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Bohemian Club – San Francisco, California. The Bohemian Club was founded as an official regular meeting of journalists, artists, and musicians in 1872.

Bohemian Club – San Francisco, California

The building's exterior is adorned with plaques bearing owls and the Club's motto, "Weaving spiders come not here," just as it had when early members Ambrose Bierce, Mark Twain, and Jack London roamed its halls. That soon changed, however, when local businessmen and entrepreneurs were granted admission. Still headquartered today in its original location at Post and Taylor, it has become among the most exclusive men's clubs and/or secret societies in the United States. Club standards remain so high that honorary membership is offered to only some United States presidents, usually bestowed prior to their inauguration, and a select coterie of international business leaders and policy-makers.

Every year the Bohemian Club holds a two-week-long gathering at their private forest in Sonoma County, Bohemian Grove. Exposing the Reincarnation Deception: Your Soul is Enslaved. Have you ever actually wondered Why we reincarnate?

Exposing the Reincarnation Deception: Your Soul is Enslaved

Why is it that we have such short lives, and, fo... Have you ever actually wondered Why we reincarnate? Why is it that we have such short lives, and, for the most part, the only spiritual paths are very dubious religions and teachers? Or why those religions are built upon hierarchical structures? Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in the world? And the big question concerning reincarnation: Why don’t we remember our past lives? We go through our lives with our past lives haunting us, yet we cannot see them. For the most part, we don’t have any idea how they are affecting us now. What religious person or spiritual teacher, or channeler or yogi has ever answered this question satisfactorily: Why don’t we remember our past lives? It is described in Vedic and Puranic texts that humankind lived very long life spans during the golden age.

What Happens When Your Brain Says You Don't Exist. Lee Woodgate/Ikon Images/Corbis Science journalist Anil Ananthaswamy thinks a lot about "self" — not necessarily himself, but the role the brain plays in our notions of self and existence.

What Happens When Your Brain Says You Don't Exist

In his new book, The Man Who Wasn't There, Ananthaswamy examines the ways people think of themselves and how those perceptions can be distorted by brain conditions, such as Alzheimer's disease, Cotard's syndrome and body integrity identity disorder, or BIID, a psychological condition in which a patient perceives that a body part is not his own. Ananthaswamy tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross about a patient with BIID who became so convinced that a healthy leg wasn't his own that he eventually underwent an amputation of the limb. "Within 12 hours, this patient that I saw, he was sitting up and there was no regret.

He really seemed fine with having given up his leg," Ananthaswamy says. Interview Highlights On how to define "self" When you ask someone, "Who are you? " We can think back to our earliest memories. Cultivating the Witness. One way to get free of attachment is to cultivate the witness consciousness, to become a neutral observer of your own life.

Cultivating the Witness

The witness place inside you is simple awareness, the part of you that is aware of everything — just noticing, watching, not judging, just being present, being here now. The witness is actually another level of consciousness. The witness coexists alongside your normal consciousness as another layer of awareness, as the part of you that is awakening. Humans have this unique ability to be in two states of consciousness at once. Witnessing yourself is like directing the beam of a flashlight back at itself. Read it! Secret Societies. Biology and Genetics. Science and beyond. MUST READ - literature - free digital libraries -free share info. TED videos. Human Body. Decode Hindu Mythology: 33 Devas. May Varuna with guidance straight, And Mitra the One-who-knows, And Aryaman in accord with Aditya, Guide us forth, like the wind that blows,As with their Might Evermore They guard the Sacred Laws, Shelter may they vouchsafe to us, Immortal Gods to mortal men..

Decode Hindu Mythology: 33 Devas

The Vedic Seers of ancient India knew that mere words could not capture the essence of the Supreme Reality. However, they did not give up trying, and shared their visions as hymns dedicated to the various sentient beings guarding the natural and supernatural phenomena around them. These guardians of the Three Lokas were referred to as Devas (Sanskrit root 'Div' meaning the 'Shining One'). The effulgent Devas The derived term 'Deus' or 'Dios' from the same root, is still used to refer to God in modern European languages and even in the New Testament of Bible. The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad in fact has a clear discussion between a rishi Vidagdha and the foremost authority of those times Rishi Yagnavalkya.

Creativity. Krishnamurti: A Life.