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The Egg Author's Note: The Egg is also available in the following languages: The Egg By: Andy Weir You were on your way home when you died. It was a car accident. DonorsChoose How does it work? is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests on our site, and you can give any amount to the project that most inspires you. The Big Picture — Poverty and Hunger A person collects grain at a food distribution operated by the NGO CARE, four kilometres outside the village of Dannou. © UNICEF/NYHQ2010-2820/Frederic Sautereau The many dimensions of poverty Usually poverty is thought to be lack of income - for example, a person is considered poor if his/her income is less than $1.25 a day.

30 Best Free Online Games Browser based games have always been there for those who have fallen on hard times. Times when no games are currently installed on their computer. Mac users especially have suffered. Still Looking For Paradise? Maldives - - StumbleUpon Double chain of twenty-six atolls… The Republic of Maldives, or simply the Maldives, is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. It consists of approximately 1,190 coral islands grouped in a double chain of 26 atolls, along the north-south direction, spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, making this one of the most disparate countries in the world. The atolls are composed of live coral reefs and sand bars, situated atop a submarine ridge 960 kilometers long that rises abruptly from the depths of the Indian Ocean and runs from north to south. Crystal clear waters, beautiful white sand beaches, swaying palm trees and fabulous dive sites – that’s why the Maldives, is known for being one of the best tropical holiday destinations in the world. ...and no need to climb ;)

Care2 make a difference? The Trump Administration is proposing to cut $5.8 billion from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in the proposed FY 2018 budget. At a time when extraordinary progress is being made against cancer and many other diseases, these draconian cuts would set research back for decades and also threaten the careers of an entire generation of young investigators working in labs and clinics all over the country who are committed to improving public health and saving lives. Trump's budget proposal will severely jeopardize the progress we are making in preventing, treating, and curing cancer. Providing robust, sustained, and predictable annual funding increases for the NIH is absolutely required for the benefit of cancer patients nationwide. Please sign the petition and stand with us in opposition of President Trump's proposal to cut the NIH budget. If for some reason you choose not to take the action above, please take a look at our alternative action.

Poverty, Gender, and Microcredit Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1800?s observed that the strength of American democracy lay in its spirited voluntary associations and emphasis on community. He declared however, that democracy and its manifestation of individualism, while a virtue, could become a vice when taken to extremes, especially in the form of hyper individualism. Several contemporary scholars have revealed that America has already reached this vicious stage of its democracy, one in which people are so preoccupied with their own concerns and successes that they have shut out of their consciences and consciousnesses the concerns of others in a society. Individuals? OFF by Mortis Ghost « Fan Games and Programs « Forum « Starmen.Net Caution – Certain scenes in this game could be immensely shocking to an unwarned public. Or not! maybe…. Hello! Posting on behalf of Mortis Ghost and his game team “Unproductive Fun Time”, I present you the creepy-weird, RPGmaker 2003-created game “OFF”! Originally in French with only few English resources, a part of the Reconstructed Game Team (including myself) have spent their summer break translating this gem to English to make it available to a wider public.

The School of Our Dreams Might Actually Exist - Education Earlier this spring respected creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson shared his vision for his dream school—a whole-child learning experience that deemphasized testing and focused on exploring ideas and integrating art and science. Robinson's not the only one advocating for such a learning environment. D.C. Religious Experiences Shrink Part of the Brain The article, “Religious factors and hippocampal atrophy in late life,” by Amy Owen and colleagues at Duke University represents an important advance in our growing understanding of the relationship between the brain and religion. The study, published March 30 in PLoS One, showed greater atrophy in the hippocampus in individuals who identify with specific religious groups as well as those with no religious affiliation. It is a surprising result, given that many prior studies have shown religion to have potentially beneficial effects on brain function, anxiety, and depression. A number of studies have evaluated the acute effects of religious practices, such as meditation and prayer, on the human brain.

Global Giving See How It Works - Just Press Play! GlobalGiving connects you to over 1,000 pre-screened grassroots charity projects around the world. It's an efficient, transparent way to make an impact with your giving. Connecting Donors to Doers GlobalGiving begins with the dedicated, tenacious individuals who are driving change in their communities.

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