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Managing Startups: Best Posts of 2011

Fontys ILS Top, 01: Farmville’s Sheep Invasion | Science of the Time What it is:Farmville is the most succesful -free- game on Facebook, that in a very short time became very popular among young people. It has over 35 million players that daily spend an average of twenty minutes on Farmville. In Farmville everyone owns a farm on what works needs to be done. For the virtual harvest tools and plants can be bought with real money. Why it is cool: During the minor Trendwatching Dwayne Croes showed us that Farmville has become a phenomenom. Where Farmville is one of the first mainstream commercial applications for the development that is called ‘gamification’ adding competition and tokens using different blends of on and offline definitely has a future. Related Book: Joe Pine – Infinite Possibility (buy on Amazon)

VC Rudina Seseri makes partner at Fairhaven Capital Courtesy photo. Rudina Seseri has been promoted from principal to partner at Fairhaven Capital in Cambridge. Cambridge’s Fairhaven Capital has promoted principal Rudina Seseri to partner at the firm, she confirmed Thursday. The promotion is effective Jan. 1, and Seseri will be one of the few women to have reached a senior investment position at a Boston venture capital firm. In a brief phone interview, Seseri said she was “happy and humbled” by the promotion. Seseri’s board seats include FashionPlaytes of Beverly and CrowdTwist of New York, and she also co-chairs the New England Venture Association. “Considering my partners’ achievements, I have big shoes to fill,” Seseri said. Other women holding senior investment positions at Boston VC firms include .406 Ventures managing director Maria Cirino, Longworth partner Nilanjana Bhowmik, Advanced Technology Ventures partner Jean George and Longwood Founders Fund partner Michelle Dipp. Technology

26 questions you have to answer correctly to get funding for your startup » WhoAPI blog It’s been a crazy week. On Monday we announced that our project received funding. Member of the Croatian Angel Network – CRANE, Mihovil Barančić believes that we have what it takes to create something big and worth mentioning. But I am way ahead of myself. Why do you need an investment? It’s good that your share all this info, because otherwise you’re a bozo (tm Guy Kawasaki-Steve Jobs) What if some big company decides to copy your service? WhoAPI founders got hard questions for their whois API. Why don’t you go global from the start? Can you bootstrap? If you make any kind of statement, be prepared for questions about backing up that statement with facts. Do you have an executive summary? I am 100% positive there were more questions, but these were the ones that first came to my mind. Author: Goran Duskic Goran Duskic co-founded a game development team Generation Stars when he was a teenager, and he co-founded hosting and web develpoment company GEM Studio (which was sold in 2011).

Home | Boston's OpenView Venture Partners raises $99M for 3rd VC fund OpenView Venture Partners has raised $99 million toward its third venture capital fund, the firm reported Thursday, and managing director Scott Maxwell said the firm plans to raise additional funding for it. Boston-based OpenView focuses on backing revenue-producing tech firms that need money for expansion — and often re-locates the companies to the Hub after making the investment. OpenView originated as the Boston office of New York’s Insight Venture Partners. Insight’s Boston team, led by Maxwell, broke off to found OpenView as an independent firm in 2006. The firm has previously raised two funds — $108.7 million in 2006 and $131.7 million in 2008, Maxwell said. Massachusetts-based companies in the OpenView portfolio include Zmags (e-commerce software), Open-e (enterprise data storage) and Intronis (cloud backup and recovery). All three were founded outside Massachusetts and moved here after taking funding from OpenView. OpenView doesn't do any seed investing, Maxwell said. Technology

7 Questions to Assess Your Business Model Design Ultimately, customers are the only relevant judges of your business model. However, even before you test your model in the market, you can assess its design with 7 questions that go well beyond the conventional focus on products and market segments. First things first. In order to assess your business model you should sketch it out on the Business Model Canvas outlined in the video below. If you want to know more about the Canvas and how to use it you can read Business Model Generation of which 70 pages are available for free on our website. Every business model has a product and/or service at its center that focuses on a customer’s job-to-be-done. First, ask yourself how well your Value Proposition is getting your target customer’s job done. That’s it as to the basics. 1. The time, effort, or budget a customer has to spend to switch from one product or service provider to another is called “switching costs”. 2. An impressive example of scalability is Facebook. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Si quieres ser un profesional de marketing online, esto son los conceptos importantes en el 2012 que debes conocer - Tanto si eres una empresa y quieres empezar con el marketing online o un estudiante/profesional de marketing y publicidad, tienes que conocer los conceptos del marketing digital en el 2012. Entre algunos clásicos como el SEO/SEM o el e-mail marketing también se suman otras disciplinas “nuevas”. No todo es nuevo, pero ya sabemos que el embalaje puede cambiar mucho la percepción… Aquí van los 11 conceptos de marketing online que debes conocer en el 2012: Search Engine Marketing (SEM): los anuncios de texto de Google ya se pueden denominar un clásico de la publicidad en Internet. Seach Engine Optimization (SEO)/ Posicionamiento en buscadores: aparte de pagar para que la gente te encuentren en Google, también puedes conseguir tráfico a través de los primeros 10 resultados. Planificación y compra de medios online: las agencias de medios y publicidad son una de las principales empresas que contratan este tipo de perfil. Mobile marketing: 2011 se puede decir ha sido el año de las aplicaciones.

The five largest fourth-quarter venture deals in Boston (slide show) Courtesy | Third Rock Ventures #1. Agios Pharmaceuticals, a Cambridge biotechnology start up focused on developing new cancer treatments. Agios Pharmaceuticals and Rapid7 led the Bay State's venture capital deals in the fourth quarter, and incidentally both announced their big checks on the same day, Nov. 17. Click on the photo on the right to open a slideshow with the full list. Massachusetts companies raised a total of $959 million in VC funding in the quarter, across 93 deals according to CB Insights. That made for the state's best quarter of the year in terms of VC deal count, and the second best by dollars raised (behind the second quarter, when Bay State companies raised $1.14 billion in VC). Technology

Startup Board Decks: Free Templates from VCs | NextView Venture One of the most common questions we receive from founders here at NextView Ventures is whether we can share examples of great board decks. As it turns out, drafting your board deck or your investor update can be especially tricky for seed-stage startups (which is our entire investment focus) given the lack of resources, lack of available data, and even just the lack of time that the company has been in existence. So today, as part of our seed-focused platform of resources, we’re excited to launch these free templates for creating great startup board decks. This resource is part of our Growth Guides series, which is NextView’s growing library of resources built to help seed-stage startups execute. Our first, a visual blueprint of end-to-end content marketing for startups, can be found here. Best Practices to Get You Started Creating a great board deck is one of those startup activities that’s both critically important and understandably annoying. Agenda & Content Meeting Length & Cadence

Por qué vender es “sucio” y el marketing te hace perder el tiempo - No te equivoques. Por estar en redes sociales y tener un blog no vas a empezar a vender de manera milagrosa. Vender es un asunto “sucio” donde se persiguen contactos, se hacen llamadas frías y clientes te gritan por el teléfono. No lo llamo “sucio” porque sea algo malo. Lo llamo así porque puede ser desagradable, duele, cuesta y muchas veces hay que meterse en el barro hasta el cuello. Cuando se escucha “llamada fría” muchos piensan en el operador de Jazztel, Telefónica u otras operadoras que nos “acosan” con sus llamadas para vendernos algo y lo consideran algo “sucio”. Tener una cuenta en Twitter y un blog no te hace disparar tus ventas ¿Cuántas veces te has pillado perdiendo tu tiempo en Twitter o en Facebook? Marketing es más que social media. Hay tareas de marketing que no tienes que realizar tú directamente. Ahora por favor no entenderme mal. Vender no es magia, no es arte, es pura mecánica Cojamos como ejemplo QDQ.

NH's VentureX startup pitch competition launches Wasabi Ventures, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based venture capital firm with an office in Manchester, N.H., is bringing some attention to the New Hampshire tech startup scene. The firm has launched VentureX – New England, a startup pitch competition to be held Jan. 26, 2012, at the abi Innovation Hub. The competition will award $30,000 to a for-profit tech startup that has raised less than $100,000 in funding and brought in less than $100,000 in revenue in 2010. The one winner of the 10 finalist teams receives $10,000 in Wasabi Angel Fund seed funding, $20,000 in engineering and product management services from Wasabi Ventures, and a free year of residency at abi Innovation Hub’s WV EDGE Acceleration Center in Manchester. Wasabi Ventures describes itself as a firm that combines venture capital, startup incubation and consulting.

Première journée: immersion dans la vallée | Digital news & inspirationDigital news & inspiration Après avoir fait connaissance autour d’un bon repas le dimanche soir, toute l’équipe était d’attaque pour commencer ce Silicon Valley Startup Camp lundi matin. On commence par une série de workshops et présentations à Swissnex San Francisco: Présentation des activités de Swissnex (si vous ne connaissez pas, allez jeter un coup d’œil Ils font un travail extraordinaire pour promouvoir l’innovation suisse à l’étranger: and don’t in Silicon Valley”: on en apprend un peu plus sur l’histoire et la culture des lieux. Est-ce que vous saviez que 40% des investissements VC aux US se passent dans la Valley? Direction au Sud pour le reste de la journée Au programme, visite du campus de Stanford, de la Draper University (sorte d’internat à Startup) et de l’incubateur Boost. La visite nous permettra également d’entrer dans le monde des Venture Capitalists avec une session de question-réponse de Gabe Turner, responsable du réseau de VC DFJ global network.