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Life and Letters: The First Conservative John Judis, in his 1988 biography of Buckley, mentions that Buckley had written to his publisher, after completing “God and Man at Yale,” to propose a book that would “examine the claims of Peter Viereck . . . to representing the ‘legitimate conservatism.’ ” But when I asked Buckley about the idea, he dismissed it with a flick of his wrist, saying that Viereck represented “a sort of pre-neoconservatism none of us had any use for.” Instead, Buckley’s next book was “McCarthy and His Enemies,” an impassioned defense of McCarthyism, published in 1954. Buckley’s housekeeper, a stout Slovak woman, served us hamburgers, on fine china, with ramekins for ketchup and mustard on each plate, and I asked Buckley how he felt about conservatism’s current course. “I’m not happy about it,” he said. “It’s probably true that there”—in the support for the war in Iraq—“you have a rediscovery of idealism.

Joe Nolan's Insomnia Halloween Rising For this latest spooky October post, I’ve grown a little bit impatient with the month and I want to cut to the chase. Here’s a nice little primer on the Celtic roots of the Halloween holiday and its evolution through the ages to the seemingly silly, scary celebration we know today. Do the souls of the… Read More » Loving the Alien

What is the NDAA? Whether you are talking to a friend, speaking at a convention, confronting your representative or just want some facts about the NDAA, you've come to the right place. NDAA Basics The basics is the place to start your journey. Agenda 21 Agenda 21 is Sustainable Development, and was created through the United Nations. It is the blueprint for depopulation and total control, under the banner of saving the environment. It is like the head of a beast that has thousands of tentacles, originating from the United Nations. View from the Right February 12, 2014 Up until the death of Lawrence Auster on March 29, 2013, thousands of devoted fans came to this website everyday, sometimes two or three times a day. They came for Mr. Auster’s brilliant political and cultural commentary. They felt that his unique combination of insight, combativeness, erudition, wit and warmth could not be found elsewhere.

Climate Alarmists Try To Redefine What A Hurricane Is So We’ll Have More Of Them Hurricane Joaquin as a category 4 storm in October 2015 This op-ed from IBD points out what we have been saying for years, that even though there is no trend in hurricane frequency of intensity, alarmists like Mashable’s Andrew Freedman are trying to get the definition of a hurricane redefined, so that the trend will become a positive one. Recall that hateful science blogger Greg Laden asked Should There be a Category 6 for Hurricanes? after super typhoon Haiyan hit in 2013, something that ABC news opined had “already happened” without one shred of evidence to back up that opinion for a Category 6 storm. They also note: Geithner: US has 'huge stake' in Euro crisis WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Monday that America had a huge stake in helping Europe find a "more effective strategy" to tackle its financial crisis. Geithner, just back from a trip to Poland in which he reportedly expressed concern of a "catastrophic risk" to markets from the Greek debt crisis, said at the White House that Europe had the will to combat its challenges. "We have a huge stake as a country in helping them deal with those challenges. We have a huge economic stake, financial stake. "So we are working very closely with them and being very supportive and as they try to craft a more effective strategy.

Rejecting the “White Nationalist” Label IN A discussion about the UCLA student who made a tasteless video about Asian students, Lawrence Auster writes: White nationalists are material-racial reductionists who, like Nazis, treat race as the single all-determining factor of human existence, so that human beings are in effect automata controlled by their race. I treat race as one very important determining factor in human existence, along with many other factors. And I am not a material reductionist. Material/racial factors can be the controlling factors; for example, if you change a formerly all-white city into a half black city, certain effects will inevitably ensue. At the same time, material/racial factors are not the only factors, especially at the individual level.

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