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Manilla | Free Online Account and Bill Organizer Awesomeness. skinnyCorp creates communities including the #1 most amazing website, Kickstarted: Finding Space (and Making a Makerspace) This week marks an important milestone for OpenROV: we’re moving out of the garage. Not because we’re planning for exponential growth, hiring dozens of people, or have raised venture capital. We’re moving out because we have completely run out of space. Our movement around our Cupertino, Calif. garage is now limited to a maze of stacked boxes: acrylic plastic, webcams, brushless motors. It’s all here. Unfortunately, for maker businesses like us, accidental entrepreneurs whose projects receive a sudden Kickstarter-boost in demand, it’s difficult to project just how much space you’ll need. The garage (or living room) is the perfect and obvious starting point. Just as makerspaces like TechShop have redefined the reach of garage tinkerers by giving them access to a full suite of rapid prototyping tools, they’re also creating a demand for a “garage-plus” space for maker businesses. From a traditional real estate perspective, the next steps for a growing business are pretty straightforward.

Twigmore shows how to use friends on Facebook to find locals in a destination TLabs Showcase on travel startups featuring US-based Twigmore, a Facebook-based platform which connects travellers and locals through friends. Who and what are you (including personnel and backgrounds)? Twigmore is a travel networking tool on Facebook that connects travelers and locals through friends. The company was founded by Stephen Smyth and Peter Baer. Stephen has a product and engineering background and was general manager of has had senior sales and marketing roles at Warner Brothers, CBS and a mobile startup. We are both travel enthusiasts who wanted to solve one of our own problems: how to find trusted locals wherever you go. What financial support did you have to launch the business? We bootstrapped the business for the first seven months and then received $125,000 in funding from angel investors. What problem are you trying to solve? It’s hard for travellers to find trusted locals who can answer questions, show them around or just help when things come up.

Travel Recommendations, Travel Advice, Trip Planner RebelMouse Sign In Caroline, Cave Vagabonde ABOUT MADE | MADE MADE is a creative platform for artists from various fields, located in the heart of Berlin. It can be a gallery, a workspace, a studio, a stage, a laboratory, or a performance space – but most of all, it is a venue for interdisciplinary projects that invites artists to step out of their artistic routines. The goal of MADE is to enable a new kind of creative work by bringing together different artistic fields and offering a workspace and an inspiring biotope that allows new things to happen. MADE was founded in early 2010 by German contemporary artist tadiROCK, her partner Nico Zeh and ABSOLUT Vodka, a visionary brand that fosters creative collaborations for over 30 years.

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