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McKinsey Quarterly: The trouble with travel distribution - Transportation - Strategy & Analysis A decade after the Internet spurred airlines, hotels, and other travel players to sell directly to customers, the sector’s ecosystem is fracturing. Companies are abandoning the systems that are supposed to provide consumers with one-stop shops to book flights, accommodations, and other services. Lawsuits are being filed. And the very people whose interests should be paramount—customers—are being caught in the cross fire. This turbulence isn’t a bad thing: the travel sector has reached the next phase in its evolution, and some creative destruction is necessary.

City Guides While every retail PR dummy in the world has been spewing the ‘concept store’ tag for nearly a decade now, credit where it’s due, Voo Store is a bona fide bricks-and-mortar concept. And what that means for the layman, one unversed in buzzwords and the correct angle to wear a snapback this season? Well… This former locksmiths has been converted into an expansively cool space where fashion, art and design mingle effortlessly, as if free prosecco were on tap. Rather than just presenting trendy clothes and accessories from both established and leftfield names, the offering is more all-encompassing than that. Through this breadth and ambience, Voo represents a young, creative and style-conscious scene unlike any other store in the city. Top 10 ideas from Tourism and Travel over the last 12 months We’ve picked out our top ten Tourism & Travel articles from the last 12 months on Springwise. We hope that the ideas listed below provide entrepreneurs with plenty of inspiration and spark even more innovative efforts in the future! 1. At Pittsburgh hotel, guests surrender digital devices upon check-in The point of a break away is to immerse yourself in relaxation, but all too often this is forgotten by those who find it hard to switch off from their busy work lives. Read more about the Marriott’s Renaissance Pittsburgh Hotel » 2. When Elvis first crooned out the words to his hit ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ he probably didn’t have Berlin-based Die Liebeskuemmerer in mind. Read more about Die Liebeskuemmerer » 3. While there are plenty of sites offering price comparisons on flights, Australian-based Flightfox encourages users to challenge the rest of the site’s visitors to find them a good deal to their desired destination. Read more about Flightfox » 4. Read more about » 5. 6. 7. 8.

Tempelhofer Park, Berlin - Parklandschaft Tempelhof, Tempelhofer Feld, Flughafen Tempelhof, Tempelhofer Freiheit In Madrid, iPads loaded with tourist friendly apps available for hire Gain instant and exclusive access to over 5,000 of the most creative ideas, innovations and startups on our database and use our smart filters to take you direct to those that are most relevant to your industry and your needs. Not interested? You can still browse articles published in the last 30 days from our homepage and receive your daily and weekly fix of entrepreneurial ideas through our free newsletters.

Home - ECF | Efficient City Farming E commerce travel trends 2012 Urban Farming: Tomaten und Radieschen sprießen in Berlin - Wirtschaft 02.04.2013 08:27 UhrVon Luisa Degenhardt Bild vergrößern Auf dem Tempelhofer Feld oder in den Prinzessinnengärten: Städter bauen ihr eigenes Gemüse an. Geboren wurde die Idee vor 40 Jahren in New York. Der Wind pfeift scharf über das Tempelhofer Feld. „Wir wollen hier nicht nur Beete bewirtschaften, sondern auch ein Gemeinschaftsgefühl wachsen lassen“, erzählt Kristin Radix, die zum festen Organisationsteam des „Allmende Kontors“ gehört. Verantwortung, das ist die Grundidee des Urban Farming, das sich derzeit überall auf der Welt durchsetzt. Die Beweggründe der Urban Farmers sind vielfältig. Es gehe aber auch um eine Rückkehr zur Natur, meint Meyer-Renschhausen.