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Dark Matter

Dark Matter

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Joe Nolan's Insomnia Halloween Rising For this latest spooky October post, I’ve grown a little bit impatient with the month and I want to cut to the chase. Here’s a nice little primer on the Celtic roots of the Halloween holiday and its evolution through the ages to the seemingly silly, scary celebration we know today. Do the souls of the…

Eve Lorgen Testimony: Aliens Must Be Rebuked - Alien Resistance The CE4 Research Group Testimony – 47 Testimony of Eve LorgenAuthor of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships Eve Lorgen is a long-time paranormal researcher, and author of The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships Her testimony is printed here by permission. CE4 Research Group - STOP alien abductions, is it possible? YES What you are about to see is probably the best kept secret in the UFO research community. The following work is the culmination of 15 years of Alien Abduction and UFO research by a group of researchers called CE4 Research Group. These researchers took on one piece of the UFO puzzle as a research project. They have done honest research into this strange and unusual phenomenon. They first started with a hypothesis, collected the data and then attempted to share their findings. The research group has to date worked with over 350 so called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience.

The Truth Denied - MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL TRAUMA : Interview with Max Spiers Max Spiers Max Spiers To have the courage to speak the truth when the truth is not what you want to hear! During the interview, Max Spiers was attacked three times, but he stayed with us during the interview like a real trooper! Kaboom: A Soldier's War Journal I was standing in the main room of the house with Sonic – a young terp with a propensity to spike his hair - explaining to the mother why we were there. Yes, of course you can pick up the crying baby. No, we are not here to talk about your eldest daughter being so sick that she’s in the hospital, although that is awful. Yes, I want everyone in the house outside. Now.

The Male Sensitivity Reader© The Male Sensitivity Reader© helps women compose social media posts in a way that won’t offend, threaten, trigger, or cause discomfort to male readers. Offering critique, explanation, and editing services, The Male Sensitivity Reader© is available to assist you in all your Male Sensitivity needs. Examples of The Male Sensitivity Reader© at work:

What a Hell of a Way to Die Hilariously Punctures the Right-wing Ideology of the Military I’m still trying with podcasts. I know that I personally have achieved a medium amount of fame via podcast work. I also know that I’ve very publicly shat on the medium before, at least in a theatrical way that invited participants to engage with streaming audio in a more personal way. This is all to disclose that I have personal podcast interactions, but I also have a personal desire to let podcasts into my heart in the way that so many of my friends can.

Famous Philosophers on Truth Reality and Wisdom Discussion of Ideas & Quotes from Famous Philosophers on Metaphysics and Philosophy And those whose hearts are fixed on Reality itself deserve the title of Philosophers. (Plato, Republic, 380BC ) The first philosophy (Metaphysics) is universal and is exclusively concerned with primary substance. ...