public art works as well. So what on earth qualifies me when it comes to historic buildings? An interest in the buildings around me was awakened when I was a student, walking past an old boarded-up bingo hall that I’d never given a second glance to. By now it was in the process of being demolished and the end wall had been pulled down, letting me see inside for the first time.

How I made Scrivener and LeanPub work together Home > Technology & Tools > How I made Scrivener and LeanPub work together One of the requirements for LeanPub is that you use Markdown to format your scripts. Well, to keep myself organized without having to worry about multiple folders and files, I use Scrivener and that stores stuff in RTF.