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Valentine LOSSEAU. Diplômée en doctorat d’anthropologie à l’EHESS, Valentine Losseau contribue aux créations de la compagnie 14:20 depuis l’origine.

Valentine LOSSEAU

La compagnie 14:20 parvient-elle à faire reconnaître la recherche artistique qu’elle mène, qui peut s’apparenter, dans sa dimension anthropologique, à une recherche scientifique ? C’est la dimension la plus difficile à faire reconnaître par les financeurs publics. Un décalage persistant demeure car ils ne comprennent pas pourquoi nous aurions besoin de prendre appui sur de la recherche, voire d’en faire nous-mêmes. Ils voient les artistes comme des artistes, point. Pas comme des chercheurs. Watch a Beautiful Dance of Particles in This Motion-Captured Performance. In as·phyx·i·a, a new collaborative effort and experimental film by Maria Takeuchi with Frederico Phillips, dancer Shiho Tanaka transforms into an evolving, pulsating cloud of 3D data.

Watch a Beautiful Dance of Particles in This Motion-Captured Performance

"The performance is centered in an eloquent choreography that stresses the desire to be expressive without bounds," its creators explain. Using motion data and dynamic simulations, Takeuchi and Phillips re-envision Tanaka's body as a wobbling mass of points and line segments between them. Inside an environment specially-created for the film, a single, white spotlight follows her movements, casting a shadow on the ground beneath her abstracted figure. Set to an original soundtrack also created by Takeuchi, the result is an abstraction that is at once as fluid as it is writhing and roaring with information. Watch a Beautiful Dance of Particles in This Motion-Captured Performance. « et si vous y croyez assez, peut être il y aura un poney » What's Your Magic. Projection mapping verandert de Digital Dome in een duizelingwekkende lichtshow. 5 ways to design a great stage that won’t break your budget.

By Hailey Reissman on January 22, 2015 in Design Finding an affordable way to design a memorable TEDx event stage can be overwhelming.

5 ways to design a great stage that won’t break your budget

Below, 5 tips culled from veteran TEDx events to help you find your inspiration. 1. Use recycled materials. Katrina Alcorn speaks at TEDxMonterey At TEDxMonterey, the stage was adorned with strands of plastic bottles, giving the containers a second life. Keith Barry: Brain magic. Quixotic Fusion: Dancing with light. Pixel - extraits. Choros. 2 danseuses et des projections : Enra - Pleiades.

Robert Henke. Joanie Lemercier. Susi Sie. SUSI SIE (1982) is a Berlin-based artist whose work moves between the fields of art and science.

Susi Sie

She is on a mission to explore the physical and mathematical nature of unusual forms, substances and materials to show the hidden beauty and magic of our natural world that constantly surrounds us. Strictly applying analog techniques and refusing any computer animations or effects, Susi Sie’s haptic and detailed work is above all a highly personal study of the genuineness, perception and authenticity of things. Susi Sie’s work has been featured by internationally renowned online platforms such as Fubiz, Vimeo Staff Picks, Colossal, Motionographer and Arte Creative, has been exhibited around the globe (U.S.A., UK, Asia, Russia, France, Germany) and won several awards at international film festivals.

She studied video art in Maastricht (2002-2006) and worked in a Cologne-based post production agency (2006-2011). Since 2011 she works as a freelance director, DoP and editor. External Links. Ryoji Ikeda data.path installation - Madrid. Fibonacci Zoetrope Sculptures par Pier 9 sur Vimeo.

Attention, votre cerveau va probablement se retourner dans son enceinte en essayant de comprendre ce qu’il se passe sur ces images. La réponse est pourtant simple et c’est le designer John Edmark qui la détient. Son zéotrope imprimé en 3D reprend les études de Fibonacci sur l’angle d’or en lui donnant l’aspect magique qui lui manquait pour passionner petits et grands.

En tournant, à chaque fois qu’il effectue une rotation de 137.5º – l’angle d’or, donc – un flash de stroboscope a lieu, donnant ainsi l’impression d’un mouvement perpétuel et démentiel. “Si le changement est constant dans la nature, il est écrit dans le language de la géométrie.” annonce Edmark sur son site. Retrouvez les tutoriels pour réaliser chez vous ces incroyables zéotropes sur leur page Instructables. 14 Mind-Blowing Art Projects You Have to See in Motion. Ten Movies Every Magician Should See. K_sixsix. RYOICHI KUROKAWA. Full Turn ECAL/Benjamin Muzzin. Clément Debailleul. Thierry COLLET. Culture: The future of magic. To peer into the future of magic, it helps to start by looking at its past.

Culture: The future of magic

If I were to perform for you the first known card trick to have been written down, it would be very likely to fool you just as it fooled audiences in Italy in 1478. The techniques behind it are still used today. Magicians have a long and secret history of preserving our best methods. But great magic requires more than merely mastering the mechanics. It requires mastering the audience. Take Harry Houdini. Magic is a form of applied psychology. Several years ago, in preparation for a television special, I travelled to the deepest part of the Venezuelan rain forest and visited the Yanomami tribe.

Magicians have also long exploited science to create entertaining spectacles, sometimes using technology well before the general public would become aware of it.