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Airbnb as an easy target? Curious tale of disappearing negative review If you are Airbnb, Expedia, TripAdvisor and Groupon — big names in travel tech — you are going to have to take your lumps sometimes because your brand is exposed in a major way and consumers and blogger/journalists love to take their shots at the big guys or girls. A recent case about the removal of an Airbnb guest’s negative review of a stay at an apartment in Lisbon, Portugal, says much about the social media challenges of being a big-time brand, user-generated content, the peer-to-peer rental market, and the state of the blogosphere and journalism. Angela Rhodes, a travel writer, blogger and photographer, wrote a post in her Perpetual Travels blog a couple of months ago complaining that Airbnb removed a negative review she had written about her month-long stay with her husband at this apartment. “… This meant that most days were very, very noisy. The host promised this work would be over in a week, but it continued throughout our entire stay,” the review said. How can that be?

Goodreads Plugin for Calibre - Dear Author First off, let me put forward the developer’s caution. Goodreads allows only a limited number of software calls per minute. If you make too many, Goodreads might block this. If you are using this sync for the first time and you have a large library, use the CSV export/import that Goodreads offers. Step 1. Before you do anything, you will need to create a few custom columns to match Goodreads. Rating -> create a rating column only if you want to override the ratings that are downloaded with the Metadata Lookup feature. Step 2. Click on the down arrow on the Goodreads Sync button to access the customize plugin feature. Your shelves should download. For each shelf, you need to Edit the “Shelf Add Action” and the “Sync Action” Sync Action The sync action step is telling Calibre what to do with the data that it finds at Goodreads. Let’s say you added a book to your “currently-reading” shelf at Goodreads. Now I want to add that book to my calibre account. Shelf Add Action The Sync Actions include:

Matrix - Search Berry Whale - Passion for what we do, we do tourism. Cheqqer sites axed by TUI, reviews to stay on tour operator brands TUI Travel has closed its two Cheqqer user generated content websites after less than two years, although the two million reviews will remain on existing sister operator sites. The two sites, targeting travellers in the Netherlands and Spain, were closed yesterday following a “business review” by TUI. First opened in September 2009 in Holland, Cheqqer then launched in Spain in June 2010 and was expected to see a wider European roll-out over time. TUI says all of the two million reviews added to Cheqqer in the intervening period have been integrated into a single database and can be used across any of its raft of websites, as well as with the operator’s website that originally had the customer. “The vast majority of the reviews by far are ‘trusted’ reviews which have been gathered through the ECRM ‘welcome home’ email programme from our customers,” says its managing director Sandra Leonhard.

How to measure your body fat percentage Join the Rebellion, get free eBooks. What the #$%@ is body fat percentage? What’s a good amount of body fat to aim for? How the heck do I figure it out how muchI have? Body fat is an incredibly tricky subject – it’s tough to calculate, tough to track, and most people are way off in their estimates of what they think their body fat percentage is. As Kanye West once famously declared, “that right there could drive a sane man berserk.” Luckily, you’re reading Nerd Fitness, which means you’re smart, funny, good looking AND modest. And since we’re talking about kind of a dry, scientific subject here, you’ll be rewarded with cute animal videos at the end of each section so you don’t fall asleep on me. Fair warning: lots of half-naked people of all different levels of body fat in this article! What is body fat percentage? In its simplest form: body fat is the amount of fat in your body, compared to everything else. What’s a good amount of body fat to have? What do these amounts look like? Men: Women:

Location courte durée et location de vacances sur MorningCroissant European Railway Review | News, events, conferences & magazine articles covering all aspects of the rail industry Cooking For Engineers - Step by Step Recipes and Food for the Analytically Minded

OuiCar lève 3 millions d'euros auprès de Jaïna Capital de Marc Simoncini La plateforme revendique plus de 100 000 membres pour 10 000 voitures « à louer ». Spécialisée dans la location de voiture entre particuliers OuiCar a réalisé une levée de fonds de 3 millions d’euros auprès de Jaïna Capital, le fonds de Marc Simoncini, et Ecomobilité Ventures, une société de capital-investissement spécialisée dans le transport durable derrière lequel se trouvent la SNCF, Orange et Total. Ce nouveau cachet porte à 5 millions les montants totaux levés par l’entreprise depuis sa création. Les nouveaux capitaux serviront au développement de la plateforme en France alors que « le chiffre d’affaires de la société a été multiplié par 10 en un an » selon Marion Carrette, la fondatrice, sur un marché qu’elle estime à 2,5 milliards d’euros. « OuiCar est né de la collaboration et de la réflexion que nous avons menée avec Marion en observant les usages et l’évolution du site de location entre particuliers Zilok » explique M. Simoncini.

The power of just ONE user review for travel companies NB: This is a guest article by Anthony Rawlins, CEO of Digital Visitor, a social media and marketing agency for travel and tourism organisations. Forget the controversies for a moment, there is no doubt that online reviews provide significant benefits for organisations in any industry. Earlier this year we wrote an article highlighting the power of online reviews – however in this article, we aim to strip it right back to look at the power that simply ONE review can have… In short: ONE review = ONE organic visitor per month Our in-house research has found that for each review added to our clients’ website, they receive one additional organic visitor. Let’s look into this in more detail… We all know how much search engines love new content and the core aim for any online marketer is to make them happy because it will improve your search rankings (and therefore your organic traffic). For example, earlier this year, Bing announced the integration of Facebook data in its search results. How?

LE BONHEUR EST SANS GLUTEN : Recette sans gluten: sept pâtes brisées feuilletées - un test Quand j'ai commencé mon régime sans gluten, j'ai suivi un cours de cuisine avec madame Paulette Mercier. Lors de la démonstration de sa recette de pâte brisée sans gluten, celle-ci a utilisé de la graisse végétale. Madame Mercier a mentionné qu'il était beaucoup plus facile de travailler avec de la graisse végétale qu'avec du beurre. Après ce cours, j'ai tout de même continué à utiliser du beurre lors de la confection de mes pâtes brisées sans gluten, même si les abaisses sont un peu plus difficiles à manier. Mais, j'ai gardé cette information en mémoire et je me suis donnée comme mission d'en faire le test un jour. Et bien cette journée est enfin arrivée. Rendement: donne 2 abaisses sans gluten pour un moule de 23 cm (ou 9 pouces) Temps total de préparation: 4 heures Un pâton de pâte brisée sans gluten prêt à être formé en disque. TRÈS IMPORTANT: Tous vos ingrédients doivent être très froids, et si possible, même vos farines. Abaisse de pâte brisée. 1. 2. 3. 4.