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How to End the Endless Game of Catching Up When I think about the weekends that I used to spend at the office or behind the computer catching up, it makes me cringe. I did it to make the following week easier. I did it to make more money. I did it to prove what a hard worker I was. I did it because I felt guilty for falling behind and I did it because I had way too much to do.

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Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families I have a friend who has more kids than me, whose husband works longer hours than mine, who cooks and bakes more than I do, and yet her house is tidier than mine, always tidier than mine. What gives? I decided that this week, it was time to get to the bottom of it: what are the dirty little secrets of those tidy families? Being A Mom Was The Best Four Years Of My Life! As I get older, I find myself reflecting on my life more often and marveling at what an amazing journey it’s been. I’ve made tons of great friends, been to magnificent places all over the world, and learned so many important things about myself along the way. But if I’m being honest, there’s one period of my life that stands out from all the rest: those four incredible years when I was a mom.

Week 39: How Do You Treat Your Future Self I’d like to start with a simple exercise this week: take a few seconds to close your eyes and imagine yourself at this time next year. What do you see? Is your future self calm or harried? Sitting in a clean room or a cluttered one? Woman Who Had Almost Formed Healthy Sense Of Self Rejoins Social Media OVERLAND PARK, KS—Having reportedly developed an increased sense of satisfaction with her body image, career, relationship status, and overall identity in recent months, area woman Katie Baransky came remarkably close to forming a well-adjusted, positive sense of self before rejoining social media Tuesday morning, sources confirmed. “I was thinking I might just get back on Facebook, maybe Instagram, and just casually check in from time to time,” said the 29-year-old woman whose self-esteem was right on the cusp of being healthy and is now mere days away from once again plummeting into a veritable maelstrom of jealousy, neediness, and self-loathing. “I’m just going to use it to keep in touch with friends and see what people are up to. It’s supposed to be a fun little diversion, you know? And that’s what it’s going to be for me this time.”

The Minimalist Principle: Omit Needless Things “Omit needless words.” - William Strunk Jr., The Elements of Style While minimalist aesthetics and products and the minimalist lifestyle appeals to a lot of people, they find it easier to like it than to live it. Minimalism is something people might strive for, but they don’t know where to start. I’d start with the advice of William Strunk Jr. in his classic minimalist treatise on writing (quoted above), but apply it to life in general, and everything you do: “Omit needless things.” I could (and probably should) stop writing there, because that’s really all the advice you need. However, the idea needs a little expanding.

lifehack Dealing with stress in the modern world is an important skill. However in a busy and pressured environment, you may find that you have little or no time to take time for yourself. Below is a simple, five minute routine which will allow you to take a moment for yourself, calm down and start to visualise a state of happiness. When you first use the technique you may find it difficult to visualise positive images, but do stick with it. Think of some place where you were at your most relaxed, it could be a beach with white sand or the dappled light of a lush forest. The more you visualise the clearer this image will become in your mind and you will soon be able to use this to calm yourself and create a happy feeling. 15 Time Boxing Strategies to Get Things Done Putting it simply, time boxing is the most effective time management tool that I know of. Even if you already know and use it to some extent, there is a good chance that you can make it even better with some of the tips that follow. For those new to it, time boxing is simply fixing a time period to work on a task or group of tasks.

Blog « {re}made by hand{re}made by hand Last week, I unveiled my focus word for 2014: space. Since then, I’ve been noticing it everywhere. The thoughts have been pouring out of me. I had to start a list of ideas to explore. 12-uncomfortable-feelings-that-tell-youre-on-the-right-track?ref=mail&mtype=daily_newsletter&mid=20160919_customized&uid=757365&email=puhnner@hotmail No matter what stage you are at in your life, it is important that you feel you are on the right track to achieve your individual goals. The problem is that many of us experience feelings of fear and discomfort as we grow and evolve as individuals, and there is a tendency to mistake these emotions for symptoms of unhappiness or discontentment. As a result of this, we may instinctively pull back from the precipice and attempt to deal with issues that simply do not exist, rather than embracing these unsettling emotions and understanding that they are the mere embodiment of change.

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