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Enrichment in the Classroom

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Teacher will use these resources for enrichment ideas for students below, on level, and beyond level in the classroom.

Response to Intervention and Differentiated Instruction Preview. Incorporating Differentiating Instruction Into Your Classroom New Teacher Resources. Differentiated instruction- scaffolding model. Why should you differentiate instruction? Tips & Strategies for Effective Differentiation & Instruction.wmv. Differentiated Instruction - Robot Conversation. Differentiated Instruction - The What, How, and Why. Differentiate Instruction Using Choice Boards.

Differentiating Instruction Through Interactive Games (Tech2Learn Series) Feedback Instead of Grades. Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction: 3 Myths and 3 Truths. In third grade, my daughter struggled with problems like 36 x 12, and she knew her multiplication facts.

Myth-Busting Differentiated Instruction: 3 Myths and 3 Truths

Fortunately, her math tutor recognized what was needed, and introduced the Lattice Method. For some educators, the Lattice Method is controversial. Just read some of the FB comments. After multiple failed attempts, this strategy made a difference for my daughter. She rediscovered her confidence in math. As educators, we know that learning is not one size fits all, and what's best for some students may not be for others. Myth #1: DI is a collection of strategies. There are many books, workshops, and organizations offering "differentiated strategies" that, when used, will instantly have teachers differentiating for their students.

Truth #1: DI is a lens for implementing any strategy in all pedagogies. Consider that effective teachers have a wealth of tools that they use to meet student needs. Myth #2: DI is incompatible with standardized state testing. Look Through the Lens. 5 Google Apps that Help Teachers Differentiate Instruction. Meet Janelle, an intelligent, creative, computer-literate animator in training, who is a self-motivated sophomore.

5 Google Apps that Help Teachers Differentiate Instruction

Student-Driven Differentiated Instruction with "I Choose" How it's done: Definitions I Choose is a 30-minute block of time during the day that allows fourth, fifth and sixth grade students to rotate through various interventions within RTI or attend their choice of electives including peer tutoring, library, physical education, computers, or music.

Student-Driven Differentiated Instruction with "I Choose"

The program allows teachers the time for the differentiation they'd requested and gives the students a mix of valuable supports and enjoyable enrichments. What Is Competency-Based Learning? What Is Competency-Based Learning?

What Is Competency-Based Learning?

By TeachThought Staff Competency-based learning is an approach to education that focuses on the student’s demonstration of desired learning outcomes as central to the learning process. It is concerned chiefly with a student’s progression through curriculum at their own pace, depth, etc. As competencies are proven, students continue to progress. There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2. The microwave oven is a great timesaver for getting any food on the table.

There's No Time to Differentiate: Myth-Busting DI, Part 2

Yet it's a taste killer. The more I use the grill and oven to cook meals for my family, the more I experience the diversity of tastes that come from grilled or baked salmon, chicken, and burgers, plus sautéed vegetables. A microwave oven dries everything out, and thus limits the tastes. There are days when I get home exhausted with work still to be completed, but I bypass the microwave most times. I value my family's need for flavorful meals over dried-out, tasteless food that I nuked just to check off a chore. BrainPOP - Animated Educational Site for Kids - Science, Social Studies, English, Math, Arts. That Quiz - Math Test Activities. IXL Math. KB...Konnected Kids.

Engaging virtual field trip apps, resources. Welcome - Little Free Library. Wildlife news. Welcome to The Crocodile Hunter Website. Ryan's Well Foundation. Inspiring the Next Generation!

Ryan's Well Foundation

It was Ryan’s Grade 1 teacher who first taught him about kids in other parts of the world living without access to clean water. With support, encouragement and helpful resources, Ryan proved that young people can make a big impact! We continue to support the efforts of students from around the world in creating positive change.

Whether you’d like to learn more about the global water and sanitation crisis, are interested in fundraising or would like us to share Ryan’s story – we can help inspire your students to think beyond what they thought was possible of themselves! Take the 'Can You Imagine' Quiz! For many people, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like without clean water – especially as a kid.Take the ‘Can You Imagine’ quiz to learn more about 11-year-old Amy and how her day living in a developing country compares to yours – and, what you can do to help! What else can you find in this section?

Australia Zoo - Home of the Crocodile Hunter - “Conservation through Exciting Education” Home. DreamBox Learning - Online Math Learning.