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SeatGuru - Your Guide to Airplane Seats and In-flight Amenities

SeatGuru - Your Guide to Airplane Seats and In-flight Amenities

Are Wikis the Best Format For Travel Guides? Wikia, a for-profit offshoot of Wikipedia, will announce the launch of a free, editable “worldwide guide of places to go and things to do” on Monday, called World Wikia. The content is very light for now, although for an example of how this might look down the road see their deep content on Roman churches. They will also announce a number of partnerships with commercial publishers to open-source their content and get it up on Wikia. Travel is a big category – if Wikia can pull off a large number of page views they’ll make good money on high CPC contextual ads, their primary revenue source. I imagine demand will quickly develop for a downloadable version of individual cities (or the whole travel section) for mobile devices – something that’s been available for wikipedia for some time.

International Business Culture, Business Etiquette, Customs and Protocol Strange statues around the world | - interesting findings over the net This is one of our most successful post ever. In fact, with this post, is known to the world through several big world medias, incl. Yahoo! 7 TV, Deutsche Welle, MSN, Daily Mails… Through the years, we transformed this post to our own pictures server, but now we will just reuse the blogzine to re-post the photos as a series, like several series we already have here @ In the future, new statue additions will be added as posts to the series too. statues around the world series. @

Travel Bikely - Discover and share your favorite bicycle routes Delaying the Real World: A Twentysomething's Guide to Seeking Adventure by Colleen Kinder Bootsnall Welcome to Spectrum: Geek Guide to London On a tech tour of London, you can take in the best of the old and the new. After all, the very same Royal Society that spearheaded research in Darwin's day continues to foster a vibrant scientific community today. While most visitors concentrate on prominent tech-oriented institutions like the Science Museum, you can also learn about London's geeky past and present in more unusual locations. Antique: Kew Bridge Steam Museum Does your idea of London come from Oliver Twist, A Christmas Carol, or another Charles Dickens novel? Timely: Clockmakers' Museum For a brief history of time, stop by this elegant one-room museum. Modern: New London Architecture Space Tired of checking out historical exhibits and ancient dungeons? Practical: The Thames Barrier What's hovering on the surface of the Thames? Enterprising: Computer Exchange