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Get great advice.

Get great advice.

7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts Pinterest has demonstrated its traffic-driving ability in a big way. As a lifestyle blogger, I have seen huge traffic from Pinterest in the past six months. I have had multiple posts go “viral,” each receiving anywhere from 1,000 to 35,000-plus pins. Affordable Online Mailbox Step 1: Select a plan .. Next Step -> Select an Address Frequently Asked Questions 10 Things Entrepreneurs Don’t Learn in College Editor’s note: James Altucher is an investor, programmer, author, and entrepreneur. He is Managing Director of Formula Capital and has written 6 books on investing. His latest book is I Was Blind But Now I See. You can follow him@jaltucher. I’ve written before on 10 reasons Parents Should Not Send Their Kids to College and here is also Eight Alternatives to College but it’s occurred to me that the place where college has really hurt me the most was when it came to the real world, real life, how to make money, how to build a business, and then even how to survive when trying to build my business, sell it, and be happy afterwards. Here are the ten things that if I had learned them in college I probably would’ve saved/made millions of extra dollars, not wasted years of my life, and maybe would’ve even saved lives because I would’ve been so smart I would’ve been like an X-Man.

Donor Relations - Nonprofit Literature Blog Your nonprofit seems to have trouble retaining its donors. What can be the problem? Janet L. Hedrick’s new book, Effective Donor Relations, might be able to provide some answers. Perhaps your nonprofit needs to think more carefully about acknowledging gifts, recognizing donors, and improving stewardship practices: -How long does it take for your nonprofit to mail a written acknowledgement?

Union Square » Coworking Space in San Francisco NextSpace Union Square (NsSF) offers a range of coworking alternatives in the heart of San Francisco, from private office spaces to dedicated workstations, shared offices and flexible cafe seating. Located above the Powell transit station at the intersection of 5th and Market Streets, NextSpace Union Square offers a convenient coworking solution for freelancers, remote workers, independent professionals, and digital nomads seeking the energy and accessibility of a downtown shared office address. Floor to ceiling windows overlooking the historic cable car turnaround keep NsUS a bright, lively, and highly productive coworking space. The NsUS coworking community is a melting pot of members representing the startup scene, B2B services, digital advertising, technology and software development, and engineering, to name a few. Check out our Yelp reviews!

Foreign Office Architects - Yokohama International Port Terminal Photo: arcspace The brief of the Yokohama International Port Terminal asked for the articulation of a passenger cruise terminal and a mix of civic facilities for the use of citizens in one building. The site had a pivotal role along the city's water front that, if declared a public space, would present Yokohama City with a continuous structure of open public spaces along the waterfront. Our proposal for the project start by declaring the site as an open public space and proposes to have the roof of the building as an open plaza, continuous with the surface of Yamashita Park as well as Akaranega Park.

Small Business Software Demo Discover how Infusionsoft's sales and marketing software helps small businesses just like yours. Infusionsoft is the only sales and marketing software built exclusively for small business. Whether your storefront is online, on Main Street, or a service that’s on the go, Infusionsoft can help. Use Infusionsoft to map out each step of your sales and marketing strategy and automate repetitive tasks like follow-up. The Gumroad Blog It’s our ever-evolving goal at Gumroad to make buying and selling as seamless as possible. Creators should create. Simply. Type Tuesdays: Mallory Our weekly look at a favorite new typeface. Share yours with us on Twitter and Instagram @AIGAdesign with #TypeTuesday. Designer: Tobias Frere-JonesFoundry: Frere-Jones TypeRelease Date: December 1, 2015