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The "sales city" refers to the city in which a ticket will be sold. We will price your trip in the currency of the sales city, unless you explicitly specify a different currency. By default, we assume that the sales city is the same as your journey origin. You may change the sales city to indicate that you plan to purchase tickets in a different city or country. Different fares may apply for different sales cities, especially in different countries. Another way that the sales city may be relevant (for both domestic and international trips) is when advance purchase restrictions apply.

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How to Fly Without ID and Skip Lines Lose the wallet to enter the fast lane? Strange but true. (Photo: Dam) On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs Ever had the feeling that your job might be made up? That the world would keep on turning if you weren’t doing that thing you do 9-5? David Graeber explored the phenomenon of bullshit jobs for our recent summer issue – everyone who’s employed should read carefully… On the Phenomenon of Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber. SuperSearch(TM) 1. Plan in advance to get a good deal Since most fares have advance purchase requirements, the best fares exist more than 21 days before your travel date. However, if this is too soon, book your ticket at least 14 days in advance to get the best deal.

Expedia When it comes to travelling, makes everything a breeze; like finding the best beach resort or booking cheap tickets for your next business trip. From airfare to vacation packages, we have all the tools you need to put together the getaway of a lifetime. Expedia not only makes it easy, we also have your budget in mind. Thanks to Expedia’s Best Price Guarantee, you can rest assured you get the best deals on any of your bookings. The perfect vacation starts with the perfect place to stay.

Google’s smart glasses: ‘Project Glass’ for travellers – Lonely Planet blog For a few months the tech world has been buzzing about Google’s work on Terminator-style smart glasses. Today, Google released a video (see below) showing their vision of the potential of such a product, which they’re currently calling ‘Project Glass’: taking photos, getting directions, checking the weather and making a phone call all while having your hands free to eat a bagelwich, high five your bro and awkwardly serenade your girlfriend with a ukelele. According to Google, Project Glass ‘helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment’. While the application is novel here, augmented reality isn’t a new concept and the same criticisms still apply: while additional information can be useful, does artificially superimposing new layers on top of reality by its very nature distance you from reality? When does augmented reality truly help, and when does it make you overly reliant on technology to think for you?

ONLY JUST CHARTED TERRITORY Cartophilia: In Antarctica, maps are a little different. Sara Wheeler speaks from experience From INTELLIGENT LIFE magazine, September/October 2013 This tatty map, kept safe in its cardboard tube for two decades, takes me back to one of the happiest moments of my life. In 1994 I spent seven months in the Antarctic, camping in the Transantarctic Mountains, close to the Taylor Glacier at about 77 degrees south. You can see a loop of the Taylor close to the foot of the page.

Big Sur travel guide Big Sur Understand[edit] Big Sur coastline with glimpse of Bixby Bridge, Highway 1 Big Sur Village is a mile-long village containing gas stations, roadside markets, lodges and restaurants. Big Sur is known as a destination for the "Merry Pranksters" in the 1960s. For more information visit the Big Sur Chamber of Commerce [2], which is continually updated with a Calendar of Events. Top US travel scams – Lonely Planet blog Considering the vast numbers of travellers each year, it’s encouraging that so little bad happens to people on the road. But there are things to be wary of. In the USA too, where American families travel nearly five times a year, mostly in-country, and an additional 156 million foreign visitors come to visit. Here are a few of the common scams that sometimes leave US travellers missing a chunk of change they hadn’t expected to spend.

Is Glenn Greenwald the Future of News? Dear Bill, I have just a couple of last, quick points. My “contempt” for David Brooks is grounded in his years of extreme war cheerleading and veneration of an elite political class that has produced little beyond abject failure and corruption. How Do Layovers Work? - Travel Made Simple Layovers can be stressful. Whenever possible, I prefer nonstop flights, even if they’re a little more expensive. But sometimes the price difference is too big to justify, and sometimes it’s just not possible to get where you’re going without a connecting flight. So how do layovers work? What happens with your checked luggage on a layover?

Creative new ways to board an airplane – Lonely Planet blog Airlines never stand still. Following recent months when airlines introduced fees for printing boarding passes and higher prices for sitting in window or aisle seats, airlines are getting creative with the way they board passengers. Thankfully, some recent experiments aren’t direct attempts to extract more money from passengers: while some airlines are simply trying to be more fair and efficient, KLM is toying with the idea of allowing passengers to use social media to select seatmates, and Air Baltic is experimenting with seating passengers based on mood. Why stop there? There are many other innovative ways airlines could consider boarding passengers: Carry-on size - The larger the bag, the later you get on.

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