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Tech Tools for LIS Students {Starter Kit} My MLIS program has a strong commitment to encouraging students to use various online and computer-based presentation/communication tools in class projects. We use a number of different programs in addition to the course management system on campus (Desire2Learn, which is like Blackboard and Moodle). This immersion in the wide range of tech tools allows us to build our toolkits for future use and to familiarize us with the constant learning necessary for keeping up-to-date on technology. While sometimes suggest particular programs to use, a lot of the time, students share with each other the various tools they’ve found. As a result, I’ve been fortunate to hear about a lot of free, online programs to use for various reasons. I’d like to share these tools and encourage others to post in the comments about other cool tools they’ve used or heard about! Disclaimer: Listing of sites in this post does not constitute official Hack Library School endorsement of the sites and their services.

Copyright Information Center Copyright Advisory Office Information Behavior in Everyday Contexts Spotlight How people are applying LIMB: The LIMB model suggests “factors we can take into account in community assessment activities” (The National Network of Libraries of Medicine (NN/LM) Outreach Evaluation Resource Center (OERC) Blog, July 18, 2008). Our latest LIMB publication: Abrahamson, J.A., Fisher, K.E., Turner, A.G., Durrance, J.C., & Turner, T.C. (2008). Lay information mediary behavior uncovered: exploring how nonprofessionals seek health information for themselves and others online. Journal of the Medical Library Association, 2008 96(4), 310-323. Researching LIMB regarding the public's use of computers and the Internet in public libraries is a major focus of our most current work, the U.S. Thank you to our LIMB research funders: What is lay information mediary behavior (LIMB) Have you ever sought information on behalf or because of another person? Has anyone ever sought information for you? What difference did it make — for you? — for others? Other LIMB stakeholders include:

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