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Gene Keys/Human Design

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Understanding the Centers. Understanding the Centers The Human Design System Understanding the Centers Questions from the Undefined Centers If you do not live out your Strategy, all you live out are your characteristics.

Understanding the Centers

Am I trying to answer everybody else’s questions? Am I trying to convince everyone that I am certain? Am I trying to attract attention? Am I looking for love? Do I feel and think I have something to prove? Am I holding onto relationships, jobs, and places that are not good for me? Am I avoiding confrontation and truth? Do I know when enough is enough?

Am I in a hurry to get things done so I can be free of the pressure? Gates - Expanded Definition - Soul Song and Human Design. Sacral Authority. The Business of Busy-ness Anyone who is a generator (defined sacral) who DOES NOT have the emotional center defined has sacral authority.

Sacral Authority

This particular authority is the most closely aligned to the Type. For the Generator type, their strategy is to respond. If they have the emotional center defined also then they have to wait out the emotional wave to see how they feel before they respond. But if they don’t have the emotional center defined then their authority is in the response itself. Generators are busy people. Generally when you tell a generator they have to “wait to respond” you kind of set up a state of anxiety for them. Sacral Variety. ‎ The Open Centers - Rosy Aronson, Ph.D. Human Design Hawaii. The Spleen is about survival.

Human Design Hawaii

The Spleen is our oldest and most primal awareness. The Spleen is also completely existential, meaning that it only works in the now. Based in instinct, it is what is often referred to as intuition. This body-knowing runs through the lymphatic system. Like little tongues, noses and ears covering the body, it is a cat-like sense. Undefined Spleens can feel very vulnerable and often spend a lot of time trying to fix their amplified fears by hanging on to whatever makes them feel more secure, regardless of whether it is actually healthy or not. Solarplexus. Solar Plexus It is also important to recognize that emotional clarity only comes over time.


If you have an emotional solar plexus definition, at a minimum, always sleep on things before making a decision or taking action as there is no truth in the now. If you have an Undefined Solar Plexus, you are vulnerable to the moods and feelings of others and it is important to note that you may be expressing an emotion that is not yours. It is important to wait out all feelings to gain clarity regardless of definition for this reason.

The Emotional Wave dominates the world we live in. The Solar Plexus is a powerful motor with many purposes—one of which is to release primary action. The Solar Plexus operates in a “wave” of emotional chemistry, and this wave moves from HOPE to PAIN and back again. Here is an example to understand the value of the Defined Solar Plexus: Let’s say I’m a photographer and I’m going to take consecutive pictures of a flower as it is blooming. Human Design Planet. Also known as SOLAR PLEXUS Not Self Strategy When defined, makes impulsive decisions while putting emotional pressure on others and sends emotional chaos into the environment.

Human Design Planet

When it is undefined, it avoids truth and confrontation while playing ‘nice’ and leading a ‘secret life’ to protect themselves from potential backlash. Defined: 50% Undefined: 50% The themes of the Emotional center are feelings, emotions and sensitivity. The Emotional center is in a mutative process that is moving into ‘Spirit Awareness’. The Solar Plexus releases a wave pattern that goes form hope to pain, expectation to disappointment, and joy to despair and back again. When we understand our emotional wave and its impact and take responsibility for the emotional wave impact, the whole vibration of the planet will change.

The emotional wave is a chemical process only; there are no reasons for why it does what it does. THE EMOTIONAL CENTER AS AN AWARENESS CENTER All awareness centers carry fear. OPEN / Undefined. - Human Design System. - Human Design System. The profiles are broken into three parts: Right Angle, Juxtaposition and Left Angle. - Human Design System

What angle a profile is in depends on the arrangement of the gates in the wheel. If they are at right angles to each other (all 16 hexagrams apart) they would be called a right angle profile, if they are not then they are either juxtaposition or left angle. We have 3 geometries: Right Angle - personal destiny Juxtaposition - fixed fate Left Angle - transpersonal karma Most people are going to live out either their personal destiny or their transpersonal karma. As you go around the wheel of the Mandala, for each hexagram you have 12 crosses that are involved and every cross has a name. Then you get to the juxtaposition; here you have only the 4/1. Each hexagram is broken up into these three different aspects, there is going to be 7 right angle variations, 1 juxtaposition and 4 left angle variations.