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Media Work Experience

Media Work Experience

scicommjobs – science communication jobs | For *some* of your science communication jobs needs ;) CIDA We are legion We have 12,000 creative and cultural organisations, artists and creative entrepreneurs on our books. Small organisation – pretty large bite! Cr8net Cr8net is our market leading creative industries conference which is in its third year. Neoponic Neoponic is super augmented incubation for new/micro creative businesses, incubation+ if you like. 10 creative organisations in a bright, spacious open plan office and oodles of free support from us. Gotta love the clients right Our clients are entrepreneurs in need of inspiration, artists in need of a business inoculation, micro businesses in need of focus, freelancers trying to pick a market that sets them apart, musicians working in shoe shops, unemployed teens with dreams of a creative career,. Stuff we get up to Jobs 14Apr Jewellery Photographer 0 Comments Secretsales is looking for a talented Photographer, specialising in Jewellery, to join our growing studio team. Junior Photographer Oh and by the way.. It’s our house and we live here!

News « a-n The Artists Information Company Stuff that occurs to me: Where London science communicators might work by @JoBrodie, Updated 28 December 2013 - sections marked in orange have been checked, others haven't. Shortened link for this post is How you can help... 1. Suggest an organisation that I've missed, or a category, or a resource - jo dot brodie at gmail dot com 2. 3. Know of a scientific organisation I’ve missed? Let me know! Need to hear about jobs? Here's how I've ordered the list of vacancies pages 00. 40. Key Organisation name and homepage linked on the left • term used on website for jobs on the right It occurred to me that there really should be a category to highlight the importance of this, although obviously I can't actually put anything in it... 10. 26. Catherine De Lange of Naturejobs is collating (as of December 2012) information on internships. 90c. 90d. You could also investigate the learned societies many of which have their own journals or members' magazines, and there are plenty of scientific and medical journals around too. 150.

tinytechjobs. Nanotechnology, microtechnology, MEMS, RF, fuel cell, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical, engineering, physics, materials science jobs. Careers - Work Experience UX Design trainee scheme - now closed - Careers