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Twitter. The quick start guide to plotting histograms in Seaborn. For many data visualizations in Python, Seaborn provides the best combination of a high-level API and nice looking plots.

The quick start guide to plotting histograms in Seaborn

As of version 0.11.0, they have a great function for plotting histograms called histplot(). Adding Social Authentication to Django. This tutorial looks at how to add social auth (also known as social login or social signon) to a Django application with Django Allauth.

Adding Social Authentication to Django

You'll also configure GitHub and Twitter auth as well as regular auth with username and password. Social login is a form of single sign-on using existing information from a social networking service such as Facebook, Twitter or Google, to sign in to a third-party website instead of creating a new login account specifically for that website. It is designed to simplify logins for end-users and provide more reliable demographic information to web developers. - Wikipedia Using a social auth has its advantages. You won't need to set up auth for the web application, since it's handled by the third-party, OAuth provider.

OAuth. Case Study: Automating Excel File Creation and Distribution with Pandas and Outlook - Practical Business Python. Introduction I enjoy hearing from readers that have used concepts from this blog to solve their own problems.

Case Study: Automating Excel File Creation and Distribution with Pandas and Outlook - Practical Business Python

It always amazes me when I see examples where only a few lines of python code can solve a real business problem and save organizations a lot of time and money. I am also impressed when people figure out how to do this with no formal training - just with some hard work and willingness to persevere through the learning curve. This example comes from Mark Doll. I’ll turn it over to him to give his background: I have been learning/using Python for about 3 years to help automate business processes and reporting.

Read on for more details on how Mark used Python to automate a very manual process of collecting and sorting Excel files to email to 100’s of users. The Problem Here’s Mark’s overview of the problem: Construyendo un CRUD con Python - DEV Community. ¿Intentando incursionar en el backend?

Construyendo un CRUD con Python - DEV Community

¿No sabes por dónde empezar? Generate File Reports Using Python's Template Class - Blog - Florian Dahlitz. Table of Contents Introduction Pretty often, I find myself in the situation that I need to generate certain reports, output files or manipulate strings.

Generate File Reports Using Python's Template Class - Blog - Florian Dahlitz

All of these situations have in common that the report generation or string manipulation follows a certain pattern. Usually, these patterns are so similar that you wish to have a template you can reuse and fill in the data you currently have. A Switch Story – Matteo Guadrini's blog. The switch is a statement that evaluates the accuracy or similarity of the value of a certain input.

A Switch Story – Matteo Guadrini's blog

But isn’t that the same thing that the if statement does? Let’s see this statement starting with bash scripting language. case EXPRESSION in PATTERN_1) STATEMENTS ;; PATTERN_2) STATEMENTS ;; PATTERN_N) STATEMENTS ;; *) STATEMENTS ;;esac. Norvig/pytudes: Python programs, usually short, of considerable difficulty, to perfect particular skills. Tmbo/questionary: Python library to build pretty command line user prompts ✨Easy to use multi-select lists, confirmations, free text prompts ... Building My Own Chess Engine — Andrew Healey. I have been learning chess (again) and how to program a chess engine (for the first time) over the last month.

Building My Own Chess Engine — Andrew Healey

After skimming some introductory texts, I was convinced that building a simple chess engine — one that would put up a fair fight against a casual player — would take no more than a few days. I was wrong. But I made it there in the end and created a toy chess engine (healeycodes/andoma) that I am proud of. It can play a game of chess and solve simple chess puzzles like mate-in-two or mate-in-three. It has a slim UCI interface which means it can be hooked up to via lichess-bot — a bridge between the lichess API and chess bots. The first speed bump in its development was grasping the computational the complexity of chess — how fast, and wide, the search tree grows. Claude Shannon calculated that there are around 10^120 possible games of chess in his seminal paper Programming a Computer for Playing Chess in 1950.

Evaluation Both sides have no queens or. Tutorial — openpyxl 3.0.5 documentation. Create a workbook¶ There is no need to create a file on the filesystem to get started with openpyxl.

Tutorial — openpyxl 3.0.5 documentation

Just import the Workbook class and start work: >>> from openpyxl import Workbook>>> wb = Workbook() A workbook is always created with at least one worksheet. You can get it by using the property: Note. Twitter. Companion webpage to the book “Mathematics for Machine Learning”. Copyright 2020 by Marc Peter Deisenroth, A. Aldo Faisal, and Cheng Soon Ong. Published by Cambridge University Press.


Learning with Python – Green Tea Press. How to Think Like a Computer Scientist by Allen Downey, Jeff Elkner and Chris Meyers.

Learning with Python – Green Tea Press

This is an older version of the book now known as Think Python. CODAP - Common Online Data Analysis Platform. Kaggle: Your Home for Data Science. Manual de prácticas para Python. Desde CERO. Python Intermedio — documentación de Python Intermedio - 0.1. Introducción¶ Python es un lenguaje de programación increíble con una comunidad de programadores de las más fuertes, y es cada vez más usado en gran cantidad de ámbitos e industrias.

Python Intermedio — documentación de Python Intermedio - 0.1

Sin embargo, muchas veces es difícil encontrar documentación, y sobre todo en Español. En estamos comprometidos con la enseñanza en Python, y colaboramos tanto con contenido propio como con traducciones. Es una pena que siendo el Español un idioma tan hablado, sea tan complicado encontrar documentación de calidad. No todo el mundo entiende Inglés perfectamente, y aunque ese sea el caso, ¿no resulta más fácil de leer el contenido escrito en tu lengua materna? Este libro recopila diferentes conceptos de Python de un nivel intermedio, por lo que para poder leerlo fácilmente es necesario tener unas bases del lenguaje de programación. Aún así, estoy seguro de que sea cual sea tu nivel, habrá algo para ti en este libro. Autor¶