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Open Archives Initiative

Open Archives Initiative
Standards for Web Content Interoperability The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. OAI has its roots in the open access and institutional repository movements. Continued support of this work remains a cornerstone of the Open Archives program. Over time, however, the work of OAI has expanded to promote broad access to digital resources for eScholarship, eLearning, and eScience.

Chrome 26 Beta: Template Element & Unprefixed CSS Transitions Today’s Chrome Beta channel release includes a slew of awesome new features to help you make your web apps more powerful and beautiful. Unless otherwise noted, all updates apply to Chrome for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The <template> element is part of Web Components , a set of cutting edge standards that will make it possible to build reusable widgets for the web. The element allows you to store HTML fragments that you intend to use for any reason at any time during the lifetime of your page, but that aren’t ready or shouldn’t be used during page load. Here’s an illustrative code snippet from the HTML5 Rocks article : CSS Transitions allow CSS property changes to occur smoothly rather than abruptly, as in this demo .

DHQ: Digital Humanities Quarterly: Fall 2010 Articles Computational Stylistic Analysis of Popular Songs of Japanese Female Singer-songwritersTakafumi Suzuki, Toyo University; Mai Hosoya, Tokyo University This study analyzes popular songs composed by Japanese female singer-songwriters. Popular songs are a good representation of modern culture and society. Songs by female singer-songwriters account for a large portion of the current Japanese hit charts and particularly play an important role in understanding the Japanese language and communication style. In this study, we applied new methods of computational stylistics to the lyrics of the songs.

The Online Books Page: Archives and Indexes General -- Non-English Language -- Specialty There's a vast range of online literature beyond what we index individually on The Online Books Page. Below we list some of the major sources and indexes of free online texts, in all languages, both general and specialized. Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting The protocol is usually just referred to as the OAI Protocol. OAI-PMH uses XML over HTTP. Version is 2.0 was updated in 2008. History[edit] In the late 1990s, Herbert Van de Sompel (Ghent University) was working with researchers and librarians at Los Alamos National Laboratory (US) and called a meeting to address difficulties related to interoperability issues of e-print servers and digital repositories.

FREE Photo Collages FREE Digital Photo Editing This site shows photo editing tools that are fun and easy to use. Free web based photo editors, fun photo editors, photo tools like Photoshop Express, Ribbet, PicMonkey, Citrify and more... Photofunia Style Photo EditorsPhotofunia offers high quality photo editing for free. 301 Redirect - How to create Redirects - htaccess redirect 301 Redirect 301 redirect is the most efficient and Search Engine Friendly method for webpage redirection. It's not that hard to implement and it should preserve your search engine rankings for that particular page. If you have to change file names or move pages around, it's the safest option. Visualizing what is happening Going through an older post in the MoM’s blog referring to Walter’s Ong book “Orality and Literacy”, I discovered a term referring to a new “hybrid form” of culture that has spread on the internet: The Secondary Orality. The term is emphasizing the “re-emergence of an oral type of discourse within literate cultures which is fostering a communal sense and is mostly concentrated on the present moment”. In that sense, platforms of mediated communication, and in particular Twitter, are combining the narrative structure of oral discoursive forms that tend to highlight and enhance the memorability of a discourse, with certain characteristics and cognitive processes that evolved with the written discourse . I found the term Secondary Orality an interesting source of inspiration when trying to understand and evaluate discussions on Twitter. Twitter as a source of data Three years ago, Twitter engaged participants by asking them “what are you doing now”.

Biomedical Web, Collections And Meta-analysis Literature Applications 1. Introduction Cause and effect of the digital revolution is the production of a lot and different kinds of web tools, applications and resources that permit optimization the retrieve, management and analysis of biomedical bibliography.

"The Open Archives Initiative develops and promotes interoperability standards that aim to facilitate the efficient dissemination of content. The Open Archives Initiative has its roots in an effort to enhance access to e-print archives as a means of increasing the availability of scholarly communication" by macopa May 23

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