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Create Something. Donate Login Remember Me It's enough to be on your way...: Understanding the relationship between SIP and RTP Getting your head around SIP and RTP traffic flows is a little daunting at first, but its actually not all that complicated when you understand the purpose of the protocols. As its name implies, the Session Initiation Protocol is used to initiate a session between two endpoints. SIP does not carry any voice or video data itself - it merely allows two endpoints to set up connection to transfer that traffic between each other via the Real-time Transport Protocol (RTP). The SIP protocol can be, and usually is, routed through one or more SIP proxy servers before reaching its destination. It is very similar to how email is transmitted, in that multiple email servers are usually involved in the delivery process, each forwarding the message in its original form. Each email server adds a Received header to the message, to track the route the message has taken.

The One-Stop Shop for Big Data Today, I’m going to explain in plain English the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms as voted on by 3 separate panels in this survey paper. Once you know what they are, how they work, what they do and where you can find them, my hope is you’ll have this blog post as a springboard to learn even more about data mining. What are we waiting for? Let’s get started! Here are the algorithms:

Life Tags - Photographs classified by Machine Learning 100 metres hurdles(258) 110 metres hurdles(1094) 1937 ford(5) 1941 ford(16) 1949 ford(30) 1952 ford(5) Creative Solutions Services Blog – Getting Competitive Through Knowledge Management “An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage” Jack Welch, Former CEO of General Electric It might take quite some time before organizations understand the importance of knowledge management. It is a topic more aligned with big corporations, while smaller businesses may not ever have heard about this concept. But not having heard about it doesn’t mean they don’t unknowingly practice it.

DataBase This is a database created in order to provide information related to the transcripctional regulation of three important bacteria: Escherichia coli K12, Salmonella typhimuriun LT2 and Pseudomona aeruginosa PA01. Get more information visiting our FAQs section.

VoIP Protocols: Real Time Protocol Vladimír Toncar In the previous parts of the Voice over IP Overview, we described how the voice gets digitized, how it is encoded using codecs, and we also touched latency and bandwidth optimization issues. Now it's the right time to learn more about how audio (and possibly video) streams are sent across the network.

A Practical Intro to Data Science — Zipfian Academy - Data Science Bootcamp Are you a interested in taking a course with us? Learn more on our programs page or contact us. There are plenty of articles and discussions on the web about what data science is, what qualities define a data scientist, how to nurture them, and how you should position yourself to be a competitive applicant. Keeping Robots Friendly: Meet The Woman Teaching AI About Human Values Anca Dragan has a cool name, an impressive CV and an important job. While many roboticists focus on making AI better, faster and smarter, Dragan is also concerned about robot quality control. In anticipation of robots moving into every area of our lives, she wants to ensure our interactions with robots are positive ones. The computer scientist and robotics engineer is a principal investigator with UC Berkeley’s Center for Human-Compatible AI. “One particular area of interest is the problem of value alignment,” says Dragan. “How do you ensure that an artificially intelligent agent–be it a robot a few years from now or a much more capable agent in the future–how do you make sure that these agents optimize the right objectives?

Multi-Lingual Text Analysis- A Plan To Action from #SMAS12 ‘80% of success is showing up’- Woody Allen He could have been referring to multi-lingual text analysis. Is that good news? It might be. If you are extracting multi-lingual data from social posts you’re far ahead of the competition. The bar isn’t high, and your competitors probably aren’t close to extracting data in its native language.

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