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Top 10 Android Business Apps Gartner analysts predict that Android will become the world’s second most popular smartphone platform by 2012, topping all platforms but Symbian. So as Android grows, so does the importance of the Android Marketplace. Apps are what smartphones are all about and there are numerous applications available in Android Market. That includes social networking, fitness, entertainment, games, communication, lifestyle, news, media and more. Out of which I have selected some best free useful android applications for business community. 1. If you have been using laptop/PC to manage your files and documents, you can very well do it on your own Android powered smart phone. Features :- [Download] 2. A simple widget which works for both scheduling your events and reminding you of events. Exclude weekdays you want.Different colors.Choose event from calendar.Use as calendar-widget (show today’s date). [Download] 3. [Download] 4. [Download] 5. [Download] 6. Meet Up comes with easy to use and manage GUI. 7. 8.

notesforlater Days Left Widget for Android Check out my latest game Escape from Space for all Jelly Bean (and onwards) devices! Did you ever forget an important date? Do you want to count down the days until a game or gadget release? Did you ever forget your moms or girlfriends birthday? Help yourself with this shiny new little widget for your home-screen. If you want to customize the widget you can choose between several colors and overlays to combine them into your own designed day counter! All of that - for free. BUT, if you like the Widget please let others know by giving a rating! - This is a homescreen widget THUS IT IS NOT meant for INSTALL ON SD according to google - Apps2SD will not be enabled in this application, i am sorry. - You didn't find a way to start this App? This is a Widget for your home screen - you can add it by long pressing your homescreen -> than go to "Widgets" -> and than "Days Left" FIX FOR not updating anymore bug!

Evernote beta 5 Internet Hardware Gamers Apple Linux Sécurité Internet Hardware Gamers Apple Linux Sécurité Internet Hardware Gamers Apple Linux Sécurité Internet Hardware Gamers Apple Linux Sécurité Cinema Musique Football Gastronomie Auto Sciences - StatusTweak Personnalisation de la Status Bar - Gameloft annonce Modern Combat 3 - Sondage Pourriez vous succomber à Minecraft - RapidContact Envoyer un message ou passer un appel rapidement - SMS Amélioration des l application native des messages - Jeux Modern Combat 3 pour cet automne Trailer - Twitter, plus rapide que les tremblements de terre - Le marché des téléphones mobiles au T02 2011 - Les bons plans App Store du jour CineCam, Metal Slug Touch, Demolition Master HD, - Que fait un troll lorsqu il n est pas devant son PC - Ode à Steve Jobs - Article de vieux Geek, en mon temps c'etait pas comme ca - Installez Windows Phone Mango version finale sur HTC HD2 - Le trésor de guerre d'Apple - L Apple Store Carré Sénart ouvre ses portes + d'articles Nomade français

Arcus Dictionary *** Please note that this app has been superseded by "Arcus Dictionary Pro", please consider downloading the ad-supported or paid pro version *** Arcus Dictionary is a fast offline English dictionary with 165000+ words, definitions and synonyms. A 6.2MB download gives you access to everything without requiring network access after install. It is designed to be easy to use and give you the top and most common results for your query. The dictionary also supports pronunciations for definitions, a favourites feature, word hyperlinking, sharing and customisation options. If you have any questions, suggestions or feature requests please email me using the contact option in the Android Market. WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Saving data files to the sd card tags: off-line, offline, english dictionary, thesarus Recent changes:1.7.1 Fix crash when adding favourite after backing up. 1.7.0 Added a backup feature and ads. If you don't want them, do not update.

Emailing Into Evernote Just Got Better Blogcast Evernote Posted by Andrew Sinkov on 16 Mar 2010 Comment One of the many ways to get stuff into your Evernote account is by sending notes to your personal Evernote email address. How it works First, find your Evernote incoming email address. Next, try emailing something into Evernote. Use @ for notebooks: Use an @ symbol followed by the name of your destination notebookUse # for tags: Use a # symbol followed by the tag or tags you wish to assign. For example, Subject: Trip to Florida @travel #expense report Would create a note titled Trip to Florida in my travel notebook, tagged with expense report. Notes on this feature This functionality only works for existing notebooks and tagsAt this time, you cannot create new notebooks or tags with this featureIn the subject line, always put the note title first, then add any notebooks or tagsThis feature will not work for notebook names that contain an ‘@’ or a ‘#’, and it will not work for tags that contain a ‘#’ in their name. Resetting your email address

Task List - ToDo List This effective to-do list lets you keep track of everything you need to do. Organize tasks in your own to-do lists and assign icons to both tasks and lists. Task List have basic producteev sync, widgets, task reminders, 160 icons, repeating tasks, speech to text, backup/restore, search, ordering tasks by drag&drop and much more. Task List is a very customizable to-do list with lots of settings. Task List have ads and the sync is limted to one list only. Recent changes:- Small makeover.- More robust sync - check FAQ for instructions.- Autosave now works when pressing back key.- 12:00 AM shown as 0:00 AM fixed.- Smaller app size.

Evernote et GTD (1) : Paramétrer Evernote Ce billet est une première traduction adaptée librement à partir de l'excellente série de posts publiés par Fokke Kooistra. Source originale de référence : Evernote and GTD: Setting up Evernote Je réfléchis depuis un moment sur l'utilisation et le paramétrage d'Evernote pour la GTD. Ayant presque terminé mon projet de création d'entreprise, je vais pouvoir démarrer par la façon d'utiliser au mieux Evernote en suivant la méthode Getting Things Done pour organiser mon boulot. Ce premier billet traitera du paramétrage d'EverNote. Dans les billets suivants, je traiterai des différents clients disponibles pour le bureau et les téléphones mobiles. Si vous avez créé votre compte gratuit, vous pouvez y aller. Mais si vous êtes un utilisateur accro, vous pourrez à tout moment opter pour l'option payante premium de 5 dollars par mois. Pour avancer, tout ce que vous devez faire est de créer un ensemble de carnets "notebooks". OpenKitchen est un exemple de notebook public.