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Stunning Murals By “Etam Cru” Turn Boring Buildings Into Works Of Art Given the extraordinary size of their epic street-art murals, it’s probably safe to say that the Polish street-art duo Etam Cru is one of the next big things in urban street art. The duo, which consists of street artists Sainer and Bezt, creates massive street art murals that are often several stories tall and dripping with color. Their work is rich in Eastern European mysticism and folkloric symbolism, but they also play with humor, sarcasm and surrealism. Although the Poland-based team works primarily in Eastern Europe, they have created works all over the world, with murals in the U.S., Portgual, and other countries.

Free Vector Graphics Over 1700 Vector Graphics Blue Damask Background Bright Social Media Icons Bright Shape Background A 23-Year-Old Russian Makes Creepy Yet Adorable Fantasy Dolls 82K views 93 days ago by Skirmantė Made by a 23-year-old artist from Moscow, these colourful creatures look like they could be the cuter cousins of the gremlins in Speilberg’s 1984 movies of the same name. Whether you think they’re cute or creepy, these little gremlins have been selling like hot cakes. Blog of French illustrator, artist and crafter Anne-Julie Aubry Eng/ Bonjour everybody! I hope you’re doing great :-) Before talking about the next jewelry shop update, I wanted to let you know that I now have an official Newsletter YAY! I created it through a great website called Mailchimp and I can’t wait to send my very first newsletter this week. In case you can’t see the button, or if you are reading this post by email, here’s the direct link to subscribe to the Newsletter . If you have already subscribed to the blog, let me say the official Newsletter will be different since I will talk about exciting news before anywhere else and offer secret coupon codes in it.

Quit Your Day Job: Dark Cycle Clothing Before they introduced the animal kingdom to bicycles, Adam and Coryn Enfinger from Dark Cycle Clothing were introduced by a mutual friend at a punk show. On the drive to that show in 2002, Adam was chatting with a friend about relationships. As they pulled into the parking lot, he spotted Coryn and said, “She is my ideal girl.” It turned out Adam’s friend knew Coryn and she proceeded to introduce them. resurrection fern stayed warm this very frosty cold weekend by preparing and eating delicious nutritarian meals finishing my icelandic sweater, sooo cozy Impressively Detailed Pen Doodles By Kerby Rosanes Do you remember those imaginative doodles you used to make in your high school notebook? Maybe you still make them. But Phillipine-based illustrator Kerby Rosanes creates doodles (as he calls them) that are probably several orders of magnitude greater than any you or I have ever made. His most recent work is called “Time Guardian.” This stunning portrait of an owl features an unexpected twist – the whole thing is drawn out of minutely detailed gears, cogs and other mechanical bits, giving the soaring owl an intricate steampunk look. [Read more...]

You! Be Inspired! - Inspirations from Sketchbooks Articles, Inspiration September 19, 2012 Most designers, especially illustrators, architects, interior designers, fashion designers and even web designers have a simple sketchbook accompanying their design process. Sketchbooks act as a tool more than just a journal showing artistic work from lines and colors. Jessica Durrant Watercolors Art wise, I'm a huge fan of watercolor illustrations. I had the unbelievable luck of having an IZAK illustration grace the cover of the French version of my novel. So when I came across these gorgeous illustrations by Jessica Durrant via NYC Island Gal's blog, I was immediately smitten...That Eiffel tower would look amazing on my personal moodboard! She is inspired by many things such as travel, fashion, nature, art deco, and pop art.

Doodle Rebellion! Last year, I had featured Lei Melendres‘ “Crazy Comix Doodles,” and since then he has worked on new sketchbook drawings. His illustrations generally include wacky characters crammed together on a page or two, and many of them, are actually quite mouthy! Artwork © Lei Melendres Mike Matas - Roadtrip USA I’m the design lead for Paper, a new app from Facebook that lets you explore and share stories from friends and the world around you. Paper makes storytelling more beautiful with an immersive design and distraction-free layouts. Before joining Facebook I co-founded Push Pop Press, a digital publishing company that created Al Gore's interactive book Our Choice. Prior to starting Push Pop Press I helped design the Nest Learning Thermostat and worked at Apple where I designed user interfaces and artwork for the iPhone, the iPad, and Mac OS X. Before that I cofounded Delicious Monster, a software company that created the book cataloging app Delicious Library.

24 Clever Print Ads In print advertising world, agencies are bound to reflect their message solely with an image and they generally count on intelligence to accomplish this. Smart ideas on great visuals attract audience’s attention easily and they become a kind of art in the end. Here are some of the latest creations, each of which are virtual proof of what we’ve stated so far.