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HIPGRONINGEN.NL  |  Voor alles wat hip is in Groningen  |  Interieur, Lifestyle, Mixstores, Kleding & Food The Reincarnation of Seoul With a rush of sweeping cultural transformations, the South Korean capital is becoming the fashionable intrigue of the Far East. IT IS THE NEW CAN’T-MISS BUILDING in the heart of Seoul. Like the bandages on a plastic-surgery patient, the last of the protective fencing has been peeled away to reveal the capital’s latest architectural creation. City Hall, a vintage vestige of South Korea’s ruthless onetime colonial overlord Japan, has been restored. “Pali! Koreans have the reputation for being nose-to-the-grindstone, study-smarties. South Korea never just apes the West but puts its own topspin on music, fashion, food, technology. That’s just the hardware. The Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, which opened in 2004, is Seoul’s bigger, badder Whitney Museum, and a hard-won National Museum of Contemporary Art will make its debut later this year. The worldliness announces itself on every street corner: a constellation of starchitect-designed headquarters is aligning in the night sky.

HiP Paris Blog Eat Drink Chic CommeDesLeroi My Marrakesh When architect Chris and I were designing and building Peacock Pavilions, we knew that we wanted it to be a place that was very personal and intimate. We wanted it to feel not like a hotel at all but rather like staying at a {stylish} friend's house in Marrakesh. The idea was for guests to be surrounded with unusual objects, with one-of-a-kind textiles and of course, with lots of texture and pattern. Not luxurious in that cold way but rather, charming, special, and "worth it" because of the warm feeling that it gave you. In that vein, my hope has always been that Peacock Pavilions would have a legacy. Project Soar is a part of that, of course, allowing guests to participate and interact with their surroundings in a caring way. It all goes by so fast, doesn't it, this life of ours? I thought I'd share a few images from the first photo spread from the Femina fashion shoot at Peacock Pavilions. Model Ingrid Wrisley is so sublime and photographer Helene Linsjo captured her so perfectly.

[:en]Follow the Food Festival: A Voyage into Small Town Portugal[:] [:en] As the mayor of the tiny Portuguese village told me in broken Spanish, (our only common language)-“If it doesn’t melt in your mouth, it’s not ham…” Those of you guys who know me by now, know I’m an absolute sucker for food. So, where in the world is Barrancos? Barrancos is a teeeeeny tiny 2,000 person village in the South of Portugal, right next to the Spanish border. except everyone spoke Portuguese. Now, I’ve never been a big hamconnoisseur. And ham I ate. Now what exactly is this mysterious ham, you might ask? I introduce you to my dear friend, the ham. We got really personal… Like, really personal. Now, behind every leg of ham, there is a man cutting it. His name is Alberto. But his heart… His heart was with the cheese. And that’s not all. After 2 hours of ham lovin’, sausage stuffin’, cheese munchin’ fun, came the dessert. Dulce de yema (more like dulce de YUMa) A really huge chocolate truffle ball And the classic. And then came the wine. Starting on the left. Port wine from Porto!