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24 People Share Their Funny, Weird, And Wholesome Interactions With Waiters And Bartenders. As with any job, servers don't just become good.

24 People Share Their Funny, Weird, And Wholesome Interactions With Waiters And Bartenders

To develop their skills, they need on-the-job training. "If you have to choose between spending money on a bartending course and making money working a shift as a bar-back or a cocktail server, choose to work," Lynnette Marrero, a bartender, mixologist, and a co-founder of the world's first all-female speed bartending competition, 'Speed Rack, told Cosmopolitan. That being said, certain classes, like the Beverage Alcohol Resource (a well-respected accreditation that teaches you all about spirits), are valuable. But they still aren't the same as real-life practice. Even though servers aren't athletes, injuries like tennis elbow, tendinitis, and carpal tunnel are all fairly common in bartenders, thanks to mixing heavy shakers above your head all night.

The week's good news: June 24, 2021. Bartender's fake receipt saves women from being hit on by 'creep' A Florida bartender saved two women from being hit on by a creepy customer by passing them a note disguised as a receipt — and went viral online for the quick-thinking move.

Bartender's fake receipt saves women from being hit on by 'creep'

The St. Petersburg drink-slinger, Max Gutierrez, shot to internet fame last week, when a woman named Trinity Allie shared on Twitter how he helped her and a friend fend off the unwanted pick-up artist. When the other customer repeatedly hit on the women, the Hawaiian shirt-wearing barkeep handed Allie a note that looked like a receipt, but read: “If this guy is bothering you, put your ponytail on your other shoulder, and I will have him removed.

Woman Gives Bridesmaids 'Transparency Letters' So That They Know What Is Expected From Them Before Even Agreeing To Becoming One. Getting married is a big step in a person’s life as you’re tying your future to one person and hoping that they are the right one.

Woman Gives Bridesmaids 'Transparency Letters' So That They Know What Is Expected From Them Before Even Agreeing To Becoming One

The wedding is also usually a big hassle and you would like for everything to be exactly perfect, just like you envisioned it. Taylor Swift Sends a Sweet Gift to a Nurse Working on the Frontline. Taylor Swift sent a personal gift to a Georgia nurse working on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic.Swift surprised Britta Thomason with a package stuffed with merchandise, alongside a heartfelt, handwritten note.

Taylor Swift Sends a Sweet Gift to a Nurse Working on the Frontline

"I wanted to write to you and personally thank you for serving on the front lines of this pandemic and for being brave enough to put yourself in danger to help others," Swift wrote. Well, this is lovely: Taylor Swift surprised a nurse working on the COVID-19 frontline with a personal parcel of gifts, including a handwritten note thanking her for her work throughout the pandemic. Georgia flight nurse Britta Thomason shared photos of the sweet gift on Facebook earlier this week, writing, "I'll be crying the rest of the day. " In a recent interview with Georgia newspaper The Telegraph, Thomason spoke about her nursing career, which she called "the most rewarding thing in the world.

" Asked what she enjoyed doing outside of work, she responded, "I love Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift Donates $50,000 To Family Who Lost Their Father To COVID. If You're Feeling Down, These 50 Wholesome Pics Might Lift You Up (New Pics) The year 2020 has been one hell of a ride.

If You're Feeling Down, These 50 Wholesome Pics Might Lift You Up (New Pics)

And although things are finally going for the better, many people still find themselves struggling to cope with uncertainty about the future, prolonged effects of quarantine, and low spirits in times of worldwide health crisis. A batch of positive news, like this post, has likely done the job and lifted our spirits, but finding inner peace in your mind takes much more than that. Man leaves €2m to French village that hid his family from Nazis. An Austrian man who fled the Nazis with his family during the second world war has bequeathed a large part of his fortune to the French village whose residents hid them from persecution for years.

Man leaves €2m to French village that hid his family from Nazis

Eric Schwam, who died aged 90 on 25 December, wrote the surprise gift into his will for Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, located on a remote mountain plateau in south-east France that historically has a large Protestant community known for offering shelter to those in need. “It’s a large amount for the village,” the mayor, Jean-Michel Eyraud, said. He declined to specify the amount since the will was still being sorted out, but his predecessor, who told a local website that she met Schwam and his wife twice to discuss the gift, said it was about €2m (£1.8m). Schwam and his family arrived in 1943 and were hidden in a school for the duration of the war, and remained until 1950. He later studied pharmacy and married a Catholic woman from the region.

Mom Praised By 65k People On Facebook For Encouraging Her Sons To See Past Menstruation Taboo. Let’s face it: some topics are a little bit more embarrassing than others to discuss, but perhaps becoming slightly more compliant, being understanding and open-minded would make all the difference.

Mom Praised By 65k People On Facebook For Encouraging Her Sons To See Past Menstruation Taboo

But what if, as normal as it is, the topic is tight with stigmas and taboos all around the world? This mother has decided to give it a try and challenge the public so that her kids can develop healthy social habits as they grow. And she did it in the most natural way: nonchalantly suggesting that perhaps it would be a good idea for her sons to carry tampons in their backpacks, and as any modern parent would—she shared it with the whole internet.

Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020. A collection of bright pink seesaws that allowed people to interact over the US-Mexico border has won the prestigious Design of the Year award, with its creators saying they hoped the work encourages people to build bridges between communities.

Pink seesaws across US-Mexico border named Design of the Year 2020

The Teeter Totter Wall, which bridged across El Paso in Texas and Ciudad Juárez in Mexico during a 40-minute session, was described as not only feeling “symbolically important” but also highlighting “the possibility of things” by the judging panel. The creators of the seesaws, Ronald Rael, a professor of architecture at the University of California, Berkeley, and Virginia San Fratello, an associate professor of design at San José State University, first came up with the idea a decade ago after the Secure Fence Act 2006, which started large-scale building on the border.

They said they hoped the design would help people reassess the effectiveness of borders and encourage dialogue rather than division. 45 Times Celebrities Proved Themselves To Be Actually Nice People, Shared By Folks On Reddit. Despite the numerous stereotypes surrounding celebrities or whatever it may be that causes a surprise that many of us naturally experience whenever we run into them, but celebrities can be nice too.

45 Times Celebrities Proved Themselves To Be Actually Nice People, Shared By Folks On Reddit

Actually, more often than not they are some of the nicest people you will ever meet in your life. Following up on an article Bored Panda already did some time ago about people’s encounters with celebs who were awfully nice to them, we now present a part two, providing another list of celebrities that were genuinely nice and cool to random people as shared on Reddit. Check out the list of some of the nicest celebrities and stories about them below, and don’t forget to vote and comment on the ones you enjoy the most! The Rock Gifts A $30k Truck To The Man Who Took Him In As A Homeless Teen And "Changed His Life's Trajectory"

We’re used to seeing Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a man destined for success.

The Rock Gifts A $30k Truck To The Man Who Took Him In As A Homeless Teen And "Changed His Life's Trajectory"

I mean, the guy is a third-generation superstar in WWE history and the highest-paid male actor who earned a hard-to-imagine $87.5m from the 1st of June 2019 to the same date in 2020. But it turns out that the legend himself had a humbling beginning. Dwayne recounted the moment his lifelong friend Bruno took him in as a homeless teenager on not one, but two separate occasions. Officer Meets A Beaten-Up Toddler During Welfare Check, Decides To Give Her His Heart And His Home. An Arizona police officer and his wife have officially adopted a little girl after the officer helped her to get away from abuse. Kingman Police Department lieutenant Brian Zach was a patrol sergeant in March of 2018 when he was called to little Kaila’s home who at the time had suffered abuse and multiple injuries at the hands of her caretakers. Brian comforted Kaila while they waited for detectives to come to take her to the hospital. “We colored, we snacked … she held my hand and she was just this cute little thing,” Zach told Good Morning America.

“Once detectives came, they picked her up and took her to the hospital.” MacKenzie Scott: ex-wife of Jeff Bezos gives away $4bn in four months. MacKenzie Scott, the ex-wife of the Amazon founder, Jeff Bezos, has donated more than $4bn in the past four months to hundreds of charities and aid organisations, including food banks fighting the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Scott, who has a personal net worth of more than $60bn (£44.5bn), pledged to give away much of her wealth after her divorce settlement with Bezos last year. In July, Scott said she had donated $1.7bn to 116 charities.

On Tuesday, the 50-year-old said she had decided to “accelerate” her donations this year, and in the past four months had given a further $4.15bn to 384 organisations across the US and Puerto Rico, taking her total donations this year to $6bn. “This pandemic has been a wrecking ball in the lives of Americans already struggling,” she wrote in a blogpost titled 384 Ways to Help. “Economic losses and health outcomes alike have been worse for women, for people of colour, and for people living in poverty. 50 Incredibly Wholesome Things That Happened This Year That Might Restore Your Faith In 2020.

The recent COVID Response Tracking Study conducted in May showed that Americans are the unhappiest they've been in 50 years. 31% of respondents said they were happy in 2018, but this year, only 14% could say the same thing. Keeping your spirits high in these challenging times may often feel like mission impossible, but however hard it may be, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. We just need to learn to see it. Experts suggest starting from physical exercise, good sleep, and meditation because a healthy body carries a healthy soul. Texas waitress takes home $2K tip after claiming she was stiffed.

A Texas waitress who claimed she was stiffed on a mystery diner’s $2,000 tip will take home the money after all — now that her employer has agreed to cut her a check. Emily Bauer, 21, will be given the money by the owner of Red Hook Seafood and Bar in San Antonio after the joint claims the diner’s credit card transaction didn’t go through, news station KENS reported. “It’s Christmas time, and everybody is struggling,” owner John Cheng told the outlet Wednesday. “I’m ready to give it to her as a Christmas gift.” Cheng reportedly wrote Bauer a check for $2,069.01, which is the tip amount plus the cost of the customer’s bill. “The fact that the owner of my job is willing to give it to me, even though it wasn’t his mess-up, I can’t thank him enough for that,” she told the news station. Guy Deletes Scammer's Files While Pretending To Be An Old Lady.

Small business outwits tyrannical masking bylaw (without breaking the rules) – Last post, I shared with you the “No mask? We won’t ask.” poster that small businesses can post (where legal) in their front window beside the “wear a face diaper” propaganda the government forces them to show us. About a month ago, I sent a copy to Wolfgang and Almut Wurzbacher, owners of Pfenning’s Organic & More. Their family-run, organic grocer offers home delivery to customers in the Kitchener-Waterloo region of Southwestern Ontario. CEO Who Took $1M Paycut To Give All Employees $70K Minimum Salary In 2015 Explains How It Affected The Company.

Guy deals with little kid who sets off his driveway cam every day. Walmart Congratulates Their Cashier Of The Week And People Start Sharing Hilarious Stories About Her. Employees Push Back on Maskless Customers with Humor. As of July 15, 2020, in response to a rising number of active cases of COVID-19, Montana Governor Steve Bullock issued two Executive Orders directing the mandatory use of “face coverings” (masks) in certain settings.

The EOs apply only to counties with four or more confirmed and active COVID-19 cases, which as of today includes 28 of Montana’s 56 counties. I live near the town of Missoula in western Montana, where there are now 61 active cases. WATCH: Maskless woman gets in Texas musician’s face over denied song request. During his outdoor show, Texas musician Clayton Gardner had a woman approach him and request a song. I’m not crying, you’re crying. Guy Decided To Send Wedding Invitations To Celebrities Shares What They Responded. Ireland Donates to Native American Coronavirus Relief. In 1847, members of the Choctaw Nation gathered for a meeting in Skullyville, Oklahoma, where they decided to join a rather unexpected humanitarian cause: Providing relief to those in Ireland affected by the Great Famine.

If You Think People Are The Worst These Days, These 30 Wholesome Pics May Change Your Mind. As we are getting close to the full swing of the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more experts are praising altruism, which is among the traits needed to survive these trying times. 5-Year-Old Sells Treats Pay Off Student Lunch Debt for Over 100 Classmates. Bon Jovi Opened 2 Restaurants That Allow People In Need To Eat Free Of Charge. One Woman Paid Everyone’s Bills At Walmart Claiming She Won A Lottery, Turns Out It Was Sia. Woman Rescues This Sable From Becoming Someone’s Coat, Decides To Keep Her As A Pet Since She’s Not Fit To Live In The Wild. This Man Took Over 1,000 Children Of Fallen Soldiers To Disneyland Free Of Charge. Brazilian Dentist Travels To Treat The Teeth Of Poor People For Free And Here Are 30 Transformations.

36 Parents That Took Care Of Poor Strangers And Changed Their Lives Forever. 50 Times When Students Realized They Have Absolutely Awesome Teachers (New Pics) 8 Most Amazing Pay It Forward Chains. Guy Shares Wholesome Stories About His ‘Mean’ High School Teacher And 23k People Love It. She fights every 'troll, psycho and perv' she can find – and uses the law to do it.

Hermitage, Tennessee community members form human chain to block ICE from detaining neighbor. South Bay valedictorian graduation speech goes viral. No More Deaths: Mistrial Declared After Jury Refuses to Convict Scott Warren for Aiding Migrants. Internet Applauds The Way This Restaurant Was Kind To Their Staff Member Who Gave A $5,740 Wine Instead Of A Cheap One. New York City pizzeria waiter returns half-million dollar cashier’s check to customer who failed to tip him. Photographer And His Wife Plant 2 Million Trees In 20 Years To Restore A Destroyed Forest And Even The Animals Have Returned. Man opens his $4 million home to homeless Oakland couple—police keep getting called. LeBron James opened an experimental school for kids thought to be 'irredeemable,' and it's working. 14 years ago, chef's mother made him cook a meal for hungry child. He has now cooked 3 million meals. This Premature Baby Who Had No Visitors For Five Months During Hospital Stay Gets Adopted By Her Nurse.

Country superstar and actress give back by opening a grocery store in Nashville—unlike any other. School Cafeteria Helps Kids In Need By Giving Them Leftover Lunch Food To Bring Home, And People Are Loving It. The owners of Krispy Kreme are giving away millions after discovering their family’s Nazi past. Someone Asks People To Share Random Acts Of Kindness They’ve Received From Strangers, They Deliver (30 Tweets)

Famous Russian Photographer Ends Her Career To Live In A Forest With 100 Sick Dogs. Manager Receives An 8 Hours Notice To Fire All His Staff, Orders Pizza And Writes Recommendations For Everyone Instead. Guy Shares The Conversation His Wife Had With A Potential Car Buyer And It’s The Opposite Of ‘Choosing Beggars’ 50 Times Delivery Drivers Surprised People So Much They Just Had To Share. School Superintendent Arrested for Using Insurance to Get Medicine for a Sick Student. Someone Asks ER Doctors What Are The Most Amazing Things They Have Seen, And This Answer Wins.

“You Know That Was A Scam Right?” People Share Different Ways They Get ‘Scammed’ In Stores. I’m Honestly Fed Up With All The Bad News So I Illustrated The Best News Of 2018 (And Recent Years) Mother’s 2 And 5 Year Old Children Become Restless During A Flight So 3 Other Mothers Step In. Guy Beats The Scammer At Their Own Game. Husband Texts Wife He Spent $800 From Their Vacation Budget On His Student After Noticing His Clothing.

Woman Asks Other Women How They Deal With Not Being ‘Pretty’, And This Man’s Reply Gets Most Upvotes. Man Proves Pettiness Can Be Wholesome By Teaching Rude Buyer A Lesson At A Yard Sale. “My Daughter Started Her Period On The Bus Today. If You Are This Boy’s Mom I Want To Say Thank You” LeBron James Opened A Public School With Free Meals, Bikes, College Tuitions, And It Can Cost Him Over $100 Million. Student Falls Asleep In Class And Her Teacher’s Reaction Is Unexpected. A place of hope for former inmates. If You Think The World Is A Terrible Place These 20+ Wholesome Pics Will Change Your Mind. Janitor leaves his $175,000+ life savings to victims of child abuse.

Mother weeps when she finds her son with autism did not have to sit alone at lunch on this day. You Will Be Smiling Like An Idiot After Seeing These 20+ Wholesome Pictures. Woman Finds Childhood Friend On Streets Addicted To Drugs, Transforms Him So Much We Can’t Believe It’s Same Man. Sisters Mistake Costco Cashier For Maui From ‘Moana,’ And His Reaction Is Too Cute. Rollingstone. John Oliver buys up $15 million in medical debt, then pays off the debt for 9,000 people in hardship. Boy Cries To Be Left Alone By Bullies, Doesn’t Expect Response From Celebrities Like Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg And Chris Evans.

Homeless Veteran Helps Out A Woman By Giving His LAST $20, Does Not Expect It Will Change His Life Forever. Male students hit back at school's 'sexist' dress code after 50 girls were sent home. PBS travel guru and pot advocate Rick Steves sacrifices $4 million nest egg to house dozens of homeless women and kids. This Hospital Granted a Man’s Dying Wish… for White Wine. Girl Goes Undercover To Make Sure Friend’s First Date Is Going OK, And Now Everyone Wants To Be Her BFF. Anonymous Student Surprises Entire School With 1500+ Handmade Valentines He’s Been Making Since September. Little Caesars founder Mike Ilitch quietly paid Rosa Parks' rent during the final years of her life.

Man Who Saved 669 Children During The Holocaust Has No Idea They’re Around Him, Watch His Reaction. "Little Free Pantries" Are the Latest Innovation in Private Charity. The Cop Who Forgave His Killer. The Lawyer Protecting Your First Amendment Rights. Log In. The man who put up $1.5 million to save 200 Syrian refugees. George H.W. Bush's 1993 Letter to Bill Clinton Shows Everything That's Wrong with Trump and This Year's Election. Amber Heard gives Johnny Depp's $7m divorce settlement to two charities. Teacher inspires nervous young test-takers with messages on all of their desks. Philip Knight of Nike to Give $400 Million to Stanford Scholars. Japan Railways Build Turtle Tunnels. Guy Accidentally Heard Teens Making Fun Of 75-Year-Old Man’s House, So This Is What He Did.

Turkish Bride & Groom Spend Their Wedding Day Feeding 4,000 Refugees. Cop Spends His Last Day On The Job Handing Out Gift Cards To Strangers. ‘Rat Cop' Joe Crystal Shunned From Baltimore Police Department After Reporting Officer Brutality.